Macys Alfani Stretch Is Back! Slides Into #2 Spot on Top Five Favorite Undershirts.

Alfani Stretch T-shirt is Back!

Courtesy of a reader, I just learned that the infamous Macy’s Alfani Stretch undershirt is available for purchase again in store and online as well.

Hi my name is  Dominic.  I posted on your blog about a month ago about finding white undershirts with tigh, high collars. 

I purched 3 undershirts….

Jockey from JCPenny’s. (I forget the exact kind of jockey I’ll look for you)  Very good undershirt.  Better than most.  I’d give it a 8.5 out of 10.

Stafford heavyweight.  Incredible high and tight neck.  Only problem  is the shirt is heavy as heck.  As far as neck and fit go its a 10 out of 10.  Just be ready to sweat since the shirt is made from heavy cotton.

Alfani stretch from Macy’s.  Quite simply this is the Michael Jordan of all undershirts I’ve ever purchased.  High, tight neck and the fit is perfect.  It’s an 11 out of 10.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Thanks for all your feedback to help me find all three products.  I appreciate it.

Over the last two to three years we’ve seen Macy’s remove this product from the shelves and bring them back a few times.

While I’d love to say I understand the rationale behind why they seem to keep doing this, I do not.

Speculating only, my guesses would be:

  1. Something to do with seasonality
  2. Possibly changing manufacturing suppliers. They clear out all the existing inventory and give enough time to ensure any new items come from new stock
  3. They want me to keep writing about it :)

By all accounts, this product is as popular as the no-longer-made Target Merona 95/5.

While I’ve never owned one of those, I did see and feel one and can understand why guys loved them so much.

From memory, I don’t think the Alfani Stretch is as soft as the Merona 95/5, but it’s definitely a great alternative.

Another reader reader (also named Dominic) swears by the H&M Stretch T-Shirts (88% cotton 5% viscose 5% elastane and 2% polyester).

Something else to consider.

Hey Macy’s Alfani Stretch, welcome back to my Top 5 Favorite Undershirts!


Sweat Proof Undershirts

6 thoughts on “Macys Alfani Stretch Is Back! Slides Into #2 Spot on Top Five Favorite Undershirts.”

    • heya tanya — they are available on the macy’s website.

      they are called:
      men’s underwear, cotton spandex tagless slim fit crew neck Undershirt 2 pack

      hope that helps!

  1. Bought the Alfani shirts based on your recommendation. Not that great. You can definitely feel the side seams and arm “collars” while wearing. Very annoying. Would not recommend.

    • heya swb, good to hear from you and thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts about the macys alfani stretch undershirts.

      it’s been a while (2+ years) since i last tried them, but when i did, they were pretty good. since retailer mfgs change house brand apparel suppliers fairly often, it’s possible that a new company is making them in a different part of the world, resulting in a different fit or different level of quality. even if they are using the same supplier, it’s possible they’ve done things to cut cost.

      can you tell me where the shirts say they are manufactured? that information will be on the care label. can you also tell me the rn#, also listed on the care label?

  2. Hey Tug,
    Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate finding other undershirt freaks are out there like me. I was a long time wearer of the Merona 95/5. When I saw they were going out on clearance I bought all I could find. Unfortunately, I only found about 30 of them. A few years ago, they were all used up. I went to the C9 95/5 or maybe it was a 93/7. They fit well, but the seams at the neck and shoulders started irritating my skin. It have determined all the 95/5 type shirts wear down and then start feeling a bit more itchy. It has to do with the cotton portion wearing down. After reading your site, about a year or two ago, I went out to by the Alfani 95/5 shirts. I have to say the crew neck is too high for my taste. The shirt fit well and the feel is pretty great. But the neck line comes up out of almost anything I wear except a dress shirt. So, I returned them and bought a few of the V-necks to wear with dress shirts. Although the back of the neck is still a tad bit high for my liking, it was the best shirt I could find (I won’t spend more than $15/ea). Needless to say, I’m still in search of my ultimate undershirt. I like them tight, but not restrictive, soft, but not loose, and covered seams or seamless would be fantastic. I have learned that if I can keep my armpit from touching itself, I don’t sweat much. So I need that form fitting shirt to glove my underarms. I like my boxer briefs that way too. I love the newish JKY strech boxer briefs (no chaffing, and keeps pretty dry. Thanks for your site. I’ll be around.

    • heya chad,

      thanks for stopping by. glad the information you’ve been finding here has been helpful in your 95/5 undershirt search.

      have you tried the fruit of the loom active crew 95/5 t-shirt yet (#2 in the list on that page)?

      if not, i would highly recommend it. i briefly saw a target merona 95/5 undershirt a while back (now wish i would’ve grabbed it up) and as far as i can remember, the fruit of the loom 95/5 active crew is very similar in fabric feel to the merona 95/5 from target.

      as of today, a two-pack of those active crew tees is on sale for $11.62 (normally $15.49). it’s a good time to buy, and even if it’s not exactly the same as your target merona 95/5, it’s definitely a nice feeling and fitting undershirt regardless.

      if you decide to buy a pack and try them out, be sure to come back here and let me know how you think it compares.


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