Tim Tebow’s T-shirt is Cooler Than Yours. New Jockey staycool Undershirt (Video)

Thank goodness for readers writing in! If it weren’t for Mike, I wouldn’t have caught on to the new staycool men’s and women’s underwear line from Jockey.

Hey Tug:

Any chance of you doing a review of the new Jockey Staycool undershirts that are supposed to keep you 3 degrees cooler? Is the difference really noticeable?

Thanks! Mike

Jockey staycool Product Video

What is Jockey staycool with Outlast® technology?

Originally developed for NASA, the Outlast® technology behind Jockey® staycool undershirts/underwear helps your skin feel up to 3° cooler.


Rules to wearing undershirts

How? Special Thermocules™ absorb excess heat to maintain your optimal external body temperature, helping to keep you cooler all day, every day…all year long.

What is Outlast® technology?

Here’s a cool video from the Outlast website that describes how Outlast works. As far as I can tell, it’s either some treatment that is applied to fabrics, or it’s integrated into the fabric in another manner that helps regulate body temperature. If you’re too hot, it absorbs the heat to keep you cooler. If your body gets cool, it’ll trap your body’s heat so you don’t get too cold.

What’s very interesting here is that since the technology helps keep you cool, this might be an interesting technology to use in undershirts for people with heavy sweating/hyperhidrosis.

Jockey staycool Product Information

The new staycool collection from Jockey is available for both men and women.

For the Men: Jockey staycool undershirts (2-Pk for $27) are available in crew neck and v-neck (black & white, 100% cotton). Jockey staycool underwear (3-Pk for $29.50) are available in boxer briefs and midway brief (color packs, 100% cotton).

  • Outlast® technology helps your skin feel up to 3 degrees cooler
  • classic, comfortable fit without the bulk
  • 100% combed cotton for a soft, breathable feel
  • reinforced collar with contrast neck tape
  • double-stitched hems are smooth, comfortable and durable

For the Women: Jockey staycool reversible tops ($21) are available in t-shirt and tank styles (5 color selections. 95% cotton/5% spandex). Jockey staycool underwear (3-Pk for $24) are available in bikini and modern brief styles (color packs, 95% cotton/ 5% spandex)

Product Photos

Tug’s Jockey staycool Product Review

Is forthcoming. My good friends at Jockey loaded me up with all the information above and have already sent out product samples so yours truly can give them a test drive. Stay tuned for more information.



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6 thoughts on “Tim Tebow’s T-shirt is Cooler Than Yours. New Jockey staycool Undershirt (Video)”

  1. I have to say I have never been overly impressed or awed by any t-shirt until my wife brought home these Jockey Staycool t-shirts. After a couple of trips to Virgina where the temps hit 90 degrees in late April I quickly fell in love with them. Enough so that I recently went back to Macy’s to buy more. When you can get them in a two pack for $20 with a pair of boxer briefs thrown in they are pretty good deal too.

    • man, that’s a great deal don! two jockey staycool undershirts, plus a pair of boxers for $20 is a really good value.

      thanks for stopping by and posting your feedback. i really appreciate it!

  2. This is interesting. I would like a micro modal version.
    I’ll probably buy one during Fathers day sales.

    Incidentally, I’m trying out different Jockey shirts for their universal use as an undershirt and exercise shirt. Give me a few more weeks.

    • hey gil, it’s interesting you say that about wanting a staycool in micromodal. lenzing is the company behind viscose, tencel, and micromodal. the first two are typically described as having cooling properties, and micromodal is known for it’s silky-softness. all are known for moisture absorption.

      at one time, jockey offered the echelon, which was a near perfect fitting and feeling, higher-end tencel-based (cooling/absorbing) undershirt. on the surface, the echelon would offer many of the same characteristics as a micromodal stay cool product.

      the main difference as far as i can tell is that staycool (with outlast technology) helps regulate your temperate (keep you cool or keep you from getting to cold) and viscose/modal/tencel only have cooling properties.

      while i really like the feel of micromodal, i think the blend is particularly important. the thing i liked about the echelon was the 61% cotton, 33% Tencel, 6% Lycra blend. High concentration of cotton helps the shirt feel more natural and less clingy.

      i’d love to see jockey do a “natural stretch” cotton/pima cotton version of the stay cool since that would create a fitted, soft, stretchy, keep you cool undershirt – ironically – a lot like the echelon.


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