SPANX for Puffy Eyes? Aniston’s Neotensil Banishes Under-Eye Puffiness

Us guys, we don’t talk about personal stuff like women do. Can you imagine?

Let’s say I’m grabbing a beer with my buddy, or playing golf with some of my crew. We’re tipping one back, and I blurt out, “I’m having a real tough time with puffiness under my eyes” or “My undershirts never fit me right” or “I’m looking for a way to flatten my chest” (aka: hide puffy nipples) or “My underwear waistband always makes my love handles bulge out”, and I asked for their sage advice. WTF?? Shit, I think time just stopped.

The truth is, that conversation would almost certainly NEVER occur with most guys. Yet, many of us have the same concerns about our own physical appearance as women do. We just don’t talk about it. We seek out solutions quietly by ourselves.

There in-lies the age-old problem with marketing appearance-related products to men. They may be awesome and the end male consumer may love the product, but they just won’t talk about to anyone for fear of being kicked out of the real-man club.

So Jennifer Aniston’s Living Proof beauty company has come out with a dermatologist/cosmetic surgeon-prescribed product called Neotensil, that claims to be able to eliminate under-eye puffiness for up to 16 hours with one treatment.

The prime components of the kit are twin gels, which are applied to the under-eye region in two stages to form an invisible, elastic-like membrane that tightens puffy eye bags away in much the same way as Spanx streamlines the waist.


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Guess who it’s being marketed to? Women. Why? because if they like the product, they’ll TELL ALL OF THEIR FRIENDS ABOUT IT.

Guess what? I’d be interested in checking out that product. Would I tell anyone if it worked on me? Probably not.

I’m not too proud too admit that every once in a while I wake up with puffy eyes (under-eyes actually, because if my eyes got puffy that would be a much bigger problem).  To rid myself of them, I’ll either try to wash my face in cold water, wash with a scrub or mask, push them down with the palms of my hand (with the illusion that I’m rubbing my eyes), or on really puffy days I’ll find my way to the freezer and grab some ice packs.

While I may not admit it to anyone, including my wife, puffy under-eyes really bother me. I’ll feel self-conscious all day long if I have them.

If Neotensil was sitting in my medicine cabinet — even if it was my wife’s — I’d freaking use it.


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