Manscaped, Man Toolz, Yon-Ka Shaving Cream for Men

Here’s a quick round–up of stuff that’s been filling up my inbox recently:

Yon-Ka Paris For Men Shaving Cream

Research shows that 2017 may mark the end of the beard to make way for a clean-shaven look.

Braun conducted a survey polling over 4,000 women across the world and 55% said they prefer their men clean-shaven.

Yon-Ka Paris For Men offers products specifically tailored to respond to problems associated with men’s more oily skin, which is thicker and more frequently damaged by shaving.


  • Men’s Shaving Cream
  • Men’s Gel Mousse
  • Men’s Lotion YK
  • Men’s Under Eye Gel
  • Men’s Nutri-Creme

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Manscaped Grooming System

We’d like to introduced a Men’s Health approved below-the-belt grooming system called Manscaped.

All of the Manscaped products provide a hygienic way to groom down south along with revolutionary technology.

Man Toolz was founded to give the right Toolz so every man can look good, feel good and live well.

Our Toolz have been formulated with high-tech, high-performance ingredients so you have the confidence to look and feel like the man you want to be.


  • Portable Electric Trimmer
  • Crop Cleanser – Hair & Body Wash
  • Crop Reviver – Spray on Body Toner
  • Crop Preserver – Deodorant/Antiperspirant Moisturizer
  • Safety Razor
  • Nail Kit
  • Toiletry Bag
  • Made in USA

The brand offers two packages: $49 & $79

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Man Toolz

I am reaching out today to share some news with you regarding an innovative new skincare brand coming out of Dallas.

The new skincare line, Man Toolz, launched late last year and is now available for purchase in Sweden in additional to the US.

Last year, Man Toolz also participated in Unbranded 2016 where they were able to unveil their new line to the Dallas community.

The founder, Doug Brown, wanted to create a simple yet effective answer for the ‘soap-and-water’ guys and the guys who don’t particularly have a skincare routine or enjoy shopping for products.

The line features three core products that are all created and bottled in North Dallas and available via a monthly subscription service that removes the hassle of shopping around for products for just about a dollar a day.


  • Grime Elimination Face Cleanser ($11.95)
  • Resurfacing Moisturizer ($13.95)
  • Dirt Removal Multi-Tool Cleanser ($9.95)
  • Tool Box – All three items ($27.99)
  • Made in USA

Man Toolz has a Manlentines Day discount special, offering the Tool Box for $24.71.

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