New Muscle Shirt and Cami Line with Patented Underarm Gusset for Sweat Protection

Matthew Petitt's Patented Gusset Muscle Shirt with Underarm Sweat Protection

This new product announcement is months in the making and I’m super excited to FINALLY be able to tell you about it.

Back in March of this year, I received the following email from MPTech “gusset” (was, the founder and inventor of a new men’s muscle undershirt and woman’s cami designed with his patented MPTech “gusset” (was that provides underarm sweat protection:

Hi Tug,

Please check out my website! We are a new apparel company in Portland, OR with the focus on men’s undershirts and women’s camis. The undershirt is patent protected in the U.S. and Europe. It’s patent pending in Canada. The premise of the undershirt stems from my frustrations with my undershirts shadowing through my dress shirts.

The shirts are made from pima cotton with a spandex blend. They are also moisture resistant.

I have followed your blog throughout the development of my product. I’ve been inspired by your site, as I feel my product will speak to your followers.

Best wishes,
Matthew Petitt
Founder – Matthew Petitt Style

Product Information

Men’s Arche·type – substructure v

  1. Pricing: $42.00 USD
  2. Colors: White, Black
  3. Sizes: S – 2XL
  4. Silhouette: Sleeveless v-neck
  5. Material: 95% Pima Cotton/5% Lycra | 150g/m2
  6. Branding: heat transfer label inside center back neck
  7. Stitching: flatlock seams, coverstitch hems
  8. Sizing: undershirts follow the same size as the customer’s dress shirt. If your body build varies between two sizes, plan to purchase the smaller size to wear under form fitting shirts. We advise purchasing the larger undershirt if you plan to wear it under a less form-fitting shirt

Women’s Em·bodi·ment – essence cami shelf

  1. Pricing: $42.00 USD
  2. Colors: White, Black
  3. Sizes: XS – 2XL
  4. Silhouette: sleeveless v-neck
  5. Material: 95% Pima Cotton/5% Lycra | 150g/m2
  6. Stitching: flatlock seams, coverstitch hems
  7. Branding: heat transfer label inside center back neck
  8. Sizing: the Essence Cami follows standard size guidelines.

Product Photos

Click to enlarge.

Some Q&A with Matthew Petitt

Q. you refer to your fabric as pima stretch & moisture wicking on the site, and you refer to “moisture resistant” below. since neither pima cotton nor spandex has moisture wicking properties, what is the fabric treated with that gives the shirt it’s moisture wicking capability?

A. Obviously you know your fabrics. Yes, you are right there is no natural wicking aspect to either fabric. My fabric is treated to pull moisture away from the body….using the same technology as leading sports performance brands. As you know many wicking products trap odor because they are used on a polyester based fabric. Since I’m using a natural fiber: Pima Cotton, the yarns do not trap the odor.

Q. is there a particular reason you want to emphasize that your shirt is moisture wicking? truth is that if the wicking performs well, it will transfer more moisture to the outer surface of the undershirt where it will more quickly come into contact with the outer shirt. granted, some wicking properties will help distribute sweat more evenly throughout the shirt allowing it to dry a bit quicker, but i haven’t yet rationalized in my mind how someone can really measure whether or not that works. I’d like to understand your thoughts behind the benefits of moisture wicking.

A. Valid Comments….I have tested these fabrics for roughly a year on different sample shirts. I have also had many test these shirts. I have not had an example of the moisture transferring to the dress shirt/outer shirt. In fact, I have received great responses from my “testers” in situations where they might get warm…i.e. flying on a plane in their business attire, wearing my undershirt while taking on a stressful situation at work, and wearing the shirt while being active…and in all cases they all felt their outer shirt stayed dry. I especially notice that it has worked well in warmer months with back sweat when I’m driving to appts.

Q. what is the significance of the mptech pima cotton stretch fabric? i get that mptech is something you have or are trademarking, but is there something special about the fabric that you’re trademarking?

A. The MPtech is special from the design and the type of fabric that is used in the underarm area. Since the design is patent protected I wanted to coin a phrase and TM it in reference to the unique aspect of the shirt…the underarm area. The fabric chosen is significant because it must have some stretch and memory to work in the awkward body shape of the underarm. Until I dove into designing this shirt I had no idea how difficult it is to shape a shirt under the arm without sleeves and make it comfortable to wear.

Q. [This was in response to Matthew’s original website and photos, not the current one] in looking at both the men’s and the women’s gussets, they appear to come up to the underarm “pit” area, but don’t seem positioned to fully cover the area of the underarm to protect outerwear from antiperspirant transfer and/or perspiration. is that the case with the shirts or just the photos?

A. It’s a little of both the shirt and photo. First off, this shirt was designed from the angle of fashion. I wanted a shirt that would do it’s best to not shadow through in the chest or arm regions. I knew once I eliminated the sleeves my product would have an exposure to underarm stains. Hence…the creation of the MPtech gusset design. It was almost a two year struggle with different variations of the shirt to find the right design for the underarm area. The two elements of concern… stains and comfort. If the material goes to high in the underarm then you run the risk of not being comfortable. Also most shirts that develop yellow stains tend to occur in the seam area of the dress shirt and below. You typically don’t see stains high in the underarm area. I have worn this shirt for over a year and have not had any embarrassing stains revealed with my overshirt or dress shirt….neither has my “testers”.

As for the women’s cami….the adjustable straps help raise or lower the material in the underarm area. As my wife and her lady friends can attest to…they also develop yellow stains on their shirts, but it always occurs in the mid to lower area under the arm. My wife recently wore my cami under a form fitting black blouse. Typically, her black blouse will collect the white deodorant flakes which requires her to dry clean the shirt. My cami provided the necessary coverage so know flakes appeared internally on her blouse…that was pretty cool, I thought! I wanted undershirts/camis that if worn/seen at the club dressing room, the person wearing my products would not feel embarrassed if seen wearing them.

Q. curious on why you designed a product for women, when your story was more about your own person quest to find an undershirt that met your needs. i’d love to learn more here.

A. Simple…while talking with a close circle of friends and family about my men’s undershirt idea, the women all spoke up and wished they had a product that would help with protecting their fashionable t’s, sweaters, suit coats, blouses. I realized women would not wear undershirts, but camis are a very popular accessory item. From the exterior, my wife will wear my cami under a white blouse and you don’t notice a difference between my cami and a typical cami.

Q. where are your undershirts manufactured? i couldn’t find that anywhere on the website.

A. They are made in Thailand.

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