Jockey StayNew T-Shirts Stay Whiter & Softer

Just visited and noticed they’re promoting StayNew T-Shirts.

Our exclusive StayNew™ Technology will make your T-shirts and underwear look and feel like new, wash after wash.

Note: These are undershirts although they refer to them as t-shirts. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a “StayNew” line, but rather it seems as though they are using it to describe a fabric feature.

The “technology” used in these undershirts could be some form of teflon or other protective fabric coating.

Jockey StayNew T-Shirts Features

  • Site: (link)
  • Reduced pilling & fading
  • Stays whiter & brighter, after repeated washings
  • Tagless
  • Double-needle stitching
  • Reinforced collar, so it lays flat
  • Longer length for tucking


How to wear undershirts

6 thoughts on “Jockey StayNew T-Shirts Stay Whiter & Softer”

    • heya gary, good to hear from you buddy!

      sorry to say, if you can’t find the staynew t-shirts on, it is likely they either discontinued the product or just incorporated the technology into the main lines.

      in reality, there wasn’t much specific info on the offering, other than saying the shirts would supposedly stay looking newer longer.

      they could have been using a bio-polishing/bio-blasting enzyme, or some coating on the fabric — hard to stay specifically.

  1. I agree with Craig that these T’s are a godsend. I purchased mine from Target and own 6 of them. I’m glad Jockey got it right. Now I’m in search of T-shirts that have a 1 or 2 inch collar to workout in . Tug!!! Help me!!!

    • heya frank! good to hear from you buddy and thanks for stopping by (:

      well any t-shirt that has a collar width of over 1.5″ is likely considered a mock-neck t-shirt.

      are you looking for a relaxed fit t-shirt or a compression/fitted t-shirt? any particular fabric blend? something wicking, for example?

  2. This is absolutely True! I ONLY buy Life White Undershirts and am so happy that Jockey started taking an interest in building up this brand.

    I used to only find them in one location in my area and now they are distributed in multiple locations. The undershirts are great and look great after repeated launderings.

    I also like that the crew neck is 1 inch or more in height. I usually catch cold when my neck sticks out from a crew that sags or doesn’t stand up very well, so am happy to see that ALL the crews in the pack that I bought last were 1″ or more.

    Keep up the great work Life/Jockey!


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