Mr. Davis Underwear Launch on Kickstarter

New just in from Mr. Davis:

We are very proud to be launching Mr. Davis Underwear on Kickstarter to our incredibly loyal and stylish customers today!

After 18 months of product design and nearly 100 beta testers, we think we’ve nailed the perfect underwear – wearing them is like being cupped by an angel wearing puppy fur gloves. Seriously. They are that good!

We wanted you to be among the first to know about our project to take advantage of one of three different Early Bird opportunities to receive a pair of our fabulous underwear that ship a week after our successful campaign ends.

If you support us on Kickstarter, we give back to you. All reward levels include a credit towards a future purchase at

If you want our best pricing ever, this is the time to get it.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Kickstarter (link)

Underwear Details:

  • Three (3) body styles: Standard, Mid-Cut, Trunk (or Regular, shorter, and shortest)
  • Sizing: S-2XL
  • Body Fabrics: Viscose from Bamboo (96/4 viscose/spandex, 180gsm), Wicking Poly Sport (95/5 polyester/spandex, 150gsm, non-pilling)
  • Crotch Ventilation Panel: 110 GSM Polyamide (88/12 nylon-polyamide/spandex, 110gsm)
  • Waistband seaming: Flat, Non-Overlapping (end-to-end aligned), then ultrasonically stitched

Mr. Davis Underwear Kickstarter Video

Mr. Davis Underwear Photos

mr-davis-underwear-features mr-davis-underwear-navy mr-davis-underwear-grey mr-davis-underwear-110-gsm-polymide-venting


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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