Nano-Tex Releases Odor Eliminating Neutralizer Undershirt

Earlier this year the folks at Nano-Tex contacted me to let me know about a new (was they were planning on releasing.

My name is [removed] and I work for Nano-Tex, a leading fabric innovation company. We saw your blog and found your content very interesting and informative, and thought you and your audience might be interested in our new Nano-Tex Neutralizer T-shirt that we are planning to launch…

Our scientists have engineered a completely new fabric technology that combats body odor.  The Nano-Tex Neutralizer T-shirt filters odor coming through the shirt and eliminates odors on the shirt, so the wearer stays fresh smelling all day long.

If you are interested in checking out the shirt, we would like to send you a sample Neutralizer-T for your review.  We would be interested in your expert opinion of the shirt, and maybe even explore options for your involvement in the product launch

While their official product launch is scheduled for this Sunday (9/19), the folks at Nano-Tex agreed to give me the exclusive opportunity to annouce their new (was product to the world today! Here are some details about the new (was

  • Made with Nano-Tex Neutralizer technology built right in
  • Eliminates body odor on the fabric and odor passing through the fabric, so you can stay fresh smelling all day long
  • 100% soft pima cotton.
  • Elasticized shoulder taping for enhanced comfort and movement.
  • Durable double-needle construction.
  • Resists shrinking and pilling.
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Available in big sizes, small – 4XL. Color: White. Styles: Crew Neck & V-Neck
  • Price: $14.99 (single) $38.97 for a 3-Pack

Here’s how it works: Through nanotechnology, Nano-Tex has created a special molecular structure that intercepts odor molecules caused from perspiration. It clutches these odor molecules to prevent offending scents from being released into the air. Plus, it creates a filter that captures body odor traveling through the shirt. When you wash your shirt, the odor molecules are released completely. No, this isn’t a harsh antimicrobial, charcoal or silver additive. Instead, Neutralizer captures the odor molecules produced by bacteria using nano-sized receptors.


Rules to wearing undershirts

What does all that mumbo-jumbo above mean? You won’t stink as much if you wear this undershirt!

If you’ve been here been here before, you’ve probably read about other odor eliminating/resisting treatment terms like “antimicrobial” or X-static (silver-based) undershirts that are naturally anti-microbial. You’re probably wondering what the differences might be. Well after a bunch of reading, I’d sum up the differences in two ways:

  1. Most antimicrobial undershirts will loose their odor-eliminating effectiveness after several washings since the agents are not built directly into the fabric
  2. In a study (provided by Nan0-Tex) that compared the odor-eliminating attributes between Nano-Tex and several other traditional antimicrobial applications, such as silver, it shows that a the Neutralizer Undershirt is 4x – 32x times more effective than it’s competitors

I got my hands on a (was several months back and gave it a quick test drive. Because I don’t sweat too much and don’t struggle with being too smelly (unless I don’t shower for a long time!), I can’t really tell you how well the NeutralizerT combats smelliness. What I can tell you is that it fits well for a traditional jersey undershirt, the 100% pima cotton feels nice on the skin, and the generous length and narrower width will help this undershirt stay in place better than some other boxy-cut undershirts.

If you’re looking for an undershirt that combats B.O. and one that will keep you smelling fresh and clean, visit (was and check out the new NeutralizerT from Nano-Tex.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

5 thoughts on “Nano-Tex Releases Odor Eliminating Neutralizer Undershirt”

  1. Hi, how are you?

    Do you know of any undershirts with padded pit areas, that are just comprised of fabrics? I’m having difficulties finding anything that’s not odor or sweat “proof”. I’m trying to avoid metals and/or chemicals.

    Thank you for your time, and services!

    • heya aaron, what underarm-padded undershirts have you either tried or looked at.

      let’s first eliminate what you’ve looked at, and see what sweat-blocking undershirts remain (:

      most sweat-proof undershirts are made with some form of polyurethane liner that blocks liquids, or has some dwr type coating.

      but, i’m sure we can find you something.

    • peter, these nano-tex undershirts are no longer available.

      but, you can search for other undershirts that have a similar characteristic if you search for “anti-odor” or “antimicrobial” either here on my site, or on google.

      if you search on google, then add ‘undershirt’ to your search query and you should be able to find something!


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