Bandelettes Men’s Anti-Chafing Leg Bands Review

Are men’s leg/thigh bands better than boxer briefs when it comes to preventing rubbing or chafing? Check out this review of Bandelettes unisex leg bands.

Do you ever:

  • Find boxer briefs uncomfortable but want something that extends a bit further down your legs to prevent rubbing or chafing?
  • Tired of “pouch” boxer briefs costing an arm and a leg and not even working that well?
  • Sick of powders and creams doing little to help and making a mess?

If so, leg/thigh bands are worth a look.

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Bandelettes Product Details

  • Website:
  • Price: $17.99
  • Sizes: A-F (21″ through 32″)
  • Length: 5.5″ & 6″
  • Colors: Black, Chocolate, Beige
  • Fabric: 82% nylon, 18% spandex
  • Other: 5.5″ are Made in USA, slip-resistant silcone

Men’s Thigh Band Photos

Men's Leg Bands to prevent chafing
Anti-chafing thigh bands for men
Men's anti-chafing leg bands
Leg bands for men

Frequently Asked Questions

Do thigh bands prevent thigh chafing?

Yes. Thigh bands for men prevent chafing in two ways. They provide a bit of light compression to the thighs, plus the slick microfiber fabric will rub together, instead of the skin on your thighs.

How do you measure your thighs for anti-chafe leg bands?

On bare skin & standing up, measure the fullest part of your inner thigh. Best if you measure using a cloth measuring tape.

Do men’s thigh bands roll or slip off?

Normally these types of leg bands will not roll down or slip off if you have selected the correct size.

Which size of thigh bands should I choose if I’m between sizes?

Size down to the smaller size. A snug fit is usually recommended.

Bandelettes Thigh Bands Review

The leg bands being reviewed today are from Bandelettes.

The brand started out making women’s thigh bands to prevent chafing, but now also make unisex/men’s thigh bands. As a bonus, some are made in the USA.

When I requested a sample to review direct from Bandelettes, they kindly provided two different lengths in the size I requested, and one each in a size above and below.

For some reason, though, the packaging didn’t seem to say what length the bands were (they come in 5.5” and 6” lengths). Also oddly, half were made in the USA and half were made in China. I later learned that the 5.5″ length bands are made in America.

These thigh bands are available in a few colors and are made of solid moisture-wicking nylon/spandex stretch fabric. They use silicone tape at the top and bottom of each band to help keep them in place.

To ensure a good fit, it’s important to properly measure your legs according to the instructions on the website. Be sure to measure around the thickest part of your bare thigh — while standing.

At $18 a pair, they’re not super cheap, but they can be worn with any pair of brief or thong underwear — making them pretty versatile.

Caring for the leg bands is pretty easy too. They should be washed by hand and air dried (which doesn’t take long).

Wearing Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands: What’s It Like?

Pretty good actually.

Putting them on is a little tricky because the non-slip silicone will grip your leg (and any hair on it), but it can be managed.

One quick trick to putting them on is to turn them inside out, slide them up your leg to your lower thigh, then flip them up & over to put them in place.

They do a good job of stopping chafing, as advertised. Just remember to put the seam on the outside so it’s out of the way. In my opinion, wearing leg bands feels significantly better than wearing boxer briefs.

However, there are a few issues, some of which depend on the wearer.

If the widest part of the thigh is close to the top of the leg (which is the case for me), the bands can start to roll over at the top as you walk around because they are close to the hip joint. You definitely want them to fit snugly, or they can slide down because they don’t grip tightly enough.

Tight-fitting pants, or jeans, can also catch on the bands, encouraging them to roll.

Lastly, if you intend to wear the leg bands all day, they will end up touching a toilet seat. No visuals necessary.

Alternate Leg Band Concepts

I think there are some alternate concepts that could work better.

  • Leg bands attached to a waistband. Think of like a boxer brief but without a front and back to prevent sliding down
  • An alternative version of pouch boxer briefs using a pair of briefs with legs attached, instead of normal boxer briefs with a pouch crammed in
  • Try wearing some normal, non-pouch boxer briefs over a comfortable jockstrap or lightweight briefs. This is something I might also try at some point

To Sum It Up

Overall, if you’re looking for the leg-chafing protection of boxer briefs, but prefer wearing underwear briefs, I’d recommend trying Bandelettes men’s thigh bands.

Buy one or two pairs first, until you’re certain you like them. Remember, your purchase also supports a small company that makes some products in the USA!

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