Male Polish? Nail Polish For Men By EvolutionMan.

I’m all for staying well groomed, but the lines between care and beautifying for women and men are starting to blur a little bit too much for me.

EvolutionMan, a company that focuses on modern skincare and grooming products for men, has just released (was on a collection of nail polishes for men.

Yep, you heard me right – nail polish.

Even though I haven’t had them for a long-while, I’m open to the idea of getting a manicure or pedicure (really needed). I’m even ok with the idea of adding a nice clear-coat of finish on my nails to preserve the effect for period.

But, I struggle with the idea of painting my fingernails a different color. Maybe it’s just my age (40-something), but I just don’t know how painted nails would fit into my lifestyle.


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Nail polish for men -- Male polish
Reporter Matthew Moll painted his nails for a day to see what people’s reaction would be

I’m not follower either, so it’s hard to say whether or not I’ll ever succumb to peer pressure. But hell, you never know.

For now, EvolutionMan won’t find a male polish customer in yours truly, but I’m sure some folks will be anxious to try it out.

You can purchase this brand on

If you do, let me know what you think in the comments below.


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13 thoughts on “Male Polish? Nail Polish For Men By EvolutionMan.”

  1. Black, dark chromed metallized blue or emerald, you can wear that if you pair it with the right look, which have to be at least a bit on the rocker – goth side (I know it doesn’t have to do with the music, I mean just the look and style ^_^), not an ordinary style, and if you want to wear it with a suit, you have to look a bit “manga” or visual kei-sh.
    A bit of eyeliner is cool too, and some “glam” elements, but unless on the stage, not over the top like hair metal or david bowie, especially avoid extremely tight pants.
    And if you want to stay manly, simply, stay clear of “Alpha Nails” and wear a normal bottle, whatever gender it is cathered to, minding only color and its function :).

  2. I love Steve’s post! I totally agree with him; it’s the confidence you carry with you when rocking these colors! That’s the most attractive part of a guy, right? And hey, if he likes it, who’s to stop him?

  3. Oh, you’ve gotta check out “Alpha Nail” too – – they’re kinda funny to me, over-the-top “macho”… I say that masculinity should be judged by character, they buy in to the macho stereotypes and suggest that THAT version of masculinity (beer-swilling, skirt-chasing and ass-kicking… ooooo-rah!) can be enhanced with some war paint…

    Tell your wife that this subject has come up, and you’re thinking of trying an experiment.. but you don’t want to spend $14 for a bottle of EvolutionMan (OPI’s are between $6 and $8 each) so you’d like her help picking a masculine color. Ask her to go with you to Ulta and look for these OPI colors: “Brisbane Bronze”, “Road House Blues” and “Cuckoo for this Color” (dark green – if I was naming it for men, I’d call it “Machine Gun Kelly Green”). Just put it on your feet, not your hands – AND DON’T TAKE IT OFF FOR A WEEK.

    Let us know how it goes. Have fun!

  4. Some of you may not have known this but BB Couture has been marketing a line of men’s nail polish for close to three years now. And what about Man Glaze as well?
    It is great to see more nail polish companies considering men as potential customers more seriously though. It’s very encouraging to those of us who have been wearing it for years. There is nothing quite like a relaxing pedicure followed up with a cool masculine shade of polish!

    • hey jake! thanks for stopping by and posting your comments!

      i haven’t heard of man glaze yet, so i’ll have to do some checking into that.

      i’ve been thinking about what steve said, and i’ve gotta tell you that my bear claw toes might just benefit from some male polish.

      gotta check with camp “mrs. tug” though — happy wife, happy life *wink*

  5. Hey TUG, thanks! I’m the last guy who would ever try to tell someone else what to do, or criticize them for thinking differently than I do.

    All I’m really saying is:
    1) There are actually good reasons for men to try nail color – especially on their feet. (foot health, aesthetics, appeals to a surprising number of women, potential bonding activity with SO (matching polish for Valentines and Sweetest Days), team spirit, activism/awareness (Livestrong yellow?), and entertainment)
    2) Society should judge masculinity on the basis of character, not color or clothing – there’s no REAL relationship between nail color (itself) and masculinity or sexuality… and in this society, the act of wearing it as a man is bold, confident, independent, defiant – aka, masculine.
    3) It’s really very much like a tattoo – but less painful and less permanent.
    4) It’s fun – we only live once…

    But, that is just my experience of it. If you decide to try it, do so with the knowledge that there is nothing wrong with it. If you decide not to, that’s absolutely fine too. Whatever YOU decide, is right… as long as its your decision and not the herd’s…

  6. And, if you choose to try it… leave it on for one week. You don’t have to go on parade, just wear it around the house. If you feel ANY sudden urge to ask a guy for his number, or to put on a bra and stuff it with TP, go ahead and wipe the shit off! But you won’t. There’s nothing in the bottle to infect your brain, no cooties are used in the manufacture of nail color. (in fact, the main ingredient is nitrocellulose… aka guncotton… also used to make smokeless powder…)

    Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to EM’s 5 colors. March right into an Ulta Beauty Supply, go to the OPI rack, get a bottle of “Blue My Mind” or “Lincoln Park After Dark” or “Road House Blues” or “Brisbane Bronze” or “Bogota Blackberry”. Wear sandals. Find the hottest SINGLE salesgirl, tell her you lost a bet and you’d like her help to find a respectable color for your toes… then ask her how to apply it, hints, tips and tricks… she’ll probably paint your big toe right there. Tell her it looks great, and offer to buy her dinner if she’ll do the other 9…. ;)

    • good stuff steve! really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and post your comments about wearing male polish.

      i’m a big/huge supporter of individuality and not following the pack/herd. so i applaud you for sharing your personal experiences.

      as a rule, i doubt i’ll ever find myself regularly wearing male polish on a regular basis, but times change and so do personal preferences – so, you never know.

      never say never. thanks again!

  7. In July I lost a bet on movie trivia. For losing, I had to paint my toenails for a whole week… hot pink… take them out in public… take photos in public… post the photos on my facebook and PoF profiles… and wear only sandals (except at work) – all for a whole week. (I work in heavy construction, so I am required to wear steel-toe boots all day (more on this later)).

    I discovered something. IT’S JUST PAINT! It’s a whole lot like tattoo ink – except it applies without a needle and you can take it off anytime.

    I also discovered that most women (and hardly any men) noticed my polish… and a large minority of women are intrigued or even attracted by it. The percentage of women who are favorably impressed is DEFINITELY larger than the percentage of men who wear it – so overall, my odds with women increased dramatically. (On PoF (a dating site), it took 3 months for “regular me” to get 23 clicks by women wanting to meet me… and 5 DAYS for that number to TRIPLE after I posted the polish photos. On each of two weekends, I had 5 PoF introduction dates scheduled – I had to buy a dry-erase tablet to keep them organized! I picked an Irish hottie (Think “Elizabeth Kucinich”), we’re going on 4 months now… I learned that before any girl can like you, she has to notice you… and women notice polished toenails.

    I also discovered that my feet looked better with color – even hot pink. (The first color I wore was “Party Girl Creme” – I made that into a dirty joke, the punchline is “finger licking good!”) Seriously, the steel-toe boots do not ventilate, they trap moisture… which breeds athletes foot and nail fungus… which makes my feet disgusting. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t embarrassed to show my feet – I was the guy wearing old sneakers into the lake at the beach. But, the color hid the nasty yellow nails, poisoned or suffocated the fungus, allowed me to wear sandals without shame… the increased exposure to light and air made my feet healthier, and the polish protects my toes from moisture and infection. At work, nobody knows I wear polish – because they only see the boots!

    I also discovered that my masculinity is MINE to define. The color of my toes is simply not relevant to the question of ‘what kind of man am I?’ Judge my manhood by the content of my character, not by the color of my toes. Tyler Durden (Fight Club) said “You are not the car you drive… you are not your effing khakis!” – and I am not my nail polish.

    I pick colors I like – rich, dark metallics that would look great on a Mustang. These colors don’t make me feminine… I make the colors masculine! Besides… defying the herd’s rules, boldly proclaiming ‘they’re MY nails, I will do what I want with them!’, and then confidently doing so… all of this is more masculine than feminine. WOMEN are the followers of groupthink, the sheep who flock together for safety (even going to the restroom in pairs) – women are the ones who submit to society’s rules and worry about what strangers might think of them. Does wearing paint make me more like a woman? No – following the nonsense rule, NOT wearing polish ‘because “they” say not to’… THAT would make me more like a woman.

    There are PLENTY of good reasons for men to wear nail color, and no legitimate reason not to. Decide for yourself!

  8. UGH….or as my daughter would say, “eeeuw yuk”!!!

    My wife and kids can handle Dad squeezing himself in shape with an Equmen Slimming Undershirt or Manshape Shorts….they even think it’s cool. M-A-Y-B-E a situation could arise where I could get talked into giving up my hard-earned gray hair—though I doubt it. But no way could they (or I) go for the painted fingernails thing. Too weird, too goth, too much!



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