Top Ways To Manage Head Or Face Sweat

For those who participate in any form of strenuous physical activity, one common problem we experience is sweat dripping in our eyes.

If you grew up in the 70’s & 80’s like me, you’ll probably remember the highly fashionable head sweatbands.

While I’ll begrudgingly concede that head sweatbands serve the purpose of keeping sweat out of your eyes, they are about as ridiculous looking as the Snuggie (which I secretly love).

Now, head sweatbands have come a long way stylistically speaking. But, if you’re wearing some form of hat or cap, it’s not really practical to wear one.

Here are some of my top recommendations on how to manage head or face sweat.

Try Antiperspirant

One potential solution to keeping sweat out of your eyes while wearing a hat/cap would be to use a 7-day antiperspirant wipe like SweatBlock or Kleinerts Sweat Shield.

The only drawback to using antiperspirant, is that you’d have apply it regularly, even if you weren’t planning any strenuous activities.

Not everyone will have the foresight or willingness to use an antiperspirant on their forehead just to keep sweat at bay.

Check out my Sweat Management Solutions article for details on where to buy the above and other 7-day hyperhidrosis antiperspirants.

Wear A Hat Made for Managing Head Sweat

Assuming you have the flexibility to choose the type of hat you’re wearing, another option could be to wear a hat specifically designed for managing head sweat.

One such example is Headsweats (Amazon).

Another option could be to wear a cap designed with technology that actually cools your head. Find details about that cooling technology here.

If your helmet or hat is part of a pre-defined uniform, or from a category of athletics, like cycling helmets, your options to keep sweat out of your eyes become a bit more limited.

Enter NoSweat Disposable sweat liners for hats/helmets.

Capture Head Sweat With Disposable Hat/Helmet Liners

The folks from NoSweat reached out to me to share some info about their sweat-absorbing disposable hat liners.

Hey Tug,

I was doing some research on “sweat management” and came across your website which I absolutely love.

As I was browsing your website reading articles, I noticed there was not a solution for head or face sweat.

I’d love to connect and make you aware of NoSweat our disposable sweat absorbing liner for any hat and helmet.

Our customers are every day athletic users, professional sports teams/players, construction workers, and large companies like Cargill, Disney, US Secret Service, etc…

Our product is new to the market, but I think this would be a great addition to your website.

NoSweat Details

  • Amazon (link)
  • Packs: 3-Pack ($6.99), 12-Pack ($17.99), 25-Pack ($34.99)
  • Adhesive Options: Standard, Extra-Strength
  • Helps prevent dripping sweat, burning eyes, FOG buildup, nasty odor and sweat stains
  • Patented design and Dri-LID technology provides a one-way “trap door” that permanently locks sweat, moisture, and odor inside its core
  • Universal shape: Allows liners to fit in many different types of hats and helmets. Including: hockey, baseball, lacrosse, football, military, construction, police, racing, and much more
  • 100% American Made

NoSweat Videos

NoSweat Photos

2 thoughts on “Top Ways To Manage Head Or Face Sweat”

  1. Hi Tug,

    I am a doctor and have had lifelong issue with hyperhidrosis , and finally went ahead ad did ETS surgery in 2011 since I had embarassing facial sweating when seeing patients in office.

    However now I have even worse compensatory Hyperhidrosis on chest/abdo/back/legs and I now feel that I should never have done the surgery. I have facial and scalp sweating when I eat ( gustatory hyperhidrosis) which is now preventing me from going to social events like dinners etc.

    Overall I feel miserable.

    I have ordered the Sutran undershirts and want to see how they work.

    The reason I am posting here that I discovered an option for gustatory or any kind of facial hyperhidrosis is topical glycopyrrollate ( robinul) .

    Robinul is available as tablets for long time, but has severe side effects of dry mouth etc . But topical application is very effective and virtually no s.e . Will block about 70-80% of the sweating if applied 1/day

    Only problem is that it is not available in regular pharmacies and have to get it from a compounding pharmacy with a doctors prescription ( 1 or 2% glycopyrrolate roll-on bottle )

    Hope this helps the folks with the gustatory or facial hyperhidrosis issue.

    Not sure if it works in arm pit sweating – never tried.

    Also, not practical for use for general chest/back/Lower leg sweating since too expensive/hard to use small roll on bottle over entire body/might have side effects of robinul absorbed from skin into blood.


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