Jockey Max Mesh Review: Kicking Swamp Butt

If you’re in search of a good moisture wicking underwear brief, the Max Mesh from Jockey may just be what you’ve been looking for.

We’ve all been there. Things are hot and your behind has glued itself together with sticky sweat.

Your moisture wicking underwear isn’t doing the trick because it can only wick away sweat from the places it touches, and anything without a back would just expose your pants to the sweat instead.

Enter the Jockey Max Mesh brief.

Jockey Max Mesh underwear brief
Jockey Max Mesh Brief (Style #10701)

Max Mesh Brief: The Details

First off, these briefs really are the best at letting moisture out and fresh air in of any briefs I have worn.

They are probably also the best at preventing “swamp behind” backside sweat that I have ever tried.

Solid sport fabrics or solid natural fabrics don’t let nearly as much fresh air in, so they stay much damper. I don’t think it’s really possible to get much better breathability!

In the crotch next to the legs they don’t have quite the same magic because that area is hard to get any airflow to. Although, as soon as you start to move around you can feel air cooling and drying that area off quite effectively.

The Mesh Material

While they are mesh, it’s a fairly opaque mesh. The front is double layered (for extra support) so you can’t see through it, providing a decent amount of privacy.

You can’t see much through the rest of them either, though how “transparent” they seem can depend a bit on the fabric color and your skin color.

So how does the material feel? Fine.

The Max Mesh material, a blend of 96% Nylon / 4% Spandex, seems fairly durable. I wear them with jeans and they have held up well over several uses, unlike some other mesh materials or even solids that got chewed up by the seams.

The main fibers feel hard and slick, which inspires confidence in their strength.

While the outside of the brief definitely isn’t quite smooth, the inside feels softer and smoother.

Ultimately you forget about the feel when you wear it, which is good, and I like the fact that it has a bit of grip on skin instead of feeling slippery.

The one issue is that it can occasionally pull hairs, and the borders of the leg openings are a little on the hard side because the fabric is folded over so the “outside” is next to your skin.


The waistband is a wide “sport” waistband with an interesting seam on the right side that doesn’t overlap but rounds off the ends. It’s a bit bulky and the seam can leave a mark, but you don’t really feel it.

The waistband is definitely the least breathable part, though! A smaller one could feel more comfortable.

Side view of the Jockey Max Mesh underwear briefs

Jockey Max Mesh Brief Fit

So how do they fit?

I have a 36’ waist and weigh about 175lb, and normally wear a size large.

The brief is well-shaped, with a contour pouch in the front providing a good amount of room in size large. The back, though, could use a bit more room and rise, though it’s nothing too terrible.

The leg bands would also be better if they were a little softer and more elastic.

The perfect fit in the back would probably be to match the normal Sport Mesh briefs. Although they are made with mostly solid fabric, they have more stretch and a bit more material, plus softer leg bands.

I also tried the Max Mesh size X-Large. It has the same great features, but is more relaxed and has more coverage. The downside is that it doesn’t offer quite as much support. This can lead to some uncomfortable rubbing between the front of the brief and a pants fly.

Personally, I think I’ll stick with the tighter size large. Keep the above in mind when determining what size briefs you’ll need.

Quality & More

The quality is decent but can be a bit inconsistent and vary color to color.

Unfortunately, they’re made in China.

At least the return system is super nice — you get free shipping back to Jockey. Or you can return them at your local Jockey store as long as you have your order email, items, and packing slip.

That is one significant advantage of physical stores existing as opposed to online-only.

The tag is a no-rub transfer, which is comfortable but will eventually go the way of the dodo bird. So memorize the instructions for washing or take a picture if you need to.

Jockey Max Mesh: tagless care label

I also strongly suggest getting a cheap laundry/wash bag made for cleaning delicate items, and one made with a fine mesh fabric.

This will prevent your mesh underwear (or other damage-prone items) from getting snagged or ripped, only costs a few dollars, and can be reused for years.

These briefs don’t shrink. I just wash them cold and make sure not to get them hot in the dryer. They also dry out quickly if put on hangers and left alone.


They are available in many colors, some of which are hideous and some are very good.

The colors change year to year as well. The good news is that the less popular colors fairly often go on sale for $10 instead of $18. And if you’re a little pickier, you can often get the full range of colors for 2 for $24.

While Jockey doesn’t say this, I’ve always had 20% off and 25% off coupons take even more off the sale price.

If you are a member of the rewards program (free), then you get an additional 5% off. Plus, you’ll receive coupons and catalogs now and then.

Oh, and there’s one more advantage to physical stores. They have their own sales, which are sometimes better than the online sales. Plus, you don’t need to pay or wait for shipping either.

They are also available on Amazon.

Max Mesh Brief: Final Thoughts

Overall I’d strongly recommend having a few of the Max Mesh briefs from Jockey for those hot days at work or sports, and would strongly recommend buying on sale/with coupon.

If you’re not into briefs, they do come in boxer briefs and trunks. Though, I haven’t tried those and according to reviews the boxer briefs run very small.

One last thought: Max Mesh briefs would probably work OK as a liner under a wetsuit because of the mesh construction, though I don’t know how they would hold up over time in a pool or in the sea.

Review by John M.

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