Mens Shapewear News: The Original Slim T Slimming Undershirt For Men

Now this is pretty interesting (at least, from my point of view). So, you’all have heard about the As Seen On TV infomercial “SlimTs” product right? If you haven’t, you either don’t have a tv or you’re living under a rock.

Well, color me surprised when I recently learned there actually is a different men’s slimming undershirt called “Slim T for Men (was on” that has been around for a lot longer than “SlimTs”!  Now isn’t that a little confusing??

The Original Slim T for Men

A woman contacted me recently to ask if I have had the opportunity to try out and review “slimtformen”. Mistaking it for the other slimming undershirt/tank, I responded that I had and pointed her to the initial feedback I provided about SlimTs.

Well come to find out, the person emailing me was actually the founder of “Slim T for Men” stating it was indeed a different product and pointed me to her website so I could learn more about her shapewear tank top that’s been around for quite some time. Here’s what she had to say:

I thought of this idea 13 years ago and made the t-shirt for family and friends only.  Then I decided 3 years ago to bring it to market.  I think its a great shirt.  I have white and will add black next week.   

On Dec 3, 2010 I will introduce a short sleeve version in white and black.  I would love to send one to you and get your feedback.  Please forward your size and address and I will get one to you asap.


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When I asked her about the similarity in names between her product and the infomercial one, she of course acknowledged how confusing it was, but assured me their product has had that name for 3 years, while “SlimTs” has only been using theirs for one.

She also mentioned they are working with the Trademark office on some negotiations – which I assume means they are going to try to argue about some trademark infringement.

So, here’s some information about the Slim T for Men slimming v-neck tank top (was on (very unique!):

  • Retail Price: $34.99
  • Sizes: S-2XL. Color: White (black coming soon)
  • Longer length to allow for tucking with ease, and prevent rolling
  • V neck design makes the slim t™ discreet under any style shirt
  • Flatlock stitching to remain seamless under clothing
  • Smooths chest, stomach, and sides
  • Made with moisture wicking technology
  • Supports the back and helps improve posture
  • Won’t cling to clothing
  • Made in the USA (yeah!!)

What I think is pretty cool and unique about this slimming undershirt, is that it’s a cross between a v-neck and a tank top. I haven’t seen that before and I’ll be really interested in checking it out.

Also, as mentioned above, they will be coming out with a short sleeve version too, which I assume might be of the v-neck style, but we’ll find out the specifics soon.

I should be receiving my Slim T for Men v-neck tank top slimming undershirt early next week, so as soon as get the chance to take it for a test ride, I’ll be sure to post my initial thoughts.  Don’t touch that dial!


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