Where Can I Find A Non-Ribbed Tank Top To Print Artwork On?

Here’s a quick email exchange I had with a reader looking for a non-ribbed (jersey, interlock) tank top he could do some screen printing on.


I’m looking for a tank top similar to the one in the attached JPEG, but without ribs. I want to print custom artwork on it and I doubt that the ribbed variety will work (I don’t know that for sure). It seems that the artwork would stretch out of shape even if the ribbed material would take ink. I’d prefer 100% cotton. Any suggestions?

Thanks very much.

My Response

hey phil!

thanks for your question.

seems to me like you’d find something like that at one of the t-shirt wholesale places where screen printers buy their products from.

i have a list of those companies here:

http://www.undershirtguy.com/other-places-to-shop-for-undershirts/ (check the wholesale t-shirt section)

you can also check with:

a couple other things:

  • if you haven’t already done so, take a look at: http://www.t-shirtforums.com/ – lots of great info there
  • you can print on 2×1 ribbed fabric – best results i’ve seen are via discharge printing or sublimation. i don’t know much about either, but i know those processes seem to print well on 2×1 fabric.

hope that helps! let me know if you have any other questions.

oh, be sure to keep me posted. i’d love to see your final product and the custom artwork that you’re going to be printing on the tanks.

6 thoughts on “Where Can I Find A Non-Ribbed Tank Top To Print Artwork On?”

  1. Hey Tug,

    I think it is workable to print the custom artwork on a rib tank top . it depends on the picture disigning . such as we want to see a square artwork we should design a rectangle artwork before printing . we should adjust the artwork according to the shrinkage before and after putting it on body .

    • you’re right qiuyong. i’ve been doing a little research on the topic for my wife because she wants to get some t-shirts printed.

      if my research is serving me correctly, both discharge and direct to garment printing would work pretty well on a rib tank top. do you agree?

  2. Search on the hisroom and freshpair websites for the dockers brand. They are not ribbed and might suit your needs.


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