15 of the Best Men’s Underwear Made in the USA

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find a good pair of underwear – much less, a pair made in the USA. Though many of us rarely read the label to see where our products were made, buying USA-made products supports American jobs and guarantees that the item meets American quality and safety standards. 

Looking for a trusty pair of all-American underwear? You’ve come to the right place. Here are 15 of the best men’s underwear made in the USA that are guaranteed to keep you cool, comfortable and stylish 24/7. 

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Note: All of these underwear are from brands that only manufacture products in the USA. So, whether you stick with my suggestion or pick another pair, rest assured that you’re buying a product made in the USA when you buy from these brands.

All American Clothing Boxer Briefs: Higher Waistband

As the name suggests, these All American Boxer Briefs are made right here in the USA. Because they’re made predominantly of bamboo fibers, they’re ultra-breathable and lightweight, making them a great option for all-day wear. Keep in mind that the waistband rests a bit higher on the body than your typical underwear – so, if that’s not something you prefer, maybe try another option on the list.

  • Available in seven colors
  • 95% rayon bamboo, 5% spandex
  • $25.95

Bad Organics Hemp & Organic Cotton Boxer Briefs: Sustainable & Ethical 

These Bad Organics boxers are just about as soft and comfortable as it gets. Made of a carefully crafted blend of cotton, hemp and lycra, this pair of underwear will stay fresh longer than most cotton underwear. And, as an added bonus, 10% of your purchase goes directly to charity. 

  • Available in one color
  • 64% organic cotton, 28% hemp, 8% lycra
  • $27

Leorever Balanced Compression Micro Tight Underwear: Ready, Set, Action 

The Leorever Balanced Compression Underwear are any active man’s best friend. This underwear can go with you wherever you go – whether you’re going for a swim in the ocean, competing in a triathlon or relaxing at home. However, because they’re a little pricey, I’d recommend these if you frequently engage in outdoor activities like hiking, running or biking and want to invest in a nice pair of underwear.

  • Available in 11 colors
  • 88% poly, 12% spandex microfiber
  • $69

Majamas Organic Rocko Boxer Brief: Longer Does It

If you prefer comfort over anything, the Majamas Organic Rocko Boxer Brief will be your new best buddy. These are a great choice for those who prefer a longer inseam, as these boxer briefs land at the mid-thigh. And, the elastic waistband is covered, so you won’t be left feeling restricted or uncomfortable. These underwear look like new after multiple washes, so you can rest assured that they won’t wear as time passes.

  • Available in six colors
  • 91% organic cotton, 9% spandex
  • $41

RibbedTee Men’s Boxer Brief: Cooling & Moisture-Wicking

RibbedTee’s Boxer Briefs are my top choice for combatting sweat. They’re made with a blend of CoolNylon and spandex, meaning that they’re naturally cooling and moisture-wicking. So, whether you’re under the sun, at the gym or just tend to sweat a little more than the average person, this pair of boxer briefs will keep you cool, dry and comfortable all day. 

  • Available in three colors
  • 86% CoolNylon, 14% spandex
  • $32

Mangata Classic Boxer Briefs: Pricy but Worthy

The Mangata Classic Boxer Briefs are a uniquely comfortable option that feels like spandex on the outside and fleece on the inside. Though they’re pricier than most options on the list, the quality of these underwear is unbeatable. My only issue with these is that the tag can be a bit uncomfortable, but it can be easily removed with the help of scissors or a seam ripper.

  • Available in one color
  • 66% nylon, 21% bamboo, 13% spandex
  • $69

Blade and Blue Active Mesh Mini Trunk Underwear: Mesh to Stay Cool

The Blade and Blue Active Mesh Mini Trunk Underwear are both grown and sewn in the USA. Because they’re made of mesh, this is a great option for staying cool in hot or tropical climates. Blade and Blue has loads of choices – so, if short underwear isn’t your style, check out their other options!

  • Available in one color
  • 47% cotton, 47% micro modal, 6% lycra
  • $34.50

BGREEN Boxer Brief: Seamless Design

Hate the feel of seams, tags and bunched-up fabric? The BGREEN Boxer Briefs are seamless, tagless and no-ride – and they’re ultra comfortable, too. Made with 4-way stretch fabric, these are perfect for everyday wear.

  • Available in four colors
  • 90% organic cotton, 10% spandex
  • $32

Ramblers Way Wool Boxer: Super Warm

Grown and sewn in the USA, the Ramblers Way Wool Boxer are my top pick on the list for cold environments. Normally, wool can feel itchy and uncomfortable against the skin – but these boxers have the look and feel of cotton with the warmth of wool. Because these underwear are wool, I wouldn’t recommend these for daily wear. Instead, snag a pair for the next ski and snowboarding season.

  • Available in six colors
  • 100% Rambouillet merino wool
  • $74.95

Linoto Linen Boxer Shorts: Well-Tailored & Breathable

Putting on the 100% linen Linoto Boxer Shorts makes you feel like you’re slipping into your sheets for a good night’s rest. These comfortable, well-tailored underwear are perfect for lounging, sleeping or wearing under a cozy pair of sweats or pants. And, the elastic is concealed underneath the fabric – so you won’t be tugging and readjusting. 

  • Available in 18 shades
  • 100% linen
  • $29.95-$39.95

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Culprit Boxer Briefs: Fun Patterns 

If you’re a fan of underwear with fun, crazy patterns, Culprit’s Boxer Briefs are for you. These ultra-breathable, super soft micromodal underwear keep you sweat- and itch-free. And, they’re affordable – but you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. 

  • Available in over 20 colors and prints
  • 95% micro modal, 5% lycra
  • $31-$33

Swav Performance Hybrid Compression Short: Slip Pocket

Athletes and the Swav Performance Hybrid Compression Shorts are a match made in heaven. They feature flatlock stitching and a woven waistband, which prevent skin irritation and sustain the product’s lifetime. And, they feature a slip pocket that stores essential items such as a smartphone, cash, keys or credit cards, making this a great option for runners. 

  • Available in one color
  • 92% siro modal, 8% spandex
  • $32

JP Mucklestone Boxers: Carbon Neutral & Anti-Bacterial

You can’t go wrong with the JP Mucklestone Boxers. These modal-lycra blend boxers are made from a bio-based fiber that is carbon neutral and derived from sustainably grown beech trees. They’re more breathable than cotton, 50% more absorbent and have anti-bacterial properties. And, to top it all off, they have a dotted design over the elastic band.

  • Available in one color
  • 100% modal-lycra blend
  • $38

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Bill’s Khakis Boxers: Cozy & Comfortable

Bill’s Khakis Boxers are my first choice for sleeping and lounging around the house. Made with 100% cotton, they are super soft, cozy and breathable. With so many 100% cotton options on the market, I’d choose these ones time and time again because they fit like a glove. 

  • Available in one color
  • 100% cotton
  • $49.50

Chuochu Men’s Silk Boxer Shorts: Luxury Silk

Wanna feel like a million bucks? The Chuochu Silk Boxer Shorts have you covered. Thoughtfully crafted with silk, these underwear are the definition of luxury. Although silk boxer shorts certainly aren’t suitable for every occasion, they’re great for a little boost of comfort and confidence. Put these on before bed or while you’re lounging around the house and you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud. 

  • Available in one color
  • 92% silk, 8% elastane
  • $55

55 thoughts on “15 of the Best Men’s Underwear Made in the USA”

  1. Fantastic roundup! 🇺🇸🩲 Thanks for highlighting the best men’s underwear made in the USA. Supporting local and staying stylish—what more could we ask for? Ready to upgrade my underwear game with these recommendations!

  2. Another one bit the dust in 2021, Campbellesville Apparel Co.. Men’s Briefs.
    Aged out, nobody wanted to work. I bought several pair (All American Clothing) and went to re order (changing to all made in USA products) Round House is another good co. I copied the news article below.

    News: Campbellsville Apparel Board of Directors informed their employees on Wednesday, July 14th that they will be closing the Company sometime before the end of the year.
    This is due to the lack of applicants for sewing positions that need to be filled. The Company currently has 96 employees and has had as many as 180 employees in the last 22 years. Our current employees have been very faithful and very hard working. They are like family to each other.
    Of the current 96 employees, 3 are over 80 yrs old, 10 are over 70 yrs old, 15 are over 65 yrs old and 25 are over 62 yrs old. This shows the work ethic and values of this great group of people. This is why the Company has been successful over the years.

    BUY American or be un employed. or another way ” Wallyworlds superstore comes to town, first you go there because you can, then because you have to”
    I see your listing for Hard Hat briefs. I’m interested. Thanks. T.O.

  3. Looks like Made Here is only socks and caps, no more underwear.

    Thx for the list. Its can be a real challenge trying to support US manufacturing but this list is a big help.

  4. I just ordered some Culprit Underwear before contacting them. Contacted them after the fact and they answered. As I write this comment and when they responded to me, it is December 31st, 2022. My question was if their underwear are made in the US. They told me that the US based manufacturer went out of business and they had to find another manufacturer. The one they went with is based in Guatemala. They are currently still selling their USA made underwear while supplies last. You won’t find “Made in USA” anywhere on their website because of their shift. I can say this. At least they didn’t go overseas. They’re still based in the America’s at least. I’d rather buy from the continental America’s than Asia. I will try out some of these other brands in the mean time. My more than likely Chinese made, overpriced Saxx are getting worn out.

  5. I’ve been looking for Wickers briefs for two years now without any luck. I’ve seeded other brands into my existing stock and the others just don’t cut it. Wicker’s were the most comfortable in New England winters and August in Florida. Like the Slant 6, duct tape, and a Buck knife, you only truly appreciate the product after it’s gone. I’m down to the last 3-4 pairs of my “daily drivers”, they’re hanging on (no pun), but are wearing thin on the elastics. Just for the heck of it, I looked in my jocks drawer, and there, deep down in the bottom, was a brand pair of Wickers in an unopened package. I’m going to leave these aside and have them bury me in them when my time comes. I’ll have a smile on my face and no one will know why !

  6. If you want to sell American products made in America by American workers, tell the American people were to buy your products. No store seems to carry made in America when I wanted to buy briefs. Get the word out on TV let us know you pay taxes here not China The people work here, pay taxes here, spend their money here. I will post it on face book so people will buy American. As a former production supervisor American labor does no drive up prices. Cost per brief is pennies.

  7. Tug,

    Thank you for putting me on the list!

    Just wondering why you didn’t include a photo of my underwear brand like you did for all the other brands? Not only do I feel my new designs make my boxer briefs the most comfortable on the planet I feel my designs also makes it the sexiest on the planet.

    In 2004 I started wearing over 100 underwear brands from all over the world. Then in 2014 I started doing more penis and testicle research than I should ever admit. From that I started creating my designs. Retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2020 after serving 30 years and now I’ve launched my brand with several new whistles and bells. Like my custom multi-purpose single layer fabric that’s durable and better for the skin. New design that eliminates and reduces high friction points. Four pouch sizes to choose from for perfect support. Framed pouch that enhances the appearance. Built in condom holder so your ready when she’s ready. Forever made in the U.S.A. With over 600 underwear brands globally, none of them offer the things I offer. From my perspective I know of no underwear brand I can be compared too.

    You should try a pair I think you will have a new favorite.

    Thanks again for having me on the list. People like me need popular people like you to let people know we exist.

  8. I’m fairly sure Freedom Reigns is dead.

    RibbedTee was making noises about shutting down too, unfortunately.

    I wish there was a bit more variety without going straight from super plain cotton to “exotic” — don’t really like looking around at “exotic” underwear sites.

    • thanks janzig! i’ve updated this article to remove freedom reigns underwear.

      i’ve heard there is still a possibility that ribbedtee will be acquired or the products will resurface, so i’ll keep them on this list for now.

      have you checked out culprit underwear yet? they seem to have a variety of patterns/colors.

      • It’ll be good if RibbedTee resurfaces. I’m hoping they do.

        Culprit unfortunately has only boxer briefs and shorts with liners. I’m really looking for briefs and similar styles to those.

      • I just found your site from searching underwear made in the USA, and I like how you have such an extensive list. Ribbedtee is out of all their products, not sure why they still even have the website up since they don’t seem to have anything for sale.

      • heya jonathan, thanks for stopping by and for your question!

        there are still some rumblings that ribbedtee will either be acquired, or the underwear may become available a couple times per year via pre-order. there’s a waitlist on the ribbedtee website still as well.

        that’s why i’m keeping the brand listed here for now (:

  9. i just removed flint & tinder from the list.

    got an email stating that their underwear was on clearance, and nearly 100% sold out.

    all of their boxer briefs in their “basics” category are sold out, except one color of heritage boxer briefs in size xxl.

    all of their heritage boxer briefs (out of stock) are priced under $20, normally $28.

    you can add your name to their wait list, but with the price under $20, and everything out of stock without any further explanation, i get the sense these american made boxer briefs are not coming back.

    if anyone finds out differently, please let me know.

    • I just purchased three pairs of Flint and Tinder boxer briefs. Looks like they have plenty in stock and are back up and running again. Maybe they were down for a bit due to COVID and understaffed like so many other businesses. Hope this helps.

      • thanks jake. i’ll put it on my list to add flint & tinder back into this article if they’re still being made in the usa.

  10. Hey Tug,
    I am starting a men’s underwear company and I am looking for good quality underwear manufacturers in the United States, do you know any companies that will be able to process small orders for a start-up like me?

    • heya andrew, thanks for stopping by!

      here are a couple made in usa underwear supplier ideas:

      1. contact the folks from swav apparel (swavapparel.com). they have a “u.s. wholesale” link at the bottom of their website, though it doesn’t link anywhere.

      that either implies they are no longer offering their underwear on wholesale, or their website link is broken (: if they wholesale, maybe you can buy some of their underwear without their branding, in smaller quantities.

      2. you may want to poke through makersrow.com some, and look for underwear manufacturers — all are based in america.

      how far along are you with your men’s underwear company initiative? i’d love to learn more.

      • Thank you for your advice I will definitely look into this and let you know what I find.

        As for how far along I am, I am very early in the start-up phase. Meaning, right now I am just trying to gather all the information/research I need to start, then I will have to wait for capital to make my moves (which shouldn’t be too far away).

        I would really like to go further in-depth about what I am doing and to tell you some more details if you’re interested, but if it’s okay with you I would rather go into a private chat room or maybe call if you’re not busy.

        Andrew Z

  11. Hi Tug,

    I just called REI Co-op and they said they’re brand underwear is not being made in the USA at this time, fyi.

    Thank you for the website!

    • heya steve!! thanks a ton for letting me know that rei is no longer making their underwear in the usa.

      really appreciate you calling them to find out, and then coming back here to let us know — good investigatory work (:

      i’ve removed them from the article.

  12. Tug,

    Are Separatec or Sheath underwear made in the USA? I can’t seem to find any info on where they are mfg’d.


    • heya mike, thanks for stopping by and posting your question.

      as far as i know, sheath underwear are made in zhongshan, china.

      i don’t know exactly where separatec underwear are made, but i have to assume they are also made in china.

      separatec is a trademark of a privately held company named beijing smashing e-commerce co., ltd. as their name implies, they are (or were) headquartered in beijing.

      coincidentally, that same company also is the owner/registrant of the underwear brand trademark “david archy” — a brand of underwear & undershirts primarily sold on amazon.

      a representative of separatec & david archy contacted me back in august 2018, asking if i’d like to get samples of and review their separatec underwear and david archy undershirts.

      i never guarantee a written review in exchange for product samples, but i always tell the brands i’ll be happy to provide them feedback. after two email exchanges, the separatec / david archy rep stopped replying to my emails. i sent the person two or three follow-up emails, but they never responded.

      maybe they’ll find this comment sometime, reconsider, and send over some samples for me to check out (:

  13. I looked at Tommy John underwear and could not find an answer to a direct question.
    Where are they produced at>

    • Tommy John products are made in Peru, Jordan, Sri Lanka, China, and Egypt.

      The were originally made in Los Angeles, but they have jumped on the cheap labor band wagon.
      They even try to make the excuse that outsourcing, “reduces the carbon footprint”.

      A lame excuse indeed.

      I will no longer be purchasing their products.

      They are way overpriced. I was willing to pay more when they were made in the USA.

    • heya tim, i’m trying to get a more precise answer, but gary is largely correct.

      they definitely started in los angeles. but after 2-3 years, started manufacturing in china and egypt.

      this is the information i just received from their director of brand communication:
      “Tommy John products are made all over the world, in locations where we have found the best fabric suppliers and manufacturers of garments at the quality and scale our customers have come to expect. Dependent on the product and the fabric used, the product may come from Peru, Jordan, Sri Lanka, China or Egypt.”

      i did email the person back to see if i could get a more precise, less generic answer about where their men’s underwear and undershirts are manufactured, but not sure they’ll provide any other specifics. we’ll see.

  14. What’s the point of buying underwear if they cost you 2 legs and an arm? How do you even keep them on?

    Seriously though, I enjoy quality and comfort and as a veteran I appreciate American made products.

    I just cannot justify $20+ for a single pair of skivies!

    This isn’t about wages or material costs, it’s purely about greed!!

    • hey mike,

      thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us!

      if you want to talk about greed, then let’s look at all of the premium underwear brands that are made overseas using cheaper labor, lower quality materials, and sold individually for $25+ — some even more outrageously priced from $40+.

      i’m not saying there aren’t american brands that utilize “made in usa” to try and justify super high pricing, because there are certainly brands doing that.

      but i wouldn’t call any american brand who is likely making premium underwear for $7-$9 and selling it for $25-$30 greedy.

      also, let’s put this in perspective.

      if you go out to a decent dinner, you’re likely spending $15-$25, conservatively, and even more if you get drinks (alcohol).

      so for the same price of going out to dinner one night, you can be wearing very good quality underwear that lasts years, and fits & feels better than probably most of the value-priced underwear brands.

      imo, that’s a pretty darn good value.

      that said, there are brands like campbellsville apparel that are making 100% cotton briefs, made in america, for around $4 each.

      also, union house brand (available at union label – link in article above) has underwear that are priced between $10-$15 each.

      so, if you’re looking for less expensive made in usa men’s underwear, you may want to check with both of those websites.

    • Mike it’s not greed most businesses can sell underwear retail for less than I can produce it. Where I’m one of the few who has decided to always be made in America. I didn’t serve like you (30 years) to turn around and support other countries. I pay a living wage where my sewers can leave work and not have to go to a second job. They can now spend some time with their families. I take great pride in this and bringing jobs back to the U.S.A. The problem is people are now accustomed to the oversees prices. Do back to 1960 when 94% of clothing worn in the U.S.A. was made in the U.S.A. and you would see that people used more than twice the percentage of their paycheck on clothing and their closets had half the clothing. That is the huge perk of outsourcing all of our clothing manufacturing to the poorest counties on the planet. You now get twice the clothing for less than half the price. My brand chooses the moral high ground over profits that come by appealing to the masses. When you combine premium quality with American made you alienate most of your customers because of production costs. That is why most customers don’t support clothing made in the U.S.A. Mike, I hope that helps explain the situation. Also, thank you for your service.

  15. Hey Tug,

    I’ve tried Flint & Tinder, Blade and Blue, Union House, Wickers, BGreen, Ramblers Way, and AllAmericanClothing’s VIPs (which are not, BTW, 100% cotton).

    The only ones I’ve found to be 100% cotton (not PC blend or modal or lycra or whatever else they throw in these days) and all day comfortable are the BGreen covered elastic boxer briefs.

    All the rest sat too low, rode too high, were a tad short in the inseam for my taste as a BOXER brief, or pinched in uncomfortable places.

    However, I had a bit of a disagreement with the company on their customer service when a couple pairs I ordered, in the same marked size as previous pairs, were actually smaller and I shared images with them and they still said I must have washed them wrong, I have decided to no longer patronize their apparel.

    That leaves me with very few options.

    Have you found any other underwear that is 100% cotton, USA made, and comfortable for hot/humid environments?

    Thanks for your insight.

    • hey jeremy,

      thanks for stopping by, and sharing information about your experiences with the various brands.

      i’ve added bgreen & all american to my list, so thanks for letting me know that those brands are making men’s underwear & are also made in usa.

      first, i’m totally shocked & appalled that the folks at bgreen outright blamed you for washing their underwear incorrectly.

      even if it were your fault, and it sounds like it was not, a fair and cooperative brand should offer a courtesy replacement.

      i definitely do not believe “the customer is always right”, but even when the customer has done something wrong, i think brands need to handle those situations more carefully, and doing so without blatantly accusing the customer of being a liar.

      in simple terms, bgreen is accusing you of lying about how you cared for your bgreen underwear — and i don’t think that was very smart of them.

      i’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. hopefully that is not something that happens to other bgreen underwear customers on a regular basis.

      unfortunately, at the moment, i don’t know of any american manufacturing brand that makes 100% cotton underwear.

      that said, and in my own personal experience, i have found other blends to be more comfortable in hot/humid weather than 100% cotton.

      keep in mind that breathability & comfort is:
      1. dependent on fabric weight, weave, & characteristics
      2. impacted by underwear fit
      3. personal & subjective

      are you against trying any other underwear that are made with different blends?

      i’m going to ping my buddy jason, who’s been trying out a lot of different brands of underwear to find out what his favorite pair of underwear is, and what underwear brands that he has tried that are made here in america.

      stay tuned.

    • thanks doc! i had a typo in the product name (carhartt, not carhatt).

      also, i re-checked the website and noticed that the carhartt boxer briefs are now imported, so i had to take them off this made in usa underwear list.

      regardless, thanks again for letting me know about the link problem.

  16. Looks like everyone who liked to keep dry will have to do some extra work.

    I remember the owner on a commercial telling all the wonderful properties of his products. I think he may have a large and loyal customer base.

    Why not be a hero and sell your company if your going to retire anyway.

    We very much like your products. Give it a thought, please.

  17. I looked through the sites. Most of these options are imported. I hate that Huckberry.com requires a login. I just want new underwear, I don’t want it to be a social media event.

    • heya l, thanks for stopping by my site and checking out this article!

      i re-checked most of these offerings, and they still all appear to be made in usa.

      which ones specifically were not made in the usa?

      i’d be happy to update this listing accordingly (:

  18. My husband will buy nothing but american made. He has been a Union Member for 50 years and American/Union made is very important.

    I am so sad the wickers closed shop. I know because he is still wearing the wickers and needs new ones badly . I have spent numerous hours looking.

    Finally ordered some from round house with a no fly front. Sent them back the same day.

    Hopefully more people will ask for American Made. Is it not sad that the US cannot make clothing, shoes etc.

    • hey there charlotte,

      thanks for stopping by, and sharing your thoughts!

      never know, with the incoming administration focused on american jobs, and imposing taxes on u.s. companies that move their operations outside of the united states, that may help bring more apparel-related manufacturing back to the united states.

      i guess we’ll see.

      in the meantime, i’d encourage you to visit the websites listed in the above article, and see if you can find some nice, made in usa underwear for your husband (:

      keep me posted!!

  19. Just ordered three pairs of Andrew Christian (AC) underwear (to replace my old ones) and was sickened to find that they’re now Made in Thailand.

    Being “Made in U.S.A.” is important to me and one of the main selling points I consider before choosing to purchase an item.

    I will no longer be giving them my business. Please remove them from your list. Thank you.

    • heya raymond,

      thanks so much for letting me know about andrew christian underwear production being moved overseas.

      it’s crazy, because i know they were so proud of having their products made in los angeles at one point.

      are you looking for made in the usa briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, or boxers?

      any other made in usa brands of underwear you really like?

    • I just received my first pair of Mr. and Muse. They are ‘Made in China.’

      I too am sickened. Please remove them from your list as well. Being Made in America was one of my primary reasons for purchasing them.

      I will be returning what I have and cancelling the remaining order.

      Thank you.

  20. I’m a big Wickers fan and feel lost now that they’re gone. I’ve been wearing their boxers and under shirts for over 10 years. I haven’t been able to find anything comparable to this point. I like to hear if anyone has suggestions.


    • heya thad, what were the key things about the wickers underwear that you liked?

      please list all the characteristics so that i can figure out which products meet most of your criteria.

      did you buy their boxer briefs, or were they boxers?

      • I, too feel sad that Wickers is gone.

        I always looked forward to their fall sales email where I can stock up on undergarments!

        I switched all of my underwear to Wickers about 7 years ago because of its moisture wicking properties, it kept me comfortable in hot or cold weather.

        If you can find another company that produces a similar moisture wicking, high quality and made in USA underwear (or boxer/boxer briefs, etc.) that would be much appreciated!

      • hey jon, thanks for stopping by! just keep an eye out here on my site for any new announcements.

        in addition, you should checkout the sites listed in this article to see if they have anything that meets your needs.

        if you find something you really like, be sure to come back here and let me know about it (:

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