No More Slouching Socks! The Cool Way To Keep Socks Up

Here’s a tip for those of you who struggle with slouching socks. This is a quick fix to keep your socks up for a special occasion. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, look for different types of socks. In fact, go for longer socks.

Fix Slouching Socks with Adhesive Strips

Instead of using rubber bands, or sock garters, or sewn-in elastic garters try this:

1. Purchase Adhesive Strips

First, pick-up some double-sided clothing adhesive strips.

Check out products like:

  • Quick Fix Strips (was from Solutions that Stick ($7.95 for 32 strips)
  • Hollywood Fashion Tape
  • Pure Style Girlfriends Stay Put Fashion Tape
  • Fashion Forms Double-sided tape
  • Commando Matchsticks
  • Commando Matchtips (dots)
  • It Stays Body Adhesive (link)

2. Put on Your Sock

Second, put your slouching sock on and pull it up your calf as far as it will go.

3. Fold Over

Next, once that’s in place, fold over the top part of the sock about 1″.

4. Place Adhesive Tape On Sock

Then, place one piece of your Quick Fix Strips (or another double-sided adhesive strip) on the center-front side of the folded-over section of the sock, around your shin area.

5. Remove Paper Backing

After firmly placing the adhesive stick in place, then pull back and remove the remaining paper backing.

6. Fold Up. Press Firmly

Before going for the other leg, pull/fold the lip of the sock back up over your shin in the sock’s natural position, and press the sock firmly in place to ensure the adhesive has come in contact with your skin.

7. Repeat

Finally, repeat for the other slouching sock, and you’re done!  Enjoy a full day of slouch-less socks.

8. Success!

At last, if you need additional support, instead of placing a single adhesive strip in the front, try two of them on either side of the sock.

Step-by-Step Photos to Keep Socks Up

Rather than reading, you may prefer visual representation of the quick fix application:

A More Permanent Solution to Keep Slouching Socks From Ruining Your Outfit

While the solution above is good in a pinch, the idea of using adhesive strips every day to keep your socks up just doesn’t seem practical to me.

Typically, I just want to put my socks on and forget about it.

My current sock inventory is pretty ancient. However, in doing the research for this article, I got the feeling that even if I went out and bought new ones today, it would still be difficult to find crew socks that stay up.

Therefore, I came up with some practical ideas about how to solve the problem for myself:

Switch from crew socks to over the calf length socks

I know – this is a pretty practical and obvious idea. Naturally, this won’t always work.

I have one pair of these, and it’s one of the only pair of socks that I own that don’t fall down. At least they won’t ever fail you!

Wear compression socks

They come in crew and over the calf length, fit tight, but not too tight.

I have a pair of Equmen compression socks, and as of this writing, they are my most favorite pair of socks I own.

That said, they are also the newest and the ONLY pair of compression socks I own. Furthermore, go for this:

Try finding socks that have a slight rubber grip designed into the inner-top of the socks.

This idea came to me by way of my Tommie Copper knee sleeve.

On the inside of the top part of the knee sleeve, there is an elastic clear rubber strip. The strip is bonded to the top elastic band.

This rubberized strip keeps the knee sleeve from slipping down during daily wear.

Maybe there are socks that are already designed with something like this in mind.

While this may be true, I wasn’t able to find them after 30 minutes of googling. Meanwhile, try this:

Locate socks that have a wider elastic band designed like our underwear waist bands

I don’t recall my underwear falling down. Therefore, who knows? Maybe a sock with a similar wide elastic band at the top would do the trick.

How about I go on a quest for the perfect set of socks and start reviewing them here?

What do you think about that idea?

2 thoughts on “No More Slouching Socks! The Cool Way To Keep Socks Up”

  1. Although I haven’t tried it, I don’t think it’ll work for me. the reason: hair on my legs. Any kind of tape down there will pull my leg hairs (ouch!).

    Of course, I could shave my legs, but that would be more trouble than it’s worth.

    • the trick is to pull the top of the sock out and down when you take them off. the adhesive is just sticky enough to keep socks up, but not too sticky where it makes it hurt when you take off the socks.

      i guess it depends on how much hair you have on your legs though.


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