Kickstarter: NanoDri Undershirts – Sixnorth Tall Undershirts – Mr. Bathrobe Crusader

Here are some Kickstarter campaigns that you should keep an eye on:

NanoDri Sweat-Blocking Undershirts

nanodri-sweat-blocking-undershirtMy buddy James and I have been exchanging emails about sweat-blocking undershirts since early this year.

He lives in Japan and says it’s absolutely hell there in the summer with the heat and humidity.  People are packed into public transport like sardines and due to high temps, men (and likely women too) sweat through their clothes like it’s nothing.

James was looking for an undershirt that provided all-over sweat protection. He tried Kleinerts as well as Sutran, but neither met his needs entirely (I’ll likely write more about this sometime later).

The other suspects, like Thompson Tee, Sweatshield, Feel U, Sweaty Man, Armpit Armor, and Go Softwear only offer protection in the underarm area.

Since he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he decided to make one himself. Check out his Kickstarter (link) for more information about NanoDri.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

NanoDri (link)

sixnorth Apparel

sixnorth-tall-undershirtAndrew is making undershirts built exclusively for taller guys. But that’s not all, he also wants to create an entire line of clothing designed for tall men.

At 6’2″ tall, Andrew has tried a lot of undershirts. He’s even tried some of the premium undershirts that claim to be longer.

Unfortunately for Andrew, he found them to be too skin tight/clingy, and still not long enough to reliably stay tucked. He’s a modestly built guy, so he wanted an undershirt that would fit a bit more modestly.

Not finding what he was looking for, Andrew partnered with a boutique manufacturer in Peru (Lima) that specializes in fine Peruvian cottons, to bring the first sixnorth apparel shrink-resistant cotton/spandex undershirt to market. He’s using Kickstarter to fund the initial development of inventory.

sixnorth Apparel Kickstarter (link)

Mr. Bathrobe Crusader

mr-bathrobe-crusader-kickstarterA notable mention over to an enterprising young man, Josh Barach, a student at the University of Southern California, who decided to exclusively wear his bathrobe during his summer tour of Europe in 2014.

Looks like he got a lot of buzz and notoriety from his bathrobed escapades, so he decided to launch a Kickstarter to fund the development of a 100% Silk Robe worthy of The Crusader’s namesake.

Mr. Bathrobe Crusader Kickstarter (link)



Sweat Proof Undershirts

2 thoughts on “Kickstarter: NanoDri Undershirts – Sixnorth Tall Undershirts – Mr. Bathrobe Crusader”

  1. Hi there, I live in the UK . My son sweats big time and is heading to Florida in September and dreading it. You understand why. Are any of the nano shirts available in the UK…..if not am I able to purchase from the U.S please ? He is anxious to try one to see if it helps him through our not so hot but very sweaty English summer..thoughts please..Thank you for setting up this site.

    • heya lindsey, thanks for your question about nanodri undershirts!

      nanodri products are produced and shipped from japan, so you’ll have to purchase them from nanodri’s website and have them shipped to you in uk so your son can take them with him to florida in september.

      i know that they are out of stock of many items right now, but i heard that they will be restocking sometime soon.

      one other thing — stay tuned to my site for some new “cooling” product announcements.

      there are a couple of products that i’ll be announcing soon, which should help your son feel cooler, and hopefully sweat a little less.

      combining a nanodri undershirt with one of these new cooling products could be a great/winning combination for your son (:


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