mybestfit Body Scanner Kiosk. Find Clothes That Fit YOUR Body.

mybestfit body size measuring scanner
mybestfit body size measuring scanner

If you think finding a proper fitting undershirt is difficult, think about all the trouble you (yes men and women) go through when trying to find clothes that fit.

My undershirts are either small or medium, underwear boxer briefs are usually size large, shirts can range from medium to extra-large depending on the brand, jeans are usually 34″ waist but not straight-leg because my thighs are not thin, and pants will range from 34″ – 36″ waist.

It goes without saying, for me, shopping for clothes is a total crap shoot and a pretty unpleasant experience.

Enter mybestfit scanning kiosks.

mybestfit is a free service that makes it easy to find clothes that fit your unique body.

After a quick body scan, mybestfit matches you up to apparel that fits based on your unique and exact body measurements. Brilliant.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Now they just have to include undershirts and underwear in their product recommendation printouts!

How it Works (from mybestfit website)

The “vertical wand” in the mybestfit body scanning booth contains 196 small antennas that send and receive low power radio waves.

In the 10 to 15 seconds it takes for the wand to rotate around a fully clothed individual, the radio waves send and receive low power signals. 

The signals don’t “see” a customer’s clothing but reflect off their skin which is, basically, water.

The signals are similar to, but have far less power(1/1000th) than, a typical cell phone call. 

When the wand’s rotation is complete, mybestfit has recorded over 200,000 points of measurement.

Our software then electronically compares a customer’s body measurements to the sizing specifications of apparel brands.


As of this writing, there is currently only one mybestfit scanning kiosk at the King of Prussia Mall, located at 160 N. Gulph Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406.

The Plaza – Upper Floor (next to Sephora).

However, the company expects to have another 13 locations by the end of 2011 and is planning to have 400 locations available in the next 2.5 years.

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How Do Retailers Benefit

Retails pay to be in the mybestfit database, but based on founder Tanya Shaw, it appears that retailers may only pay when one of their products is recommended on the consumer printout.

But, the company says that the return on investment is huge because the conversion rate (a sale) will be 50-90 percent higher with a mybestfit size recommendation.

What’s next

“The body-scanning technology doesn’t stop at apparel”, Unique Solutions (link) Vice President Kutnick said.

“Within the year, the machines will work in a variety of different settings, including the health, fitness and automotive industries.”

“Right now, it’s simply recommending some apparel, but since we have your body dimensionality, it will tell us what bikes and cars best fit you,” Kutnick said.

“We can also work with you on toning your body, so rather than just weight loss, a number on the scale, you can see how your body has changed, let’s say from fat to muscle.

So if you wanted to take off stuff in your waistline, we can actually show this visually and highlight it in green, for example. If you gained, we could highlight that in yellow.”

Kutnick said Unique Solutions is already working with health and wellness providers and other industry experts to hone the technology in those fields.

“The mall will still use it for apparel, of course, but now maybe it also hosts a BMW day,” Kutnick said.

“This is really unbelievable.” 

[Courtesy of KioskMarketPlace]


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