LUMBARWEAR: The Man Girdle – Promoting Stability and Lumbar Strength

About a week ago, the world was introduced to Equmen’s compression undershirt, as a result of journalist John Waters’ article The New Spanx for Men? where he wore the product for a day.

Today I ran across an article on about a new product from Lumbarwear (which they call the mirdle).

While a bit of a departure from my regular topic of standard undershirts, I find the insurgence of products in this category of men’s undergarments very interesting. I also am intrigued on how these companies are marketing these products. I mean really, take a girdle typically worn by a woman, change the color to black, associate it to sports performance and whammo! you have new product guys will want to buy.

Granted, for a company to invest the kind of money needed to offer and market a product like this, there’s got to be a hidden demand.

Although an early version of Lumbarwear is currently available on, the company has completely re-hauled the product by introducing a new seamless, patented version made out of Silver X-Static yarn (I’m not sure what that it) and will be releasing it in 2009. Here’s a little blurb about the product’s history from the company’s website:

President of the company, Ramon Torrent has been an assiduous golf player since the early eighties and was looking for a garment that would give him extra support in his lower back region whilst playing, thus enhancing his swing performance. There was nothing suitable on the market, thus the version version of LUMBARWEAR was developed. A year later it was being sold all over Europe and could also be found in the US market.

Here’s some pictures that describe some of the core benefits of their product:

I’ve emailed them to see if I can get a preview of their product too. I can’t believe I might be wearing a man girdle — oh well — it’ll be a fun experiment.

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  1. Hello,

    I contact you from EVAPAT and I am the sales manager for the LUMBARWEAR in the US market.
    Please allow me to send you some samples of our LUMBAWEAR for you to try and discover its many benefits. Our intention is to provide comfort and back relief while strengthening the core muscles.
    I will need your trouser size and your address in order to send you the samples hopefully before X-mas!!
    Best Regards
    Eva Torrent


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