Where to Find Mark Harmon’s High Neck Undershirts In NCIS?

How many of you have been wondering about the high neck undershirts that Mark Harmon wears in NCIS?

Gosh, I’ve been meaning to post this information for some time, but it totally slipped my mind.

On the police procedural TV series, Harmon’s character Leroy Jethro Gibbs wears some of the most stylish and best looking high-collar undershirts.

It seems many of you might have been looking for the brand name. So, where can they be found?

People Ask about Mark Harmon’s High Neck Undershirts

Just recently, I received a question from Andy Gilchrist, founder of the wildly popular Ask Andy About Clothes Men’s Fashion Advice online community.

The question came from a forum member and he was curious about what high-collared undershirts Mark Harmon wears in NCIS.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Back in September of last year, I received a similar question:


I’m looking for the BEST, heavyweight, HIGH NECKED T-shirt on the market.

For example, the Mark Harmon NCIS undershirts that he wears seems to be the nicest looking that I’ve seen.

mark harmon ncis undershirts
Mark Harmon on NCIS

Can you help with those or others?

Many thanks. jks

Where Can I Find Those Undershirts?

Without beating around the bush, I decided to contact the people that know the answer. That is to say, the people involved with the show’s costume design.

I reached out to my friends over at The Golden Closet, who happens to do all the wardrobe for the show, and they subsequently asked the main costumer for the show.

Come to find out that Mark Hamon wears this undershirt: Nordstrom Supima® Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt ($29.50 per 3-pack).

These men’s undershirts offer a superior-quality with excellent soft texture and seamless body. Thinner fabrication ensures comfort and the long hem keeps it tucked in. You don’t have to deal with any chemical odor or shrinkage.

Thanks to the folks at The Golden Closet for the definitive answer, and to Andy for reminding me to write this post!


Sweat Proof Undershirts

21 thoughts on “Where to Find Mark Harmon’s High Neck Undershirts In NCIS?”

    • i agree 100% jason. the white crew neck undershirt is definitely the reason gibbs catches more bad guys.

      appreciate you stopping by and sharing your point of view (:

  1. Those white t shirts are the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I just came and read this entire thread to laugh at you red state hicks. I can’t believe there is an entire site dedicated to undershirts.

  2. I thank you and my wife thanks you. I’ve been driving her crazy trying to find something comparable to Harmon/Gibbs’ undershirt for a couple years now. Off to Nordstroms!

    • hey wayne! it is my sincerest pleasure. that’s what i’m here for.

      i was told those were the undershirts from a reliable resource, so i have to assume they were telling me the truth.

      so, make sure you come back here to the site and let me know what you think of the nordstrom undershirts and if the collar looks the same as the ones mark hamon wears on the show!

      also, if you’re so inclined, have your wife take a picture of your neck line with the undershirt on, send it to me, and we’ll include it here!

      • Thank you undershirt guy. I just said to my wife
        I wonder if I can find out what kind of T-shirt
        Tom Harmon wears on NCIS by googling it? 1 min later
        I you gave me the answer. My wife was very impressed!
        Undershirt Guy, you are awesome!!!


    • Struggling to find quality crew neck t shirts without breaking the bank. I am a stickler for the proper lay of the collar, no curling or stretching please. Stumbled on boca active crews undershirts in Florida and stocked up a few years ago. Last trip I found that style was replaced with an inferior model and won’t buy… Any direction would be appreciated ….I’m in taters …traveling to nordstrums next week ….anxious to test the goods…

      • hey jon, another reader is going to stop by and post his recommendation of life undershirts from jockey – he’ll tell you more about them.

        to make a proper recommendation, i’d have to know a bit more about what you’re looking for. what’s your per undershirt budget? what kind of fit do you want – do you want traditional box cut, slim cut, or fitted undershirts? looking for 100% cotton only, or blends?

        i don’t know anything about the boca ‘active’ crew, but anytime the word ‘active’ is in a product description, i get the impression it has some performance fabric or moisture wicking finish on them, so it’d be easier if i knew more about those. do you have a fabric blend, exact product name from the tag, or even rn # that’s left on the shirt?

      • Under the flashlight of my faded boca active brand I was able to see it is a 60/40 blend RN #76235 is my best guess. I was surprised that it’s blend had so much polyester , the material is thicker than normal breathes well and very soft, overall a very comfortable box cut shirt. Best also is that the collar managed to hold its shape. I paid $7 each and thought that was reasonable. These shirts are great for an undershirt , worn out or for a work out. They wear like iron but are showing age. Looking forward to search for a better replacement with your help…

      • ooooh, that’s good information mr. jon! thanks for providing it!

        kinda funny how companies market a cotton/poly blend shirt as “active”, but i guess i can’t blame them. with 40% polyester, it will dry faster than 100% cotton for sure.

        if it’s any help, that boca active undershirt was made/imported by bealls (www.beallsinc.com) so you might want to give some of their stores a call to see if they have have any remaining items.

        off the top of my head, i’d recommend that you take a look at the jcpenney 60/40 undershirts, the hanes 50/50 comfortblend, and uniqlo also makes a dry color undershirt (78% Cotton/22% polyester). i really wouldn’t be surprised if you’d find other blends like that at major stores – but you’ll likely find thicker ones at the department stores like jcpenney, sears, macys, nordstroms, etc.

        you might also want to sign-up for my mailing list, and download my undershirt workbook. it has about 160 different undershirts in it and you can search by fabric blend.

        hope that helps!

      • Bealls , bingo , that’s where I got them. You are good. I will continue my quest and have some good direction now, thank you almighty undershirt guy.

  3. Mark Harmon’s impressive looking white undershirt in the NCIS series, which always looks well kept and promintley displayed throught the open collar of his polo shirt. Does the actor (ie. Mark) choose whether he wears an undershirt and what style, or is it in the series script the character wears an undershirt. I have only seen one photo of him wearing also a nice looking undershirt in private life.

    • hey uman! i’m not an expert when it comes to how “costuming” or wardrobe works in tv shows or the movies, but i would suspect that the entire look is determined by the production’s stylist, and even possibly influenced by the writers to some extent.

      at some point, i would also assume the actor would have some say in what they wear – after all that don’t want to feel uncomfortable – but if it’s too far off the intention of the character, i would guess that would not be allowed.

      complete speculation on my point, but hopefully a close enough guess!

  4. OK, I had a similar question, what undershirt does/did Zach Levy wear in the series Chuck that was on NBC. The shirts he wore in the series when he worked at BuyMore always looked crisp and sharp under his white collar overshirt.


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