New Ultra Comfortable Sweatshield Undershirts Combine Fit, Feel & Function to Keep You Dry

This announcement has been several months in the making and I’m happy to be able to finally announce the upcoming launch of , a new line of affordable luxury undershirts for people who have hyperhidrosis/excessive sweating.

Tim Shaw, an Australian living and working in China has lived with hyperhidrosis his entire life and after many unsuccessful years of trying to find undershirts that not only protected him properly, but were also comfortable and cool to wear, he decided it was time for him to come up with something better.

Here’s his story:

Sweat Management for Hyperhidrosis Sufferers

I suffer from Hyperhidrosis and it was my own personal search for a solution that led to Sweatshield Undershirts. I suffer from what I would class as hyperhidrosis in my left armpit and extreme hyperhidrosis in my right armpit.

My right armpit at times drips like a leaking faucet regardless of physical exertion or external heat. In Beijing this winter the temperature reached minus 19 degrees celcius and I still had sweat marks under my right armpit! In hot climates the sweating extends to my chest and back areas and an undershirt is critical to maintain a look of composure.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

I had been looking for an undershirt with sweat protection for a long time but nothing truly effective seemed to be on the market. The only solutions available were not comfortable, made me look sloppy, were not truly effective and cost a lot of money.

We conducted significant research to find the right combination of materials to absorb sweat in the underarm area without feeling like wearing diapers under your arms! After trying every conceivable combination including plastic sheet barriers I truly believe that there is no single clothing item solution to the problem of hyperhidrosis and that the only truly effective solution is a multi layer approach.

Sweatshield Undershirts as a Solution for Hyperhidrosis
Sweatshield Undershirts are a great solution for Hyperhidosis sufferers. Worn as a single undershirt they are sufficient to absorb the heaviest perspiration in the back and chest area and to some extent the underarm area. However if I wear two sweatshield undershirts together I have found that it absorbs even the heaviest underarm perspiration for at least 4 to 5 hours.

As Sweatshield undershirts are made from micromodal fabric they are light enough that you don’t get too warm in the body when wearing two together. With the underarm reinforcement you have four layers of super absorbent material in the most heavily affected area and by wearing two undershirts together there is an air barrier which dramatically increases the effectiveness and ensures no sweat mark breakthrough.

I travel frequently to tropical climates in places such as Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam where the temperature often gets up to 38 degrees celcius and have found that the two Sweatshield Undershirt solution works perfectly for me. I hope it works for you too!

Tim and I have been exchanging emails since February of this year, and I can tell you from my own personal experience, Tim definitely seems to have a well thought out product.

After seeing and trying on the product first hand, I could best describe the as a cross between a Tommy John Second Skin undershirt (fabric & cut) and the double layer underarm protection that the Silverback Apparel undershirt has (though Silverback has back protection too).

The undershirt, being made out of 96% Micromodal / 4% Spandex, has a wonderfully silky smooth feel to it.  If I did a blind test and tried on both the Sweatshield and Tommy John Undershirts, I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. Plus, as noted above, the undershirt has a double layer of underarm protection that spans the bottom half of the sleeve, as well as a 5.5″ wide x 4″ long area directly under the armpit area.

Not only has Tim combined two great characteristics into one very comfortable (and hopefully equally as effective) undershirt, but he also wanted to make it affordable for everyone as well. Sweatshield undershirts will retail for the very affordable ($24.99 with FREE SHIPPING) per undershirt, or you can get them for about $20 each, when you order a 5-pack ($99.99 with FREE SHIPPING).  At launch, Sweatshield undershirts will be offered in crew neck and v-neck style and will initially be available in white only.

The will be live around June 20, 2010 is live now, so please be sure to come back here to this article in a few weeks and I’ll post a link when it’s live.


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16 thoughts on “New Ultra Comfortable Sweatshield Undershirts Combine Fit, Feel & Function to Keep You Dry”

  1. Thanks for responding to my message. Could you please recommend any other good companies/websites that sell undershirts with armpit sweat protection.

    London, England.

  2. I have emailed and phoned the above company a few times to no avail. Seriously, it would be nice, if someone for a change could reply back to my email.

    • heya james! good to hear from you buddy. you know, i’m not sure what to tell you, but i am sorry to hear that the folks at sweatshield are not getting back to you.

      i’ll see if i can send a back-channel email to the guy in charge there and see if he is able to take care of it.

      stay tuned.

  3. Since you have tim’s email adress please tell him I placed an order 18 days ago and have not received it yet, fees have been charged on my account. This company is very hard to get a hold of . They don’t reply to my emails. Tracking # shows order wasn’t even shipped. Please help me out. thank you.

    • hey brenda, i will be happy to email tim directly and let him know about the situation. hopefully he’ll get right on it and resolve your issue quickly. it’s pretty unfortunate that it’s been 18 days since your order and you still don’t have confirmed shipping information.let’s see what we can do to resolve asap!

      • Dear Ms Koerner

        I have emailed you in regards to this matter a total of 4 times. In every email I have included my personal cellphone number that is switched on 24/7.

        I have sent you the tracking number and postal company details and as you can see the package is handled by USPS who seemed to be holding up the delivery. This is very clear to see from the information I have sent you on 3 occasions.

        Customer Service is of the highest value to us and we place csutomer satisfaction over profit. We will be refunding 100% of your purchase price despite the fact that we remain convined you will receive the undershirts shortly.

        Having checked our records we note that the package is still within our maximum service time of 10 business days from delivery (usually 5 to 7 days but 10 days is advised as an extreme case such as this).

        Thankyou for your order and we apologise for the inconvenience caused

      • Dear Undershirtguy, Thank you very much for emailing Mr Shaw. He emailed back me right away . We should receive our order next week, which I fully intend on paying for . Thank you. You were very helpful.

      • anytime brenda! that’s what i’m here for and i’m glad that everything worked out with your sweatshield order!

        from my experience, tim @ sweatshield is a stand-up guy and works hard to provide good and responsive customer service. i’m happy you’ll be getting the sweatshield undershirts for your son shortly!

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