NU-V Low Cut Undershirts

nu-v-undershirt-whiteHere’s another newcomer to the invisible undershirt (hidden) market.

NU-V low cut undershirt creator Eric Maldonado couldn’t find an undershirt that would go unnoticed with his dress shirt unbuttoned, so he created something unique to solve his needs:

From the NU-V About page

NU-V® was designed with a clean cut look in mind – undershirts for the individual who wants to wear an undershirt without the visibility of showing it. The concept was creator Eric Maldonado’s solution to staying professional while maintaining the right to unbutton his dress shirt when going from business to casual during his work day and at the same time not having the visibility of his undershirt.

He started by taking a scissor to his undershirt after meeting total frustration with the sloppy look of traditional v-necks. Countless dollars and piles of once-worn tee’s later he became inspired to redesigning in clean lines, a high-quality alternative to achieve the low-cut look.

Thus, NU-V®, the new men’s premium low cut undershirt was created. With this patented design, you can now have the same premium clean cut look without the scissors.


Rules to wearing undershirts

No visible undershirt. NU-V low cut undershirt
No visible undershirt. NU-V low cut undershirt

NU-V Undershirt Product Details

  • Product: NU-V low cut undershirt
  • Website:
  • Price: $35
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Fabric: 95% cotton / 5% spandex
  • Shipping: $15 ($30 – $90, aka: 1-2 shirts) with free shipping on orders over $100 (3 shirts)



How to wear undershirts

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