Mack Weldon AIRKNITX Review

Jason, my resident Underwear aficionado, just got his hands on a pair of AIRKNITX from Mack Weldon. So he decided to write-up this underwear product review.

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Mack Weldon AIRKNITX Men’s Boxer Briefs Details

  • Website (link)
  • Price: $28 (with buy more, save more discounts)
  • Colors: Grey Heather, Blue Heather, Redwood Heather, Rum Heather, Moss Heather, Indigo Heather
  • Fabric: 56% Polymide / 29% Polyester / 15% Elasten (i.e. Nylon / Poly / Spandex)
  • Details: Wicking & anti-odor finish stays dry and feels fresh. Dual texture construction for extra breathability in high heat zones
  • Description: Our lightest and most breathable boxer brief that’s perfect for working out

AIRKNITX Men’s Boxer Briefs Photos

Features: AIRKNITX underwear from Mach Weldon Blue AIRKNITX underwear from Mack Weldon Guy wearing AIRKNITX.

AIRKNITX Men’s Boxer Briefs Review

by: Jason

“The Goldilocks of Underwear”

That’s what I realized when I finally wore the new AIRKNITX boxer briefs from Mack Weldon.

I recently had a chance to try these out.


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Honestly, I was a little apprehensive before trying them on, as I just hadn’t had good luck with the way that MW fit me personally (on the shorter side, with a weightlifter’s build and slight love handles, if we’re being honest).

However, I was pleasantly surprised the minute I tried these on. They are ridiculously comfortable.

The AIRKNITX underwear are made of a lightweight, knit microfiber blend (56% Polymide / 29% Polyester / 15% Elasten), which was extremely soft and comfortable.

My best description would be that they seem like a slimmer fitting version of the Ex Officio “Give-N-Go” boxer briefs, i.e. my current favorites.

For something they advertise as being focused on wearing to the gym, I did enjoy wearing these all day long (which did include the gym).

They have a good color selection. A variety of heathered colors (no black or white though).

They didn’t ride up much, and the legs are a good length to keep from feeling like trunks, but aren’t too long and end up showing under your regular shorts.

Their waistband was surprisingly soft too.

They don’t have a fly, so depending on your personal preference, that could be good or bad. I didn’t have an opinion there, but wanted to pass the info along.

I like the label on the back leg too, as an interesting alternative to the annoying tag in the waistband.

All in all, these are just some damn fine underwear.

The Good

  • Soft, lightweight materials
  • Good stretch & wicking
  • Room where you need it

The Not-So-Good

  • That I don’t have more pairs in my drawer at home to wear!

As much as I looked, I couldn’t find many complaints about the new AIRKNITX boxer briefs from Mack Weldon.

As the title says, they weren’t too snug (like the Jersey), they weren’t too loose (like the Silver)…they were just right!

They are the Goldilocks of underwear.

And, as always, if you don’t love your first pair, let them know, and they’ll send a different size, style or issue a refund – you can even keep the pair you tried on.


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11 thoughts on “Mack Weldon AIRKNITX Review”

  1. Hi Tugster – quick question, what *briefs* (not boxer briefs) would you recommend?

    I like the Ex Officio but they all need to be replaced (pairs are now around 6-7 yrs) and I heard the new ones are not good at all.

    Want something in merino if possible, but otherwise synthetic will do.

    I heard Icebreaker Anatomica were good, but recently redesigned and according to the comments on their own page, are now not good at all.

    Interested in your thoughts.

    • Hi Jacopo –

      Thanks for checking in. I’m definitely a huge fan of the Ex Officio, so I’d always recommend those. But if you’re looking for something different, Tommy John has a good line, as well as Stance and Naked (not necessarily merino, but a couple different material options for each company).

      As much as I like their shirts, I personally was not a fan of the Icebreaker underwear. The cut was just awful, in my opinion.

      Hope that helps! You’ll have to let us know which ones you go with, and if you like them.

    • hey jacopo,

      thanks for stopping by and for your question!

      i personally don’t wear underwear briefs, so i can’t make any definitive or helpful suggestions there :(

      that said, i’d tend to agree with jason — if a company makes a good boxer brief, they very well may also make a good underwear brief.

      i’m curious about your preference to merino and then synthetic (i.e. polyester).

      i’ve found merino to be rather itchy, even the premium merino wools from new zealand, and woolpro.

      on the synthetic comment, are you referring only to polyester?

      would love to hear your additional thoughts (:

  2. Come on guys. I don’t care how good Mack Weldon underwear is — and it does have some great features — the price is ridiculous.

    • heya randy — price/value is pretty subjective.

      many of the premium (& good quality) boxer briefs are priced in the $20-$30 range. so airknitx being $28/each, is within that range.

      no doubt you can buy good underwear for less, but good underwear is not necessarily great underwear.

      i have an average build, with a tendency to be on the slightly heavier side, with larger thighs (think gymnast/football player).

      for me, it’s incredibly difficult to find underwear boxer briefs that tick all the boxes, especially with my particular build. hell, even some of the boxer briefs priced in the $20-$30 range aren’t as comfortable as i’d like them to be.

      for those who have more size-average builds, it’s a whole lot easier to find clothing that fit well because “average” sizing is how clothing is generally made.

      if you deviate from having an average build, then it becomes increasingly difficult to find any piece of clothing, including boxer briefs, that have that ideal fit for your physique.

      that said, i can confidently say that in the last 10 years, i’ve never once loved a pair of boxer brief underwear that were priced under $20.

      not that price is the distinguishing factor, but the mass market value-priced products are just that — designed for the mass market.

      i haven’t yet personally tried the airknitx boxer briefs (jason has), but i do look forward to trying them sometime soon. at that point i’ll be able share some of my personal feedback about them.

  3. I currently wear Patagonia Capilene trunks and IceBreaker Boxers (they fit like trunks).

    I wanted to see if you had an opinion about how the new Mark Weldon Airknitx compare against these in terms of fit or comfort?

    Appreciate your thoughts.

    • Hey Phil –

      I haven’t tried the Patagonia Capilene (yet), and didn’t have a great experience with the Icebreaker pair that I wore, so I’d probably have to say that (at least with the Icebreaker), these fit better for me.

      It might be different for you, depending on your build.

      What I can compare them to with the Icebreaker would be that they seemed to have a better cut and less ride-up.

      Have you tried any of the Ex Officio boxer briefs? Those are a close comparison with a slightly different level of stretch.

      And depending on if you like the cut of a shorter trunk or a longer leg, I just noticed that Mack Weldon also released these same AirknitX in a 8″ leg length (so even less ride-up!)

      • I am a bit on the large side. Have tried breathable B-Naked, Hanes, Underarmour, and ExOfficio.

        First requirement for me, must have fly, second is don’t want to sweat too much.

        The Underarmour and ExOfficio are the most comfortable for my physique. Both very stretchy with good waist bands and do not tend pull down in back when bending over.

        My preference is the ExOfficio because they are more breathable and I tend to sweat the less than the Underarmour due to the different material blend.

      • heya jimbo — thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about the different types of underwear that you’ve tried.

        are you referring to the exofficio give-and-go nylon underwear by chance?

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