Male Rompers Are The Next BIG Thing!

If you are looking for the 10 best places to where a male romper, this article is for you.

If you’re not aware, a romper is simply described as a one-piece short suit.

Long legged version of male rompers were fairly popular in the 70s.

While women have continued to enjoy their simple comfort, the male romper went out of style decades ago.

The Detroit Free Press covered the Kickstarter campaign (link) from Aced Design, who reintroduced the male romper to the market.

Dubbed RompHim, the one-piece short suit has been revitalized with new fabrics, a zip-fly, and waist tabs for a more flattering fit.


Turn heads and break hearts when you take your RompHim for a spin.

Is it a romper specially designed for men?

Sure, but it’s also so much more.

We spent countless hours designing the RompHim to be your favorite summer outfit.

Concerts? Beach Days? Rooftops? Pool parties? Leisurely strolls? Bar patios?

This super-garment is designed to take them all in style, keeping you cool as the days and nights heat up.

RompHim Details

  • Kickstarter (link)
  • Price: $95 (on Kickstarter), $119 Retail
  • Features: Front pocket, adjustable waist, zippered back pocket, zipper fly, deep front pockets
  • Colors: Red Chambray, Blue Chambray, Splatter Print Cotton (sold out), Forth of July Edition
  • Delivery: August 2017

RompHim Photos


10 Best Places To Wear A Male Romper

If you read the above DFP article, they’ve comically identified the top 10 places to wear RompHim as…

Actually nowhere. Their top 10 list empty.

They put it this way:

RompHims aren’t appropriate anywhere.

They’re ridiculous and unflattering.

(The waist can be cinched, but it can not be adjusted to fit the length of individual torsos. Can you say, wedgie?)

The Detroit Free Press may be on to something, but I think the joke is on them.

The RompHim Kickstarter Campaign has already raised $363,000 as of this writing, and there still is 22 days to go!

As a guy who’s getting up their in age, the RompHim does not appeal to me.

But then again, I don’t think I’m their target demographic.

I doubt I’d ever consider wearing a male romper, but then again, I also thought the Snuggie was incredibly stupid when it first came out.

I secretly love my Snuggie.  Just sayin’.


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