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Gotta love it when guys are helping other guys with undershirt selection.

Just ran across this post on the MFA section of Reddit.com, where a bunch of guys are chewing the cloth about undershirts. Here’s the original question posed by one member:

During my recent fashion transition I switched from baggy ill-fitting undershirts, to slim ones that don’t puff out. I had found these [Target’s Evolve Shapewear Shirts], I don’t really need compression, but I like the tight fit. Sadly, they are discontinued, so I tried Alfani Stretch but they are still baggy, I could perhaps size down, but I fear that will cause them to rise up.

MFA, what are your suggestions? What undershirts do you wear?

Undershirts Recommended by other Reddit.com members

  1. Hanes Deep V-Neck undershirts
  2. Uniqlo Airism (Is Uniqlo’s online store coming 10/15/12??)
  3. Muji (Check out their “Innerwear” category on their online store)
  4. 2(x)ist – also makes Evolve-brand products at Target. Deep V.
  5. Structure solid Crewneck T-shirt from Sears (97% cotton, 3% spandex)
  6. Couple guys debated about the difference between undershirts and t-shirt
  7. Some folks recommending wearing heather grey undershirts under light-colored shirts, in place of the traditional white because grey doesn’t show through as much
  8. Under Armour v-neck
  9. Good observation from one member, who likes Hanes A-Shirts (ribbed tank tops) because: “They are ribbed and they “grab” my dress shirt and hold the tuck a little better. 2) They are skin-tight and do not bunch around my midsection.”
  10. Alfani white v-necks (non-stretch)
  11. Dockers
  12. Kirkland-brand from Costco
  13. Cotton/Spandex Stretch Tees/Undershirts from Express (crew, v-neck, deep v-neck). Lot’s of colors too.
  14. RibbedTee Classic Fit Heather Grey undershirts
  15. Alternative Apparel Perfect V-Neck (but it looks like they are not available anymore?)
  16. Kohl’s Apt. 9 stretch t-shirts
  17. Polo Ralph Lauren v-necks
  18. Tommy John undershirts
  19. Polo or Tommy Hilfiger v-necks at Marshalls/TJ Maxx

Do You Have Any Other Undershirt Suggestions?

If so, put them in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you on what undershirts you’ve tried and love.


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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Undershirts. Men’s Fashion Advice on Reddit.com”

    • hey will, thank for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about life undershirts by jockey. if i recall correctly, life is the brand jockey sells exclusively at walmart.

      i’ll have to check if i have any in my inventory and check it out again, but i will tell you that the new jky brand of undershirts available at target is really a good overall value for traditional, non-fitted undershirt. in fact, i recently added it to my top 5 list. i’m wondering if there is any similarity between the life-brand undershirts and the jky-brand.

    • I agree about Life by Jockey being the best. They have the same fit as the older Jockey Tees from when they still had tags. But, I’m worried as it seems to be getting more difficult to find at my local Walmarts. I’ve been in the Navy for twenty years and tried many crew neck tees. These a re a great value!

  1. Intimissimi (Calzedonia). Are they even available in the US? Excellent fit for a slender, athletic build. Long enough to stay tucked.

    • wowzers rm! man, they’ve got some smokin’ hot models on their website! £15.99 (~$26 USD) isn’t too terribly expensive for really nice undershirt.

      thanks for the recommendation!


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