My Munsingwear Undershirt Is Marvelous. Makes Tug’s Top 5

Munsingwear V-Neck 100% Cotton Undershirt from The Vermont Country Store

As you know, I’m not easily impressed when it comes to undershirts.

The key to my happiness and willingness to add an undershirt into my coveted top 5 favorite undershirts list is simple – provide a product that offers a great overall value. To do that, it not only has to fit and feel nice, but it also has to be affordable (in it’s respective product class).

Well, I’m happy to report that the Munsingwear 100% Cotton undershirt from The Vermont Country Store is just such an undershirt.

Product Details:

After more than 100 years in the business, Munsingwear knows what men like in their undershirts. And this smooth jersey knit cotton undershirt (available in crew neck and v-neck) is no exception. Breathable, absorbent 100% combed cotton undershirt offers superb fit and comfort with double-stitched armholes and neck for durability. Color is white. Sizes M-XL, 3 shirts per package. Sizes 2X-3X, 2 per package. Machine wash and dry. Imported.

  • Name: Munsingwear
  • Price: $24.95 (3-Pack)
  • Collar Styles: Crew Neck (Item# 20077) & V-Neck (Item# 20078)
  • Color: White
  • 100% combed cotton undershirts
  • Smooth jersey knit crew-neck undershirts
  • Double-stitched armholes and neck
  • Munsingwear has been famous for quality men’s underwear for decades

Product Sizing

I would categorize the Munsingwear undershirt line somewhere between a box-cut undershirt and a slim-cut undershirt. The medium sized undershirt is cut just wide enough to allow some extra room on the sides, but is not too wide where you feel you have a bunch of extra fabric billowing around under your shirts.


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The Good

  • The price. At $8.31 per undershirt, the Munsingwear line offers an incredible value, considering all the other positives this undershirt has to offer.
  • The fabric. The 100% combed cotton feels very nice and soft on the skin, right out of the package too! I can’t tell you how many undershirts I’ve tried that feel slightly itchy or scratchy out of the package. This undershirt feels great.
  • The length. At 30″ (pre-wash), this undershirt falls a whopping 9″ below my belt line. There is no way this puppy is coming untucked. Even if it shrinks a couple inches after the initial wash, it’ll still be plenty long enough.
  • The knit. The 100% cotton jersey undershirt is knitted in a way that allows the shirt to naturally stretch some and makes it fairly forgiving without the need for any artificial stretch with the use of fabrics like lycra/spandex.
  • The weight. The undershirt is light enough to keep it from wearing too warm, but thick enough to not be very transparent. You could definitely wear this undershirt casually by itself if that was your thing.
  • The v-neck. I really like the depth of this v-neck. With a 7.5″ front drop, it’s one of the deepest I have in my undershirt inventory, but the design is really nice with a slight curved “v”.  Definitely a v-neck that will stay hidden under most button shirts.
  • The crew neck. The crew is high and tight with a 3″ front drop. Fits close to the neck-line and seems to hold it’s shape well

The Not So Good

  • The sizing. I won’t go as far to say this isn’t good, because it’s by design. While the medium fits good for a box/slim-cut undershirt, I could easily size down to a small and get the closer fit I personally prefer. For those who like a little extra room, well then you’ll be very happy.
  • The side shoulder length (shoulder strap). At 6″, it’s slightly too long for my shoulders, so the seam falls over to my arm about .75″.  I like the shoulders to be more square, but then there are a lot of guys out there that have bigger shoulders than I.  It’s a good “standard” length though.
  • The sleeve opening. I like my sleeves to fit a little closer, so I’d love to see the sleeve opening smaller, possibly around 1.5″ smaller, taking 3″ off the circumference of the opening

The Pictures (Click to Enlarge)

The Verdict

Top 5. Need I say more?

Good fit. Good Feel. Good Quality. Good Product. Well worth the Good Price.

Now go buy some Munsingwear Undershirts over at The Vermont Country Store.



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