Mack Weldon Sweat-Preventing 37.5 Oxford Shirt

News just in of Mack Weldon’s newly released sweat-preventing Oxford shirt with 37.5® technology.

Men’s essentials brand Mack Weldon is gearing up to launch The 37.5 Oxford Shirt®: a high-performance, low maintenance oxford.

The 37.5® Oxford is powered by sweat-preventing 37.5® Technology, proven to keep you drier and cooler when the going gets tough.

Now, 27 years after Dr. Haggquist’s aha moment, you can experience the volcanic sand bath phenomena when wearing Mack Weldon’s 37.5 Oxford shirt.

Rest assured, the 37.5® Oxford will keep you looking and feeling fresh.

37.5® Technology Background

In 2016 I wrote about the 37.5 technology when Mission launched their Vaporactive line of performance wear, powered by 37.5.

Dr. Gregory Haggquist, inventor of 37.5 technology, takes a different approach integrating thermal comfort into clothing.

Instead of focusing on wicking (the distribution of sweat on fabric), Haggquist’s technology focuses on the reduction of humidity next to skin. This maximizes the evaporate cooling effect.

His inspiration came in 1992 when he was in Japan and experienced a volcanic sand bath on Mt. Aso.

While buried in the sand, Haggquist realized that he stayed comfortable because the volcanic sand was removing sweat vapor extremely fast.

As a result, he experienced an ongoing cooling effect.

37.5 technology. Dr. Gregory Haggquist in Volcanic Sand
Dr. Gregory Haggquist in Volcanic Sand

For more information about 37.5 technology, please visit the 37.5 website.

37.5 Oxford Shirt Details

  • Sweat-preventing 37.5® cools by removing sweat vapor before liquid can form
  • Underarm sweat guards for targeted (yet discreet) protection
  • Easy care so you can skip the iron and dry cleaners
  • Classic fit dresses up or down/li>
  • Versatile length for optimal tucking
  • Button-dock collar for a smart-casual look
  • Double-button cuffs for easy rolling
  • FABRIC: 60% Cotton / 40% 37.5 Polyester
  • COLORS: Bright White, Indigo, Blue Yonder
  • PRICE: $88 at / in-store at Hudson Yards NYC


37.5 Oxford Shirt | Front 37.5 Mack Weldon Oxford | Back 37.5 Oxford Shirt Mack Weldon Oxford | Full Length Mack Weldon Oxford | Collar Blue Button-up Oxford. Powered by 37.5 Technology

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