Kim Kardashian Launching Men’s Shapewear?

Kim Kardashian West hints at offering a men’s shapewear line through her SKIMS shapewear brand.

In a recent interview, Kardashian West said:

I have been asked a lot about the men’s question, and I would love to do that, and I hope that we’re working on that soon,” Kardashian West told E! News in an interview last week. “There’s some fun stuff in the works.”

SKIMS Shapewear by Kim Kardashian
SKIMS Shapewear by Kim Kardashian

SKIMS Men’s Shapewear: Will it Work?

To be honest, I will be surprised if a SKIMS men’s shapewear offering would work in the long term.

Here’s why.

Men’s shapewear was all-the-range many years go. While men’s shapewear has been in existence for a very long time, in late 2008 there was an explosion of interest of men’s shapewear with the launch of the Equmen Core Precision Undershirt.

In the years to follow, the market would see the rise and fall of more than 30 brands of men’s shapewear. Today, only a select few remain.

As I see it, the problem specifically with men’s shapewear, from a guy’s point of view, is that we don’t wear it every day.

We’ll buy one, and wear it on the rare occasions where we want to feel and look a little more svelte. Hell, I still have a drawer full of them, and I can’t tell you the last time I wore one under my day or even clothes.

I do continue to wear a compression undershirt as my base layer when I go to the gym, or go for a hike. But, that’s about it.

Do I think Kim Kardashian could convince men to buy shapewear from her SKIMS brand? Sure, she’s got a ton of influence, so I’m sure she could have a successful launch.

Do I think it would last? Nope.

Kim, if you’re reading this, don’t be discouraged. If you decide to give it a go, hit me up. I’d be happy to give your men’s shapewear a try, and write about it here.

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