MAKS Tight Neck Crew Neck T-Shirts

This tight-neck t-shirt inquiry came by way of a reader comment.

Im a skinny guy (sack of bones, toothpick skinny)so a lot of tees are loose around my neck. Im upset because a few years ago my city used to sell these *MAKS* brand tees. they have the thin collar of a hanes, fruit of the loom type undershirt but they are a little thicker than under tees and the neck is not snug fitting but its not loose at all.

Its tight fitting, but not snug. Im talkin the perfect tee shirt for me. But now you will be hard pressed to find that brand around here anymore.

stores and gas stations just don’t purchase them anymore. smh.!!! so ive been looking for tees and I came across the Pro Club tee on ebay and might purchase it because Id rather have the snug neck than have the loose neck, these loose neck tees just look so tacky and sloppy on me.


MAKS Tight Neck Crew Neck Tees

Jay and I had a quick email exchange, and he confirmed the RN# on the shirts that he has was 115243.


Rules to wearing undershirts

With that information, it wasn’t too tough for me to track down the company, and if luck would have it, they had an active website!

MAKS Clothing:

MAKS Distribution, located out of Fort Wayne, IN is a family-owned, factory direct source for quality apparel.

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality products, excellent service, and customer care.

Our goal is to serve our customers with thoughtfulness, integrity, innovation, quality and value each and every time.

MAKS Crew Neck T-Shirts


Jay’s Response

Thanks so much Tug, they are actually located here in my city and I had no idea. Maybe that why you haven’t heard of them.

I wrote them and called them. No answer via phone call but it is the weekend. MAN!!! I been lookin for these shirts for years , they are my favorite. Hopefully I can order some shirts or go pick them up, they are right down the street from my house lol. Or at least their latest address says so.

So hopefully I can somehow get my hands on these tees cause I love the sooo much!!! Thanks again for helping me find them!! I let tho know if I end up being able to purchase.

Thanks a bunch again man.

Hopefully, Jay will keep me posted. Mission accomplished (:


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