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A reader, long committed to the quest of finding his perfect tight-collared undershirt, found solace when he ran across the Nordstrom Classic Fit undershirts after reading about them here in

He was so happy, he thoughtfully let me know about Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale, where you can get 25% off lots of great items — yes, including undershirts!

Nordstrom Classic Fit Supima Crew Neck Undershirt - with Tight Collar
Nordstrom Classic Fit Supima Crew Neck Undershirt – with Tight Collar

He also shared his excitement about Nordstrom’s Classic Fit undershirts (below).

In a Nutshell

Say goodbye to your sagging bacon collar undershirt and pick up a set of the retooled Nordstrom Classic Fit undershirts. These are high quality undershirts that wear close to the neck and fit comfortably through the body.

Good luck trying to resist throwing some other sale items in your cart!

Do Nordstrom Classic Undershirts Really have Tight Collars?

“Awesome, the collar on this undershirt is perfectly wavy just like a savory piece of bacon”…said no one ever!


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Nordstroms has accomplished a seemingly impossible feat and created a high quality supima cotton undershirt with a collar that seems to defy gravity with its ability to lay flat while nestled gently to your neck all day long!

Say goodbye to your crew neck undershirts that have an unmistakable desire to be v-necks or a brunch side item and pick up a set or two of the last undershirt you will ever buy.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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