New Men’s Underwear: 5 Products Fresh From the Oven

I’ve been getting emails from several companies with information about their new men’s underwear products.

Therefore, I figured I’d do a quick recap of them here.

1. Contenders Men’s Boxer Briefs

To illustrate, here is the message from the PR folks representing Contenders:

Contenders is best known for its ultra-comfortable, premium quality briefs featuring patented RideControl™ Technology, breathe-easy premium cotton, and stamped tags.

Furthermore, it makes amazingly soft, high-quality T-shirts, hoodies, and gym/weekend bags and hats.

Finally, it has combined apparel with innovative licensing deals such as Rocky and Creed, and WWE to create a new men’s underwear category we like to call Collectible Underwear!

The Karate Kid collection will launch early May 2018.

Consequently, samples will be available just before launch.

Contenders Clothing is designed and made (other than boxers) in California and available in adult, as well as youth sizes.

It is sold on Amazon Prime, Contenders’ site, as well as in select Las Vegas retail stores where the brand is based.


Contenders new men's underwear

Site: (link)

2. Marc Skid Underwear

From the team at Marc Skid Underwear:

The ethos of the brand was the creator’s belief that brands should be like the people we admire in life: having a sense of humor, a strong character, and being purposeful.

The brand’s call-to-action is “Make your Marc on the World.”


$4 goes to charity with every pair purchased. The consumer chooses from one of the nine 4-star charities working to Save, Feed, or Cure the World.

The $4 donation is transparent and quantifiable.

Specifically, it differs from the “one for one” or “% of net profit” approach.

Therefore, Marc Skid is the first and only new men’s underwear brand that gives back with each purchase.

Hence – purposeful.

Organic Pima

Marc Skid is the only underwear brand using the world’s finest cotton — organic pima.

Organic Pima represents only .0005% of all cotton harvested in a given year.

Additionally, Marc Skid is the only brand using Repreve, which is polyester up-cycled from water bottles.

There is one water bottle in each waistband.


The cheeky name was inspired by the creator’s belief that, as Mark Twain observed:

“The human race has one really effective weapon, that is laughter.”

During his mission trips, no matter how difficult the circumstances, laughter prevailed and united.

Hence – sense of humor.


Marc Skid new men's underwear

Site: (link)

3. The LivingWear Co. New Men’s Briefs

Still pre-launch, I received some details about what this brand is planning in terms of new men’s underwear.

We have 3 Cores that direct and guide what we do as a company, from everyone to everyone.


PRODUCT. Real luxurious quality products made from Innovative Fabrics and with smarter Fit, Design & Function @ affordable prices.

Made convenient & to last for you.

VALUES. Sustainability, Ethical practices, transparency, consistency, & giving back.

RELATIONSHIPS. Customer Experience, Trust, Engagement & Community.

Our PRODUCT Core covers what we will strive to put out for our customers and community. Every product we make must fulfill our standard of our product core.

The VALUE Core guides us in everything we do from product design to creation and production, and other aspects of the company when it comes to external matters.

Our RELATIONSHIPS Core is what we strive to do.

To create meaningful relationships and engage with our customer and community in a way that we think is right and how we want other companies to treat us.

Tencel Features & Our New Functional Design

For our first fabric collection, we will be using Tencel.

Tencel is made from Eucalyptus wood and can be considered a type of lyocell or nanofiber.

It is certified sustainable and farmed from sustainable sources as well.

For Our Modern Underwear

A new EAZE FLY, which is a horizontal access fly for quicker access, as well as a lot less hassle in the toilets.

New pattern work and stitching design which lessens wedgies and ride-ups by at least 83%.

A custom designed waistband that is designed to last more washes and stay put on so that there won’t be rolling or any discomfort.

Site: (link)

4. Mack Weldon ProKnit Underwear

News from the team over at Mack Weldon:

A good workout shouldn’t be uncomfortable. However, the reason is not your compression gear.

Our new PROKNIT 8” Boxer Briefs support you through your toughest gym days without constricting, chafing, or overheating.

Cool & Comfortable Compression

Our light compression fabric uses NILIT Breeze Yarn technology to cool you down when you heat up.

MotionCTRL Pouch

A front U-curve and supportive under shelf give you high impact support without constricting or crushing.


Mack Weldon new men's underwear

Site: (link)

5. Warriors & Scholars New Men’s Briefs Underwear

Boxer guys, prepare to be converted to boxer briefs once and for all.

Still not convinced?

Warriors & Scholars is offering your first pair for free. Therefore, you only pay for shipping. Use code “FreePair“. ​​​​​​​

Trust us, your junk will thank you.

With moisture-wicking technology, these briefs absorb and wick away sweat to keep you feeling great all day long.

Toss out those old pairs of underwear and choose from the wide array of new men’s underwear with patterns, as well as designs that will be sure to make a bold statement.

Featuring a durable stretch fabric, these new men’s briefs are soft on the inside and strong on the outside — similarly to a warrior — just like you.

Indeed, Warriors & Scholars may be new to the underwear scene.

Nevertheless, the comfort and breathability will make it a key player in this space in no time.


Warriors & Scholars new men's underwear

Site: (link)

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