Mack Weldon Tank Top Undershirt Review

The folks at Mack Weldon just informed me that their super comfy ribbed tanks tops are back in stock!

To be honest, I’m pretty excited about this.

These are one of my favorite ribbed tank tops to wear during the summer, and I really need to have more than just one of them!

Mack Weldon Tank Top Details

  • Product Page link
  • Price: $28
  • Fabric Blend: 48.5% cotton / 48.5% modal / 3% lycra
  • Fabric Type: 2×2 rib
  • Color: White only

Mack Weldon Tank Top Photo


Mack Weldon Tank Top Review

The Good


Whoa, this ribbed tank top feels great on the skin.

So smooth and soft — feels like butta on my skin.


Sweat Proof Undershirts


As I get older, I’m getting pretty sensitive to warmer weather, and sweat a bit more easily than I did a few years ago.

So staying cool during hot summer months is essential for me. 

The fact that I sweat mostly on my back, and not so much in the underarm area, allows me to wear an undershirt with less coverage (no sleeves) and stay a bit cooler than if I were wearing a full undershirt.

This tank top is thin enough to keep me cool, but not so thin where it’s crazy transparent.

It’s really a perfect-weight ribbed tank top.

Keeps its shape

With its 3% lycra, the tank top keeps its form fit, without feeling too tight. Nuff said.


I’ve had my original Mack Weldon ribbed tank top for a long while now, wear it at least once per week (sometimes twice if I get laundry-lazy), and its still looking pristine.

The Not So Good


At $28 per tank, it’s not inexpensive to own a few of these, but I really don’t think you’ll have buyer’s remorse either.

Limited Stock

The brand launched this tank top with limited stock. So, they were sold out pretty quickly. 

Then, they weren’t available for almost a year.  I think they sold out in August of 2013, and just got restocked.

Now they’re back, but word is that still only have limited quantities available.

A little inconvenient, yes — but no deal-breaker.

The Bottom Line

Space is very limited in my coveted undershirt drawer, and very few brands find their way in there permanently. 

The fact that this tank top has found a permanent place in that drawer, says a lot.

If you’re a tank top wearer, or just curious, you need to own at least one Mack Weldon ribbed tank top. You won’t be disappointed.

Tell’em Tug sent you.


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2 thoughts on “Mack Weldon Tank Top Undershirt Review”

  1. I own one this tank as well but I find myself reaching for C-IN2 Men’s Core Square Neck Rib Knit Cotton Tank. I would for sure rate Weldon’s in 2nd place and I think the shirt is a bit thicker but the C-IN2 fit makes your arms look bigger the way it is cut. I believe the price point is about the same.
    As far as underwear (You have to try to believe) is 2UNDR. It is like a supportive bra for a man in a very gentle way.
    I have tried so many different brands trying to find something better for men.


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