MaleBasics Underwear Review: Unlike Other Briefs

Curious about MaleBasics men’s underwear briefs? Check out this review where I tested two different styles of the brand’s briefs.

MaleBasics Underwear provided a pair of MBM03 Performance Briefs & MBS01 Spot Briefs for this review free of charge.

Most briefs have one of two or three basic designs: either a basic design with a fly or a more sculpted design that aims for better support without a front fly.

But each basic design usually shares similar construction with all its variants.

While there is nothing wrong with some of these designs, they tend to have issues such as sagging over time or having enough fabric between the legs that the pouch doesn’t provide much support.

In addition, there are only so many variations possible from similar designs.

MaleBasics Briefs Information & Photos

Spot Briefs

  • Product page (Website | Amazon)
  • Price: $24
  • Sizes: M-XL
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Body Fabric: 78% Nylon / 22% Lycra
  • Pouch & Back Fabric: 93% Cotton / 7% Lycra
  • Made in Colombia
MaleBasics Spot Underwear Brief
MaleBasics Spot Underwear Brief | Red | Back

MaleBasics Men’s Sports Performance Hip Brief

  • Product page (Website | Amazon)
  • Price: $26
  • Sizes: S-XL
  • Colors: Black, Red, Turquoise
  • Fabric: 78% Nylon / 22% Spandex
  • Made in Colombia
MaleBasics Men's Sports Performance Hip Brief | Black
MaleBasics Men's Sports Performance Hip Brief | Back

MaleBasics Briefs: Different Than Other Underwear

These briefs from MaleBasics have no problem standing out from the rest of the designs I have seen.

In the front, instead of using the typical four pieces of fabric sewn together to make the sculpted pouch, there are only two, allowing for better breathability.

In the back, two panels are used for coverage, while a third connects the back to the front pouch, narrowing down for good freedom of movement for the legs.

The leg openings don’t even look round when the briefs are inspected: the front pouch has a kind of U-shape that connects to the narrow piece of fabric from the back.

The front pouch seems to be more of a jockstrap design but as part of a full brief.

Only when worn does it all make sense.

Be Careful Putting Them On

Due to the shape of the pouch the briefs must be put on carefully to be comfortable—there’s no room up front outside the pouch.

But once on, they stay in place well, and the design results in perhaps the most supportive briefs I have tried. The back design is quite comfortable too.

MaleBasics Briefs Review


Performance Briefs

The MaleBasics Performance Briefs are made of a Nylon/Spandex blend with good breathability and moisture management.

They worked well both when I was working outdoors and inside doing low-energy activities.

Spot Briefs

The Spot Briefs are Cotton/Lycra in the solid-colored parts (mostly the pouch and back) and a Nylon/Lycra mesh everywhere else.

They breathe well and are more relaxed than the performance briefs, though they do hold more moisture in the cotton areas.

Sizing, Fit & Other Observations

The sizing seems to run a little small; I tried both in size Large, which is for 36-38” waists, and I have a 36” waist. If the briefs were any smaller or I were much larger, I’d have to size up.

Overall, I do like both these briefs, but there are a couple issues.

While the single-layer pouches breathe better than the typical dual-layer pouches used by other brands, the center seam, especially on the Performance Brief, can be uncomfortable.

The side seams on the Performance Brief pouch occasionally were a little uncomfortable too.

The Spot Brief had a ton of seams all over, but none of them were a problem for me except for the center seam of the front pouch. That said, the center seam of the front pouch wasn’t as bad on the Spot Brief as on the Performance Brief.

In general, the MaleBasics Spot Brief felt more relaxed and comfortable.

Weirdly, and just an observation, the cotton/spandex content of the pouch was not listed on the care label of the Spot Brief. Only the nylon/spandex mesh was listed.

Both briefs were made in Colombia, which I prefer to their being made in China.


Several online stores sell them, including of course MaleBasics.

The Spot Brief is listed at $24. The Performance Brief at $26, though there are some seasonal sales and rewards for buying from MaleBasics.

That isn’t cheap, but it’s also comparable to some other popular brands and cheaper than some.

The Verdict

The MaleBasics Performance Briefs had some of the best support and freedom of movement of any design I have tried.

If they can work out a more comfortable front center seam, I would recommend them to someone looking for supportive underwear or a different style. Though, If you’re not sensitive to seams I recommend giving them a try as they stand now.

The Spot Briefs were more comfortable and relaxed, so I would recommend them if you’re looking for the comfort of cotton with better breathability. Though the front seam still needs a little work.

Improving The Design

Perhaps a seam that stitches the front panels together entirely outside of the pouch would work better than the existing design.

Something similar to the “trapped” seam between the four panels that most underwear use in front to prevent chafing.

This is probably not done because it could look bulky or unfinished, but the comfort payoff could be worth it.

Perhaps a different seam exists that is less bulky.

Or maybe heat-fusing the front panels together in front or putting a thin fabric cover over the seam would work.

Redesigning the front pouch so all seams stay away from the front center could also work.

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