My Naked Undershirt Experience

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 2 years since the Naked Underwear brand launched and I got the chance to pre-announce the launch of their Naked MicroModal undershirt. It seems like it was only yesterday.

If you take a quick gander at the company’s blog, you’ll see that they’ve been pretty busy growing the Naked business line.

Here’s a quick snapshot of this year’s news:

  • 5/2013: Women’s Lingerie line
  • 6/2013: Naked’s new NKD line available at HR2
  • 6/2013: Naked covered on and in Annex Man Magazine 
  • 6/2013: New colors announced in Pima Cotton and Microfiber underwear
  • 6/2014: Naked launches NKD eCommerce store (shipping to U.S.). Catering to 18-24 year old demo. Prices: Under $30
  • 7/2013: Appointment of new Director. Did you know that the company is Public?
  • 7/2013: Celebrity campaign with Dallas star Josh Henderson launched (see video below)

Wow, and that’s only the last couple of months!

I got the opportunity to sample some of their items, and most recently I received their newer Cotton Blend (95/5) v-neck undershirt to try out.

  • Product Pages: Cotton Blend V-Neck Undershirt, Cotton Blend Crew Neck Undershirt
  • Price: $38
  • Fabric Blend: 95% Pima Cotton, 5% Spandex (label doesn’t specify “Pima” cotton)
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Manufactured in Turkey
  • Care: Cold Wash, Hang Dry
Naked black v-neck undershirt

The Good

  • Long length coupled with lots of stretch allows this undershirt’s bottom to wrap around your hips and stay tucked throughout the day
  • Lightweight and breathable. One of the more lighter-weighted 95/5 undershirts I’ve tried recently
  • Overall good, close body fit. Lighter fabric allows the fit to not feel too tight.
  • Narrower collar trim, nice look — and keeps it from rolling or getting “bacon collar” (still not sure I like that term)
  • Shoulder seams line up pretty nicely with my shoulder blades, keeps the sleeves from riding excessively low
  • Lower-profile flat lock stitching around the arm holes

The Not So Good

  • Sleeve length comes in a slightly longer 8.25″. Could peak out of some short sleeve shirts. 
  • V-Neck depth is pretty shallow at 4.75″. Is visible when wearing one button undone on my outer shirt
  • Sleeve fit is a hair loose around my bicep. With the rest of the shirt fitting close, the bicep fit should follow-suit. (Or, maybe I should just work out my biceps more — idk?)
  • Pima fabric a bit scratchier than I would expect pima to be. Not bad mind you, just a little nit since it’s “pima”, which is marketed for its smooth, silky feel.
  • Although being lightweight, the 5% spandex and close fit could be slightly warm for some. I’m finding myself super sensitive to how warm close, body hugging clothes make me feel. So, I’m always on the look out for super lightweight undershirts that fit close, but allow some room between the shirt and my body for airflow. Out of many of the 95/5 I’ve tried, this among the lightest I’ve tried, so most will likely will be fine with the weight.

Final Thoughts

In this class of luxury undershirts, the Naked Cotton Blend undershirt is fairly priced. It has a good overall fit, stay tucked design, and no roll collar.


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If you’re considering undershirts in this price class, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for something slightly lesser priced, you might want to take a look at Naked’s NKD line which consists of a Cotton Modal Undershirt for $24.

Josh Henderson in Naked Gear


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