Mock Neck T-Shirts Are Your Thing? Here’s Where To Get Them

Maybe this is just a coincidence, or due to the onset of colder weather, but I’ve recently received emails from several readers in search of mock neck t-shirts (undershirts).

The readers were specifically wondering where they could find the Jockey Mock Neck T-Shirts.

Here’s one of the emails I received:

Nearly 2 years year ago in Dec of 2010 I bought these Jockey short sleeve mock t-shirts after I emailed you.

You showed me them and I loved em, I knew someday they’d be discontinued as I read on a post asking why all the good shirts get disconnected.

Would you have any suggestions on cheap undershirts like that with a mock elastic neck?


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T-Shirt vs Undershirt

Before we get to my response, just wanted to quickly clarify something so I don’t go too crazy.

The term “T-Shirt” is used a whole bunch to describe undershirt offerings.

I still don’t exactly know why manufacturers label lightweight tees that are designed to be worn as a base layer as t-shirts, but they do.

I suppose they would say that they are labeled that way because they can be worn as undershirts or t-shirts, but personally I think it’s just too damn confusing.

Let me decide if I want to wear my undershirt as a tee shirt, but just call it an undershirt for goodness sake.

Read this article if you wanna know the difference between a t-shirt and and undershirt?

Where To Get Mock Neck T-Shirts (Undershirts)

Here’s my reply to the above reader:

Colorado Timberline Dillion Microfiber Mock Neck T-shirts
Colorado Timberline Dillion Microfiber Mock Neck T-shirts

Well, I don’t officially know of any other short sleeve mock t-shirts.

But I did a little research and came across these:

Tru Spec CORDURA Baselayer Short Sleeve Mock T Shirt ($17+)

More Info: | |

Colorado Timberline Dillion Microfiber Mock T-shirt (select white color and your size) ($15 – $27)

More Info:

X-Fire Baselayer Mock Neck Short Sleeve Shirt ($21.95, but kinda looks like the Tru Spec above)

More Info:

Sleeveless Mock ($37)

More Info:

Men’s River’s End SOLAR Shield Pique Short-sleeve Stretch Mock T-Neck ($17.99 – $22.49)

More Info: 2

Not sure any will match up to the jockey short sleeve mock neck tee that you loved so much, though, but I’d say the above items are worth a try at least.

Don’t know how long any of those will be available, so you might want to snatch some up pretty quickly and see if you like them.

I wanna know what you buy and what you think of each one you try.

So keep me posted, ok??

I eventually heard back from the reader above and he said that he decided to order the Colorado Timberline Dillon Microfiber Mock Tee-Shirt.

Hopefully I’ll hear back from him after he has a chance to give his new mock neck undershirt a try.

Do You Know About Any Mock Neck T-Shirts?

If so, tell me about them in the comments section below!


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11 thoughts on “Mock Neck T-Shirts Are Your Thing? Here’s Where To Get Them”

  1. love your site , looking for a dress mock neck t-under garment , something for wearing under a sport jacket , any clues ???????

  2. authentic Luxe_T is tshirt i like but they are almost impossible to find.
    they have a higher collar that holds it’s shape and a med to heavier weight cotton. they are occasionally on ebay but in very limited quantities and sizes.
    price is typically $25.00 each

    • heya george! good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your comment!

      i did a quick search and found that there is a website for the luxe t-shirt offering, and the pricing shown in their online store is much less than $25.

      though, in taking a look at their offering, they don’t seem to have anything that would resemble a mock-neck t-shirt in their current line-up.

      the brand looks like it’s creating more of an “urban” clothing line, with larger tees, and baggier clothing targeted to a hip hop community/demo.

      do you have any photos of their mock neck t-shirt?

      • i believe you are correct about the “urban” line. their shirts are not really mock necks just a bit larger than most and don’t tend to stretch around the neck area as most tshirts do.
        by the way thanks for the quick response

  3. I’m looking for mock neck t-shirts. You made some suggestions a few years ago, but could you update it? Jockey still makes them, but they only size up to XL, and the reviews say they run small (I’m normally an XL). If possible, I’d like them with pockets. Thanks for any suggestions.

    • heya bill, good to hear from you buddy!

      tbh, if i would have heard of any new mock neck t-shirts/undershirts, i would have updated this article with references to them.

      off the top of my head, the only thing that comes to mind is to look at apparel companies that make police undershirts or police t-shirts, because the law enforcement category are the folks that wear high collar t-shirts the most. when you ad pockets, that adds a whole other level of complexity because most “undershirts” would not have pockets.

      so you know, even though this article is titled “mock neck t-shirts”, it’s really focused on shirts men would wear as a base layer, or rather, undershirts. if you’re looking for something to wear as an outside layer (a true t-shirt), i unfortunately don’t know of any that i can specifically recommend.

      i took a look at 511 tactical, but they only offer long sleeve mock neck shirts. sorry i can’t be of any help, but do come back here and let us know if you find something!

    • are pricy but, the Hogan white short sleeve mock makes an awesome undershirt. If you order a few at a time you’re going to pay about $125.00 with priority shipping. Customization, quality and service are the best you will get though. I suppose you get what you pay for.

      • heya mark! thanks for stopping by my site and sharing your mock turtleneck t-shirt recommendation.

        i checked out the hogan mock turtleneck on and found that they were not currently carrying any of them in white. just black, burnt orange, butter, chestnut brown, ice blue, and navy.

        also, do you know if the side shoulder + sleeve length combination would be short enough to wear this mock neck short sleeve shirt as an undershirt?

      • Hi Tug,

        The Hogan white can be ordered under “custom short sleeve mocks” but, if you call the toll free number at the top of the webpage you will be talking to the owner directly. He will sell you a white short sleeve mock without custom altering. As far as fit goes as an undershirt the answer is yes. I do it all the time. You will find that these shirts are perfect. They are not too thick and not too thin and the collars can not be beat for durability. It is best to order at least three shirts at a time because you get a discount. Tomorrow (10/20/2014) I will be ordering two white, 1 navy and 1 black from him. I will be ordering by phone because of the Hogan white issue but, this is a good thing because the owner loves to talk to his customers directly. They are a small business but, a very good one. This will be my third order with him.

    • heya randy, i’ll never give up on my good friends over at jockey, but alas, there are no size small or medium, white, mock neck t-shirts for sale on

      though, $7 + 25% off discount ($5.25/each) is a great deal. i put 108 size large mock neck tees in my shopping cart, and i could have purchased them for a measly $567. what a bargain!


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