Disarray At Macy’s. A Mess in Mens Basics

On a recent undershirt recon mission, I traveled to the Greater Los Angeles area and visited Target, JCPenney, Old Navy, and Macy’s.

Normally, I’m pretty excited about going to Macy’s because the shopping experience is generally pretty good, but during this visit, I have to say, I was pretty appalled.

I wandered through Macy’s Men’s Basics department in total disbelief as I came upon disorganized shelves, open packages scattered everywhere, underwear boxes on the floor, and even underwear and undershirts themselves laying on the ground. I even tried to actually look at the selections to see if they had anything new, but the department was so disorganized, I left feeling anxious and disappointed instead.

The pictures below will give you a small sense of what I saw. Come on Macy’s, get your shit together.  Do you think your undershirt and underwear brand partners want customers to have that kind of experience? I bet not.

Yes, this was only one store, but there has to be a General or Regional Manager responsible for this department and if they are letting things go in this store, what about the other stores in their oversee area?

As I was leaving Macy’s it got me thinking: As of late, My experience shopping online is SO MUCH BETTER than in physical retail. 

Forget the fact that the Macy’s I visited was a hot mess because that is separate and can be resolved with a little ass-kicking. But, even after I visited JCP, Old Navy, and Target, whose Basics/Underwear departments were all well maintained (JCP and Old Navy being the cleanest), I still left feeling unsatisfied about my shopping experience.

I’ll share more in a separate article about what I think the problem is with Retail Shopping, as it pertains to Men’s Basics.

For now, I’ll leave you with some photos.







3 thoughts on “Disarray At Macy’s. A Mess in Mens Basics”

  1. Autocorrect has gone it again, and I hate it whenever it rears it’s ugly head. Why must it plague my writing? LOL In my comment above I wanted to type “department that”. I have no idea why it turned out into the gibberish was typed.

  2. This was at a Macy’s? This is totally unacceptable. It look like someone had a free for all and ran amuck. There is usually a sales associate located in the department that straightens out the displays and keep everything organized, where was that person? I hate to say it, but even the under garment shelves at Walmart look better organized then this. Did you get any response from Macy’s yet? I’m sure they would like to know about this particular store.

    • yup, that was macys, middle of the day, on a weekend. looks like it hadn’t been cleaned in weeks.

      there were also people in the department too — have no idea what they were doing — but one things for sure — they weren’t cleaning up the basics department.

      no response from macys — i doubt they would care about a little undershirt-blogger’s website (;


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