7 Best Men’s Nude Underwear Brands in 2023

If you’re like most men, chances are you ignore visible underwear lines when you catch them in the mirror before leaving the house. Sure, they’re pesky – but there’s not much you can do to fix them.

Now, if you agreed with that statement without a second thought, I have two words for you: Nude. Underwear. 

Yep, you heard me right. Though they’re not a common find in most men’s wardrobes, they’re a game changer when it comes to eliminating unnecessary underwear lines. It’s like going commando without actually going commando. 

If you’re on the hunt for a pair of underwear that won’t show under light-colored pants, check out these 7 brands that sell men’s nude underwear.

Nude Men’s Underwear Brands for All Your Needs

Ready to say goodbye to visible underwear lines? Here are 7 must-try men’s nude underwear brands:

Tom Ford – Most Versatile

Tom Ford’s Cotton Boxer Briefs are my favorite pair on this list because they’re comfortable, breathable and versatile. They have the same look and feel as your everyday pair of underwear, so you won’t feel like you’re making a drastic change by opting for nude underwear instead of a typical white, black or grey pair. Because they’re made primarily of cotton, they’re moisture-wicking, breathable and soft to the touch. They also offer great support without feeling restrictive.

Tom Ford offers underwear in multiple shades of nude, so there’s a suitable option for most skin tones. And, if the Cotton Boxer Briefs aren’t your cup of tea, they offer plenty of styles that come in shades of nude.

  • Available in three shades 
  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane
  • $65

CoreWear – Best Compression Boxers

The Coremax Boxer by CoreWear is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a pair of underwear that provides extra support around your hips, waist and stomach. The Coremax Boxer is unique because its waistband rises just below the chest, compressing your stomach and creating the illusion of a slimmer figure. They’re ideal for bigger guys or anyone who wants to tame their love handles

Though they’re only offered in one shade of nude, it’s a somewhat versatile shade that will pair well with many skin tones. 

  • Available in one shade
  • $69

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IKINGSKY – Best Seamless Design

IKINGSKY’s Men’s Seamless Long Leg Boxer Briefs are the perfect choice if you struggle with visible underwear lines. They hug the body seamlessly, and the super-soft micro modal fabric feels like a second skin. As a plus, the long length of the legs helps protect the skin against chafing and they won’t ride up during activity. 

Unfortunately, they’re only offered in a light-colored nude. However, no matter your skin tone, they will pair well with light-colored pants. 

  • Available in one shade
  • 85% polyamide, 15% spandex
  • $9.99

ALBERT KREUZ – Best Longer Leg

The ALBERT KREUZ Men’s Invisible Slim Fit Boxer Briefs is another great anti-chafing option due to the long leg. Because it’s made primarily of cotton, this pair is cooling and ultra-breathable. They also feature a seamless back and a double-lined pouch, making this a particularly comfortable choice. Because of the long leg, I’d recommend pairing them with light-colored jeans or dress pants (rather than shorts) to keep them well hidden. 

These underwear are only offered in a light-colored nude – however, like IKINGSKY, they’ll pair well with light-colored pants for many skin tones. 

  • Available in one shade
  • 92% cotton, 8% spandex
  • $25.50

Parke & Ronen – Best Low Rise

Parke & Ronen’s Low Rise Trunk is another personal favorite of mine. With 4-way stretch fabric and an ultra-soft blend of modal and spandex, this pair of underwear makes a great option for everyday wear. Because modal is a highly absorbent fabric, this is also a good option for activewear. The satin-finish elastic waistband feels great on the skin, and it hugs your waist without squeezing it too tightly. 

This pair comes in three shades – champagne, cafe au lait and chocolate – which are all high-quality and super comfortable. 

  • Available in three shades 
  • 95% modal, 5% spandex
  • $30

Calvin Klein – Best Value

You can’t go wrong with Calvin Klein – and the Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief is no exception. These boxer briefs are a Calvin Klein fan-favorite, as they’re ultra-soft, breathable and stretchy. The supportive pouch and long leg line make these a great option for everyday wear. And, a 3-pack is only $33.25 – so you’re getting a high-quality item at an affordable cost. 

There are multiple shades available on the Calvin Klein website, so you’ll more than likely find one that matches your skin tone.

  • Available in multiple shades
  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane
  • 3-pack for $33.25

Capezio – Best Brief

On that rare occasion where you need a nude brief, opt for Capezio’s Men’s Full-Seat Dance Brief. Capezio is a dancewear brand, so each of their products is tailored to hold everything together and keep sweat at bay. They won’t slide down your waist or bunch up in the back, and the 2-ply fabric in the front provides just the right amount of support and protection. Whenever you really need your underwear not to show, this is an ideal option!

These briefs are currently only offered in one shade. While I’m a fan of this brand in particular, there are briefs available in more shades on Amazon.

  • Available in one shade
  • 66% nylon, 19% polyester, 15% lycra spandex
  • $36

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