Jockey Mock Neck T-Shirt Review

Well folks, I have a special treat for you today! Presenting a fresh, detailed Jockey mock neck T-shirt review from one of my guests!

Back in July, blogger extraordinaire Claus from Grand Stream Dreams ran across my blog when looking for an undershirt to replace his Hanes crew neck undershirts.

Now, seven months later Claus is still with me and wound up buying some high-collar Short Sleeve Jockey T-shirts after reading a recommendation from another reader.

He also has been kind enough to take the time to write up a very thorough review on it for everyone here!

Jockey Mock Neck T-Shirt Review: Field-Tested and Approved!

Written by: Claus V.

I’m not sure where I began the need to wear undershirts.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

I suspect that it started in parochial school where a soft shirt under the scratchy boy’s uniform we wore was the source.

As the years went on, I found a nice undershirt layer helped me avoid needing to wear a jacket or light coat on the cooler days on the Texas Gulf Coast. It also brought a measure of coolness on the insufferably hot and humid summer days.

Generally, I do quite well with a nice quality men’s department store white crew-neck shirt (tag-less if you please).

Many years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a nice short-sleeved mock turtle-neck shirt. It was great during the winter as a layer, but the thick and heavy cotton fabric didn’t translate well to summer wearing.

Then with years of washing, it shrunk to the point where it wouldn’t stay tucked in.

No good. I did always like the professional way it looked.

High/Tight Neck Undershirts: My Personal Preference

While regular crew neck undershirts work most days, I still prefer the crisp and unusual look of high-necked T-shirts underneath my polo.

It also works well when I wear a collar-less top-shirt that is has a bit wider opening.

I’ve never liked the “tank-style” undershirts so the higher neck style would look more even underneath.

I’ve since always been on the lookout for a replacement, but never could seem to find an adequate substitute.

My goal was to find one that was more like a baseball-player’s undershirt with a mid-high collar rather than a true turtle-neck.

Tug’s Suggestions

I had asked Tug before if he had any recommendations. The Under Armour line did meet my requirements they were very pricey for picking up sufficient quantities to last a week of daily wear.

Tug pointed me to a number of higher/tight-fit collars such as:

However, with the exception of a few other compression-style blend shirts, Tug didn’t have any leads. I checked them all out, but they still weren’t what I was looking for.

Finally, Tug produced a lead from another reader.

The mock neck tees from Jockey. They looked exactly like what I was searching for.

  • 100% cotton—non-compression fit
  • available in black or white
  • from a trusted manufacturer known for quality and fit
  • had the mid-high collar I was searching for
  • $7.00 each price point was a great value for a week’s worth of shirts.
Jockey Mock Neck T-shirt
Jockey Mock Neck T-shirt

I picked up five white tees and three black ones for just under $85.00 (US) including standard shipping cost. One week later had the mock neck shirts on my doorstep! I have been very pleased with the purchase.

Both the black and white shirts are 100% cotton and made in Honduras. No blends here.

The tag is actually a micro-tag placed at the back tail of the shirt – virtually invisible.

Each shirt was shipped individually wrapped.

The white ones were in their original manufacturing bag and the master label was interesting.

According to the label, they appear to have been made back in July 2008. I’m not sure but I suspect these aren’t high-volume items and probably move a bit slowly.

Jockey Mock Neck T-shirt Review: Fit & Feel

The style is also called (officially) by Jockey a “Hi-Neck T Shirt”. Good to know! I like that description much better than the mock turtle-neck I had been using.

They hit about even with the top of a traditional polo shirt and not nearly as high as a true mock turtle-neck would.

The collar, a critical factor in this style, is a traditional double-thick construction but extended a full 1.75 inches high from the base seam.

I’m not sure if there is any elastic in the collar, or if it is just the weave, but there is a light stretch to it. However, it is not tight or constricting.

Jockey T-Shirt: How They Hold up after Washing?

Nothing feels as nice (to me) as a fresh from the package undershirt and these were no exception. The cotton was nicely thin and soft. But, it has hefted up a bit in subsequent washings.

I ordered these men’s mock neck t-shirts in a Large size (42-44″ chest).

The measurements I took were consistent between the black and white shirts.

The width from top arm-seam to arm-seam across the back shoulder was 18 inches pre-wash.

The length from the base of the collar to the tail-tip was 28.5 inches pre-wash.

After wearing and the first machine wash (warm/warm) and dry (medium-cool), the width from top arm-seam to arm-seam across the back shoulder was down to 17 inches.

The length from the base of the collar to the tail-tip was 27.5 inches.

After wearing and the second machine wash (warm/warm) and dry (medium-cool), the width from top arm-seam to arm-seam across the back shoulder was stable at 17 inches.

The length from the base of the collar to the tail-tip was now 25 inches.

Based on my experience, I think the horizontal shrinkage is stable while the vertical shrinkage might take a few washes more to stabilize.

I don’t expect much more however.

The fit around the chest is comfortable. And while the arms and shoulder top are seamed, it was well constructed.

I don’t feel the seams at all, particularly under the arms where other tees I have worn can become irritating, especially under more fitted over-shirts.

I’m a 6 foot and two inches tall guy with a healthy (trim) mid-section.

Even after the washings, the tails still fall well below by waist. So, the generous length ensures they will remain tucked in well through the day with no fuss.


The only “problem” I noted is that there seems to be a light “pilling” effect at the very top edge of the collar after wearing it a few times.

I’m not sure if this is due to the material/weave or the fact that I prefer to wear a two-day’s beard growth and the “Don Johnson Miami-Vice” stubble is causing the pilling.

The pilling isn’t severe, but it may be something you will experience depending on the roughness of your beard.

The Bottom Line

It’s been cool down here on the coast and I have been wearing them regularly to work under both polo-shirts and my Oxford button-downs.

In all cases, they have been very comfortable and I have picked up quite a few unsolicited comments from strangers (mostly ladies) on how nice the look is.

I’m sure they would be equally comfortable and good-looking for law-enforcement/uniform wearing gentlemen.

It goes without saying, you can find other high-necked t-shirts made with performance fabrics. Though, they cost more.

However, for the folks who are budget sensitive and desiring a more finished and athletic look, these are well worth the investment.

I hope Jockey continues to carry them for a long time to come.

–Claus V.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

17 thoughts on “Jockey Mock Neck T-Shirt Review”

  1. My Question:

    How effective is the mock neck against preventing the dreaded “ring around the collar.”

    This would be my primary reason for needing the shirt.

    Many Thanks!

  2. hey tug, im tryin to find an undershirt thats really really tight around the neck, and isnt too small around the body. about a year ago i found jordache undershirts that were tight around the neck but i got a medium and they were small, im not really worried about how it looks under the shirt. i can never find those shirts again, do you have any suggestions to another shirt thats close to those, and tight around the neck?

  3. Hi, I am lso an afficionado of mid-high collar undershirts and have been happy to buy a stock of hundred (100!) in a jeans boutique in Hamburg / Germany in the 90ies. They came from Egypt, double seamed neck band etc. and still are the best product I have ever had. Non faded, none pilled, none shrinked so far. Unbelievable quality!
    As a pitty, the Persian guy who sold them to the store had disappeared shortly after since. In the meanwhile, just to preserve my treasure, I had my eyes always on t-shirts wherever I go and have bought from time to time different makes. None have reached the quality and design so far. Egyptian cotton is famous for its outstanding quality. Now I will travel to Egypt this year as there is a textile fair in October 2009 where I hope to find a manufacturer to copy my samples I will carry with me. Here is the link to the fair: which is also the portal for the egyptian textile industry. It is really a mess with quality nowadays. Will forward my experience. Brgrds Jadam

  4. Hey J. – From what other readers have said, the collar on this undershirt is considerably wider than most other undershirts. Remember, this is a “mock neck” which means that it’s not as wide as turtle neck, but wider than your typical 1″ wide collar you’ll find on most undershirts.

  5. Hi gentlemen. The collar height is not nearly as high (imho) as a true mock t-neck. Because every man’s neck is sized differently I don’t want to give any misleading measurements. I can say with certainty that I wear them almost daily with both polo and oxford button downs and this t-shirt collar (on me) never rises visibly over the shirt collar on the sides or back. Only where it stands out in the open shirt-front. In most all cases it is about a quarter to an eighth inch below the primary shirt collar height. It reminds me of the fit of a few higher-neck sweaters the missus picked out for my wardrobe.

    Since the review I haved washed them many more times and shrinkage remains minimal. Collar fit remains fine as well.

    Hope that helps.

    Claus V

  6. Are there any real-life pictures of how the neck area looks? I can’t really tell from Jockey’s picture. Does the collar look like a turtle neck or would it be OK to wear this under a polo shirt or dress shirt, for example?


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