Looking For Sodbuster Long Sleeve Henley Undershirts?

Here’s a question from a reader who was in search of a specific brand of long-sleeve henleys.

I’m looking for a brand of shirts i bought several years ago and can’t seem to find. Hope you can help.

I’m sure the tag said sodbuster I think it was a heavy weight cotton very warm not thermal. It was off white in color reminds me of something vintage or a union suit.


Sodbuster Henley Undershirts

heya justin, 

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Goodwear Long Sleeve White Henley

if you’re looking for a list of henley shirts, i keep a fairly current list of short sleeve ones in this article:

i don’t know of any long sleeve heavyweight henley shirts off the top of my head, but if they exist i would think it would be a fairly easy thing to find with some time on google. (https://www.google.com/search?q=long+sleeve+heavyweight+henley)

with that simple search alone, i found some on duluth trading, dickies, amazon, walmart, goodwear, etc.

in fact, here’s one from goodwear (company that makes clothes in usa)

hope that information helps you out some (:

good luck on your search and if you find something that you really love, please be sure to write me back and let me know about it!

Buck Mason White Henley by Crates of California
Buck Mason White Henley by Crates of California

Are There Other Long Sleeve Henleys?

Yes, of course there are, but since I haven’t personally worn many Henleys, I don’t know of all the options.

I’ll keep a list here in this article, so if you know of any that you really like and that are good quality, please be sure to comment below or send me an email with the brand and a link.

  1. Goodwear Henley (by Crates of California)
  2. Buck Mason Henley
  3. 2(x)ist Long Sleeve Henley
  4. Sunspel Henley (sold at Fogey Unlimited, UK)
  5. ??


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