Marks & Spencer Announces New Bodymax+ Seamless Shaping Vests. Available Online April 6, 2010!

4/27/10 UpdateUndershirt Review: Initial Thoughts of the New Bodymax+ from Marks & Spencer

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I came across this article a couple days ago that talks about the booming men’s shapewear market, and I noticed a subtle note about a new version of the Marks & Spencer BODYMAX undershirt:

Marks & Spencer this month also launches its own advanced take on fitwear, Bodymax Plus, which promises to “battle the bulge” and “instantly reduce up to 3.5 inches from your torso”.

“It can look a bit daunting but it does work,” argues Lyndsay Yeates, Marks & Spencer’s menswear technologist. “You can eat well and slog your guts out in the gym but this kind of underwear still provides a finishing touch.”

After a little investigation on the Marks & Spencer website, I found a section dedicated to the new, not yet released Bodymax+.

Product Description:

BODYMAX+ has all the shape enhancing features of our regular BODYMAX range plus new seam free technology that shapes and controls your torso for a visibly sculpted look. And, it’s made from a cool, odour resistent fabric that keeps you feeling fresh, dry and comfortable throughout the day.

* Round neck
* Short sleeve
* Ribbed detail
* Plain
* Added stretch
* Composition: 93% polyamide / 7% elastane

In taking a closer look at the pictures, the new BODYMAX+ is designed similar to Equmen, in that it has an integrated ribbing design manufactured directly into the fabric. The ribbing seems to be strategically placed in areas, such as the midsection/stomach, to help streamline the physique and also has ribbing center back (similar to equmen) which I assume is suppose to help pull your shoulders back. Because of the close similarities, I’m curious if this is simply going to be a less expensive Equmen knock-off, or is the BODYMAX+ really bringing something unique to the table.

I guess we’ll see because I plan on picking one of these puppies up when they go on sale. Who knows, maybe someone from M&S will contact me and send me a sample to review (hint, hint)!

4/06/2010 Update: Well color me surprised when saw the following email in my inbox this morning!

Hi,  I’m emailing from the M&S press office in regards to our new launch BODYMAX+, you did a fantastic review on BODYMAX earlier this year and I wanted to let you know that we are about to launch the new, more technologically advanced version of the product and would love you to try it. Can you let me know your size and where to send the product? Best, C

After a quick email exchange with “C”, I found out that the BODYMAX+ is already on sale at select M&S retailers (see press release below), and that their online launch is scheduled for this Saturday, April 10, 2010! Short Sleeve Bodymax+ Undershirt Released EARLY on April 6, 2010. Buy your Bodmax+ Shaping Vest today! The sleeveless Bodymax+ (aka singlet, tank top) isn’t available for purchase yet though.

I got the scoop on the product pricing too! BODYMAX+ is available in both a sleeveless tank (£25, $38.05 USD) and fitted t-shirt (£29.50, $44.91 USD), in classic black, white and the newly added granite, giving you all day support with a close, comfortable fit.

4/08/10 Update – The BodyMax+ Sleeveless Shaping Vest is now available for purchase online.

Here’s the press release:
Bodymax+ Mens Fitwear Press Release

8 thoughts on “Marks & Spencer Announces New Bodymax+ Seamless Shaping Vests. Available Online April 6, 2010!”

  1. For anyone reading this, the M&S Bodymax+ Shaping Vest has now been discontinued (or is temporarily unavailable). I have no idea why…

    I bought a white sleeved vest when it was still available, a few months ago, and it’s superb! M&S men’s tops are notoriously baggy (even size small) but this was an exception. I’m slim and well-built and I usually go for small or x-small t-shirts. With the bodymax+ Shaping Vest, I had to go with a medium as the small was extremely tight (especially under the armpits)! Luckily I purchased it in both small and medium, on-line, as I had the feeling this would be the case.

    At the time, white was the only colour available. The fabric is both very stretchy and thick. My only criticism is that it’s very long and wouldn’t look great untucked. Luckily for me, I needed it to go with my waistcoats when dressing casual-smart (I’m very tall and smart shirts generally don’t fit me well). But, then again, it shouldn’t be a minus for those intending to tuck such a vest in.

    It’s a great product and I hope M&S bring it back in more colours (surely men are interested in colours other than black, white, grey and blue?) and with a shorter version.

    • hey bob, thank for stopping by and posting the info about the bodymax+ shaping vest from marks & spencer.

      usually good selling products don’t get discontinued, so i’m curious on whether or not it was a good performing product for them.

      looks like they are still selling the original bodymax cotton shaping vest and if i recall correctly, it did an ok job – for the price. not huge slimming performance but decent for the price.

      thanks again!

  2. Thank you for your answer ! I know it was different, I think you use usually wear an undershirt for having a good body shape. But I was looking for “Back Posture Support” on google, then I saw EquMen, then I saw your blog after made research about this brand.

    So during this time, I spoke with my doctor about this kind of undershirt, if it could be beneficial against my kyphosis.
    This is not a bad way, it’s always good for you to have a good posture for you back, pain… (not only for shape ;-)) but it’s not efficient than a braces (as you said ;-)), and some exercices, sport… for the kyphosis.

    So, I bought a brace support… but maybe later I’ll do it with undershirts ! Now I discover them. :-)

    Anyway, thanks to took time to answer to me.
    Keep doing your good job ! It’s useful !

    Have a good day ! :-)

  3. Hi Undershirtguy ,

    First, I’m sorry if my english is not very good.
    Well, I’d like to know, I have a kyphosis. And I’m looking for a Back Posture Support, you know to dicrease my kyphosis naturally. I hope you know what I mean.
    Well, equmen is good for back support (I read it on their website) but it’s a bit expensive…
    Does this undershirt do the same back support ?

    And, do you have a good posture since you wore undershirt like Equmen or not ?
    If can answer to my mail ! :-)


    • hi teddy, thanks for stopping by the site. i did a little research on kyphosis and i’m pretty sure i understand what you are asking.

      after evaluating both equmen and bodymax+, i feel the equmen pulled my shoulders back a little more than bodymax+. that said, because i am not a doctor, i do not want to suggest that either undershirt would be helpful in the treatment of your condition. only a doctor could tell you that. since i do not wear either one of these undershirts for extended periods of time (all day, every day), i could not tell you if there are any long-term posture benefits to wearing these garments. while i do feel that i stand a little straighter when wearing them, after taking them off, my posture goes back to it’s natural position.

      it looks as though braces or surgery are the standard treatment for patients with kyphosis, so i would definitely recommend that you consult with your doctor before purchasing either undershirt. if your doctor says it’s ok, and you find that these undershirts help you in some way, please come back and let us know!

  4. Has anyone figured out the sizing? I went to the M&S website and clicked on the sizing and it just brings up WAIST sizing. Is that what you go by for a top?

    • josh, i’ll know first hand as soon as i get my samples, but i will tell you from experience that i normally wear medium sized t-shirts/undershirts and the medium in most men’s shapewear undershirts like bodymax have fit me fine. so, i’d recommend buying your regular size in the bodymax+. if you’re between sizes, i’d recommend sizing down. and lastly, if you wind up buying a bodymax+, and it doesn’t fit you correctly, email me and maybe we can post it for sale here!

  5. I am cautiously optimistic that this tee can really reduce 3.5 inches off your torso. I just recently purchased the equmen tee and I have to say it is a great shirt. It’s tight around the chest (which is great because I have man boobs…not bad, but just a little) and extremely tight around my torso region. My torso reduced in size by ½ inch. Not bad, especially since I thought the shirt wouldn’t reduce my torso in size whatsoever. The only problem with the equmen tees is that the cost is too much (def. had to save money to purchase the shirt). Hopefully, the new bodymax vest by M&S is cheaper than the other popular men’s shapewear tees. I can’t wait to hear your review of this product when it becomes available.


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