JCPenney Stafford Underwear Makes CSI Las Vegas. But They Flub Up.

Mrs Tug and I pay pretty close attention to all the product placement that goes on in television shows. We do it mostly for fun, but lately it seems like not a show goes by where we don’t see product placements from Sprint, Microsoft Windows, Apple, Ford, Chevy, etc.

Back in the day, placements of products in tv shows and movies were more subtley done, but nowadays it’s a lot more blatant.  Just the other night we were watching our recorded Hawaii Five-O and Kono (the female agent) had some crazy line that was solely intended to promote Sprint navigation.

Well last night I was watching the CSI Las Vegas season finale and I was totally shocked when I saw this in a scene:

CSI Vegas - Season Finale. Picture of a victom's back showing Stafford underwear label. Click to Enlarge.

The above photo is of the “vic’s” back. At the bottom part of the photo, you see he’s wearing JCPenney’s Stafford underwear. But what’s wrong with this photo?

I’ll tell you what – the brand/size label was placed on the OUTSIDE of the underwear so we could see it in the scene! So either the vic is wearing his underwear inside out, or JCPenney is now putting the size/care labels on the outside of their Stafford underwear, or it’s a big fat product placement.

Now, what’s even funnier is what I saw later in the episode.  It’s supposed to be the same photo of the vic’s back, but this time, what’s missing? The Stafford label!

Same photo of vic's back, showing underwear, but this time there's no Stafford label

Now, I’m all for product placement. I think it’s a great way for brands to introduce or reinforce their products and brands to the masses.

I also think placements like this is even more important today than it was several years ago, as more and more people record their favorites shows on the DVRs and skip past commercials.

That being said, I think brands have to be more pragmatic (and consistent) about how and when they do product placements.  I’m not saying that it’s unrealistic to have a care label on the outside of the underwear, but come on folks, let’s make sure we keep it consistent throughout the same dang episode.

I’m not sure what the producers or editors were thinking, but that’s a pretty big flub from my point of view.

I wonder if it’s a cost thing? Does it cost JCPenney more to have the Stafford brand label shown in more scenes? Probably so.

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  1. Actually… that’s a wearer error. Obviously the scene was shot on two different occasions. The first pic the actor has the briefs on inside/out. You can see the stitching where the waistband is attached. And also, if you have bought any of the Staffords lately you will know that not all of the labels are printed straight. I wish they still had the sewn in labels. The actor must’ve taken off the briefs at some point and put them back on or the second pic was taken on another day. More of an editorial error than underwear product placement error.


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