Mack Weldon SILVER Undershirt. Ooh La La!

Makers of “Smart Underwear for Smart Guys”, Mack Weldon, just announced the launch of their new Limited Edition SILVER line.

The line consists of an underwear boxer brief ($28) and crew neck undershirt ($37), designed in a very fashionable stealth grey color.

What makes these products special is that their super smooth Pima Cotton (84%) has been blended with X-Static XT2 (Silver, 10%) and a touch of Lycra (6%) to offer a highly advanced, anti-odor, anti-microbial inner-garment that has a great fit and feel.

SILVER Product Video

Silver by Mack Weldon from Mack Weldon on Vimeo.

SILVER: Initial Thoughts

My buddies over at MW sent me a sample of their SILVER Crew Neck Undershirt/T-Shirt (160gm jersey) as well as a pair of their socks. No underwear, so I can’t speak to those — yet.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

I decided to wear the undershirt today, and I have to say, I’m pretty damn impressed.

mack-weldon-silver-crew-neck-undershirtThe shirt is super smooth, fits close but not too tight, and has a slight cooling feeling. My guess is that the silver in the yarn provides that cool-ness factor.

I asked MW for some addition details on the fit/design as well as this being a Limited Edition product line:

The t-shirt is a slightly different cut than our regular modal undershirts, but it can obviously be worn under anything you’d like. Personally I love it as a t-shirt just because of how it fits and feels. Both the shirt and underwear are ideal for travel or whenever you find yourself spending longer-than-usual in your underwear.


Its [the undershirt] the same / similar cut to the PIMA T’s. . .the cotton/modal t is an undershirt with a completely different construction and design.  this is meant to be worn solo or under. . .vs just under (which is longer, more fitted, etc.)


Limited edition is that we are only offering in one color / style – Crew T and Boxer Brief, stealth grey (charcoal), in limited quantities. We have no immediate plans to roll out a broader collection but based upon the initial sales volume – we are seriously considering it.

Here is some of the feedback I provided MW about the SILVER Undershirt:

idk about you, but my body isn’t quite svelte enough to wear this puppy solo (: maybe in size large, but then again, i don’t really like the way i look in t-shirts, so i don’t wear them too often.

there’s only a few tees that i’ve come across that i’ll actually consider wearing solo. (the ones that hide my un-svelte-ness) i haven’t found too many products designed in a way to be worn both as a tee and an undershirt. for me, a tee has to be shorter in length, more generous in cut, and heavier in weight (to drape nicer).

an undershirt has to be longer, slimmer, and lighter. so if i sized up to a large on this, i think it would be too long, because it’s pretty long as-is.

all that said, as an undershirt exclusively, it’s pretty impressive. i think it’s a lot better fitting and feeling than your cotton/modal undershirts. i think those, if more generously cut could be really good tee shirts.

for me, the silver product, is a really nicely executed undershirt and feels just as good if not better than any other micromodal undershirt i’ve ever worn (which would be among the nicer feeling fabrics i’ve tried).

To Buy or Not To Buy?

In my personal opinion, this is among the nicest feeling and fitting undershirts I’ve worn.

At $37 it’s definitely not cheap, but then again, it’s easily as nice or nicer than any of the higher-end MicroModal or Cool Cotton undershirts offered in the same price range.

The grey color is pretty neutral and should work well under most outer-shirts and the crew neck collar would be nearly unnoticeable when wearing a shirt with one button undone.  A v-neck in this style would be great, but I can settle with the crew just fine.

I’m indifferent on the anti-odor and antimicrobial aspects of the X-Static, but if the Silver content contributes to the undershirt feeling cooler to wear, that’s the feature I’d be happiest about.

I’d say get’em while you can.  Who knows, maybe MW will add them permanently to their line.


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