More Underwear Subscription Services To Choose From

Back a couple weeks ago, I wrote about Manpacks, a new underwear subscription service that automatically sends new underwear (underwear, socks, undershirts) directly to your door step every three months.

Well, I’ve been doing a bit more digging into these kind of services and have found some more you might want to check out.

Underwear Subscription services

What Should We Call It?

But, before I do, I wanted to pose a question.

Why do some of these companies call themselves Underwear subscription services, when they offer other products like socks and undershirts??

I’ve always found it a little confusing that sometimes we call our undershirts and briefs/boxers our underwear. Other times, we’re only talking about briefs/boxers.

The term underwear is most precisely used when we’re referring to the underclothing we wear on our bottom half – briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, panties & boy shorts (if you’re a chick). 


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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Undershirts and socks are simply that – nuff said.

So, what do we call this collection of undergarments that are ALL the staple of our daily wardrobe? 

How about Innerwear?

I do think this “innerwear subscription service” concept has merit and has an audience, but it’s gotta have it’s fair share of challenges as well. 

For the socks-only subscription, I think there’s limited risk.

But trying to find undershirts or underwear that you really like is pretty tough — that is — if you don’t want to settle.

Some of these services offer a one-time only purchase so you can try before you buy, which is good.

But new products are coming out all the time, and trying to balance bringing in new product to attract new customers and keeping your base product in stock to keep your current customers happy has to be tough.

Personally, I’m totally cool with going out to the retailers every once in a while and buying my own undershirts, underwear, and socks. Oh, I don’t need Mrs. Tug to do that for me either.

When it comes to my own comfort, I’m the one in charge :)

So, you won’t find me signing up to any underwear subscription services anytime soon. For some, I’m sure it would come in handy.

Underwear Subscription Services

All the above said, here’s my list of “Innerwear” Underwear Subscription Services.

As I hear about more, I’ll add them here:

Black Socks

Options: Socks, Undershirts, Underwear

Comment: This company started offering a sock subscription back in 1999, but has since expanded it’s offering to various undershirt and underwear options.

Based: Appears this company started in Switzerland, but is now based/headquartered out of New York.



Options: Underwear, Undershirts, Socks

Comment: Company offers a variety of flexible subscription packs & product options to choose from, prices start at $7 for socks only. Shipments go out every 3 months.

Based in Florida

Website: (no longer active)

Undershirts Monthly Undershirt Subscription

Options: Undershirts Only (Crew neck, V-neck)

Comment: This company launched around October 2010 and it’s sole focus is on offering an undershirt subscription service.

Undershirts are made from a premium combed cotton, cut similar to other traditional box-cut undershirts, but with a more slim cut.

Based in the United States

Website: (no longer active)


Subscription service not active yet, but is coming.

Options: Socks. Undershirts and Underwear coming (as of 4/28/2010)

Based in UK

Website: (no longer active)

Monthly Boxers Underwear Subscription & Socks

Options: Underwear (boxers), Socks

Based in British Columbia

Website: (no longer active)

Post Me

Options: Underwear, Undershirts

Based in Denmark

Website: (no longer active)


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  1. Also for UK customers, try – coming soon, but they also run (you can get some idea of their range!)

    • hey there ben, appreciate the information about the new/upcoming launch of the uk subscription underwear site.

      that said, it’s very bad form to use commenting to create key word phrase links like “subscription underwear uk” and it’s stuff like that this will quickly get you banned from forums and websites.

      if you want to tell me about a new undershirt/underwear-related site like this, just email me and provide the details. i’ll be happy to share the news with my reader-base.

      as a one time courtesy, i won’t ban you from the site, but i’ve removed the hyperlink from the key phrase name you used in your comment.


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