NanoDri Undershirts Back On Kickstarter (No Sweat Marks)

My pal James just let me know he just launched a second Kickstarter for his NanoDri Undershirts.

As a refresher, NanoDri Undershirts & Shirts are designed with two very lightweight layers of fabric, to prevent sweat through on those who sweat more heavily.

The first layer is optimized for wicking/transport to pull sweat from the skin and distribute it across the layer’s surface.  The second layer is optimized for moisture blocking, to prevent the sweat from getting to the outer layer.

NanoDri (link)

NanoDri Kickstarter Video

NanoDri Sweat-Blocking Shirts Features



Rules to wearing undershirts


How to wear undershirts

4 thoughts on “NanoDri Undershirts Back On Kickstarter (No Sweat Marks)”

  1. Hi Tug,

    I am willing to back Nanodri on kickstarter.

    I freestyle dance for 3.5 hours non-stop twice a week (think of doing Zumba for 3.5 hours non-stop). You can imagine how much I sweat!

    Did not mean to digress, but was wondering on what size to order from them. I normally wear a large t-shirt and not sure if their sizes run smaller or larger than the U.S.

    Would appreciate any help you could provide.

    Many thanks!!!

    • paul, the nanodri campaign is over, so you’ll have to buy it from them directly.

      in my experience, nanodri runs true to size. i normally wear a size medium and the medium nanodri fits me pretty good.

      i’m sure they have a size chart, so i’d recommend following that.

      sizing is usually more about chest width (around) than it is anything else.

  2. Hi Tug,

    I would like to be notified when these NanoDri undershirts are available for purchase. How can I get on their mailing list, or will you be providing updates on these shirts? Looks like they may be as good as the Sutran line of shirts, which are now available out of Spain. The shipping charge is killing us.

    • heya irma!

      if you’re interested in the nanodri undershirts, i would suggest backing them on kickstarter.

      the main reason is that you get a deep discount on the products during the kickstarter campaign. plus, i heard from the owner that the cost to make these specialty shirts was pretty high, so they are making them in limited quantity originally to determine what the overall demand is. so getem’ while you can!

      if you’re not inclined to back the kickstarter, you could visit the company’s website and subscribe to their newsletter (:

      yeah, i constantly hear that sutran’s shipping charges are a killer, especially for people here in the united states. but, since the product is so effective, i’ve also heard the investment is well worth it for those plagued by hyperhidrois and compensatory sweating.

      i may or may not be writing an update about nanodri’s availability. it all depends if the company contacts me and puts in a request to have me share that news.


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