NeverWet At-Home Superhydrophobic Fabric Sprays

Liquid repelling (superhydrophobic) technologies have become hugely popular recently, especially in the consumer goods category.

I first learned about NeverWet in mid 2012, when I came across a NeverWet-coated Rubbermaid plunger video.

Rust-Oleum took the NeverWet product public sometime in early/mid 2014, but it’s initial application was a bit more involved and at the time, it didn’t lend itself to being applied to clothes (stinky & stiffened fabrics).

In late 2013, the Silic T-Shirt Kickstarter Campaign raised large-scale awareness of the superhydrophobic apparel category.

More liquid repelling clothing offerings popped up in 2014, and even last month Sofft raised $75,000 for their at-home liquid repelling fabric softener technology.

Interestingly enough, while this “nanotechnology” category has gotten a lot of consumer awareness over the last two years, my friends over at Kleinerts have actually had their water-repelling Fabrapel technology available for over 5 years.


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NeverWet is back, and now announcing a series of spray-on liquid repelling solutions for a range of products from regular clothing to industrial applications.

NeverWet Hydrophobic Technology Sprays

NeverWet Outdoor Fabric is the perfect solution to protect and preserve outdoor clothing, shoes and furniture against moisture.

In one simple step, do-it-yourselfers can keep outdoor items dry, clean and protected. NeverWet Outdoor Fabric will repel water from a variety of textiles including polyester, poly/cotton blends, canvas, leather and suede.

This solvent-based technology is completely breathable and provides a crystal clear finish that will not change the feel or appearance of treated items.

It is the ideal solution for protecting jackets, gloves, shoes, boots, patio furniture cushions, camping gear, backpacks, umbrellas and more against water-damage.

NeverWet Boot and Shoe water repelling fabric treatment is applied in one simple step and dries to a crystal clear finish that will not change the look or feel of the item.

The treatment forms a protective barrier around the individual fibers on the surface and will protect fabrics such as suede, polyester, polyester/cotton blends, canvas and leather from water damage. It is the ideal application for tennis shoes, athletic shoes, winter boots and more.

NeverWet Hunting and Outdoor Fabric dries odorless and is designed to keep items dry longer. This crystal clear formula allows fabrics to breathe, while dramatically repelling water from the surface.

NeverWet Hunting & Outdoor Fabric preserves outdoor gear against damaging moisture without changing the look or feel of the fabric, and it dries odorless. It is ideal for use on polyester, canvas, nylon, suede and more. It is suitable for use on tents, camping gear, hats, hunting boots and apparel.

NeverWet Auto Interior liquid repelling treatment is designed to keep automobile fabrics dry longer. This crystal clear formula allows fabrics to breathe, while dramatically repelling liquids from the surface.

NeverWet Auto Interior protects fabrics against damaging liquids and stains without changing the look or feel. It is ideal for use on leather, cloth, and synthetic & natural fibers. It is suitable for use on automotive upholstery, floor mats, carpets and car seats.

INDUSTRIAL — NeverWet DWR (Durable Water Repellant) is also available for industrial applications. Click this link for more details.


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