More Vintage Mens Shapewear Underwear Advertising from the 1960’s and 1970’s

Thanks to the efforts of my friend “Skip”, I have a few more vintage shapewear advertisements to share with you. It’s pretty interesting that men’s slimming undershirts have been getting so much more visibility than support underwear such as Manshape’s Support Brief and the 2xist FORM briefs.

I’ve actually been told by a few readers that the support brief with the higher 6″ waists actually provide more slimming benefits in the waist, stomach, love handle area than the slimming undershirts. In fact, one reader says that Manshape’s Support Brief does a really good job. Personally, I haven’t tried the slimming briefs yet, but I’ll try to make it a point to go out and pick some up soon so I have a point of reference.

Vintage Munsingwears and Mandate Support Briefs Advertisements

Sports Illustrated Ads for Munsingwear and Mandate

Slimmers by Watsons Canadian Ad


Rules to wearing undershirts


How to wear undershirts

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