Bras For Men. Mantyhose. WTF?

Ok, I’m a pretty reasonable guy. I pride myself and being open-minded and impartial. But I have to say that I’m a little confused on why a guy would purposely seek out to wear a bra, unless of course he had a sever case of manboobs (Gynecomastia).

Notwithstanding, I do appreciate the fact that all of us are different and like different things, so if you dig that kind of thing, that’s completely cool too.

Bottom line is that guys ARE looking for products like these. It’s evident after seeing the onslaught of people who visited this blog over the last few days and emailed me to learn more about Equmen’s Core Precision Undershirt, a product being touted as the “Spanx for Men”.

Now we have companies releasing Bras for Men and organizations promoting the adoption of Mantyhose.

Bras for Men:

A Japanese online shop called Wishroom sold over 300 men’s bras in its first two weeks after launching last month.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Mantyhose (Pantyhose for men):

At the forefront of E-MANcipate!, a project “to accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item,” is a push for hosiery manufacturers to create pantyhose designed specifically for men.

“Don’t buy female pantyhose at all,” the E-MANcipate site urges. “Don’t strengthen those companies who don’t produce/sell male pantyhose. Buy male pantyhose. Do help with your purchasing power to those who are on your/our side.”

We’ll see where all this goes.

For now, personally I’m happy sticking with my plain old undershirt.


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