Need A Place To Hold Your Condoms?

Just off the wire, and kinda novel, Bernard Buie has created a line of boxer briefs that has a condom pocket.

Bernard Buie “Life Saver Boxer Briefs” are designed to be worn by sexually active males to aid in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Each pair of Bernard Buie “LifeSaver Boxer Brief” comes equipped with one ‘BCondoms’ condom inside the boxer brief condom pocket.

Bernard Buie has partnered with non-profit organizations that specialize in community outreach such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Georgia Department of Health, and AID Atlanta, among others.

These partnerships and alliances are aimed at increasing sexual health and pregnancy awareness and allow Bernard Buie to carry out its mission of “Cool and Life Saving” clothing. By affiliating with these social health organizations, Bernard Buie will further assist the fight to promote sexual health awareness amongst communities.

Although I am a married man and not their target demographic, to me this seems like a pretty practical idea and marginally better than keeping a condom in your pocket or wallet.

Life Saver Boxer Briefs Details

Life Saver Boxer Briefs Photo


2 thoughts on “Need A Place To Hold Your Condoms?”

  1. This is a great idea honestly. I recall one pair I’ve had in the past that had a tiny pocket within them but I had no idea what it was for.

    These seem to fit much better however, so will have to stock up on these.

    The wife isn’t ready for more kids, so the raincoat is a must. I hate having to plan when we get our private time so having one on hand for surprises is great.

    • heya brett!

      yeah, i kinda thought the idea was pretty clever too. a lot more clever than underwear brands suggesting you put a phone or keys in an underwear pocket. who does that?

      i also like the placement of the pocket on these boxer briefs being in on the mid thigh. in most cases us guys wear jeans/pants loose enough in that area that a round condom circle wouldn’t show through the pant leg.

      plus, they located the pocket toward the more front side of the boxer brief which makes a lot of sense just from a usability pov.

      thankfully, the mrs and i don’t have to worry about using any raincoats, so i have no need for this particular safety product (: but i dig it nonetheless.

      kudos to these guys for making something practical.


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