Is FRIGO Really Revolutionary Underwear?

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There’s been a decent amount of buzz about FRIGO RevolutionWear recently.

Over the last couple months I’ve seen billboards for the product scattered throughout my area.

They even got some exposure on the TODAY Show.

To celebrate the official U.S. release of the product, a few weeks ago FRIGO hosted a star-studded launch party in NYC that the very generous folks over at Freshpair invited me to.

FRIGO Underwear: Why all the hype?

Well, in a nut-shell (pun intended), FRIGO’s new Exclusive No. 1 boxer-brief sports a series of design innovations.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

One of which is a newer method in which to support — ahem — your nuts.

Freshpair sent me samples of the FRIGO RevolutionWear products (boxer briefs & undershirt) for me to try out and comment on.

To be perfectly honest, when I unboxed and put on the boxer briefs, I was utterly perplexed.

I really couldn’t figure out how to wear them, or even where to put my “package”.

So,  I reached out to Freshpair for some guidance, and it resulted in a series of semi-lengthy email exchanges that got simply hysterical.

Here it is in it’s raw form.

You might want to go grab a coffee or a drink first — it’s kinda lengthy.


got the package — this might sound like a really stupid question — but how in the heck do you wear these underwear??

the top edge/opening of the pouch sits about 3″ down from the bottom of the waistband, and i don’t know about you, but that’s not where the bottom of my “package” sits normally.

the whole thing is kinda confusing — there is an opening at the top and the bottom, the enclosure is “v” shaped that is bonded on the left and the right (like a cone).

so the only place to gain access to the pouch is from above or below, and below doesn’t make any sense.

if i try to use the top opening, even trying to adjust the elastic, the only thing that is providing any support is the top edge of the opening where the elastic feeds through.

i found this video of the frigo underwear, but the pouch opening in the video rendering is completely different than the pouch opening in the underwear i received.

any instructions?

Freshpair (Marketing)

Typically, the FRIGO Exclusive no 1 comes with a little instruction guide – though, I believe the first round of samples I had didn’t include the guide.

I’ve attached a few images that may help, but will allow M to clarify.

frigo underwear features


funny — an instruction guide.

btw, if you look at the FRIGO-pouch-breakdown image — look at where the top of the pouch is.

i dunno about you, but my privates don’t sit up that high (:

color me confused.

Freshpair (Product)

Hi Tug,

I think we might have a semantic misunderstanding.

So as not to get too graphic, by “package” do you mean the twig or both the twig and berries?

Both are designed to go in the pouch.

Once everything is inside the pouch and you’ve put the underwear on, you can unbutton the soft-lock adjustable strap on the front and you can make it tighter or looser, depending on your preference.

Tighter will give you more support, a lifted profile and will also make sure everything stay in the pouch when you move.

Please let me know if this was helpful and this solved the problem. If not, let me know and we’ll work through it!


hey m,

this is actually a very funny email conversation (:

i was referring to the twig and berries both (we’ll call it the fruit basket).

but i’ll have to tell you — the proximity of the top of the pouch on the frigo does not seem to align well with the natural proximity of my fruit basket.

not knowing any other way to put this, but the top band of the pouch just seemed to traverse the bottom side of the berries — like a ledge kinda — but not one i’d want to be standing on very long — if you catch my drift.

also, if the twig changes shape — as it sometimes does during the day — the pouch would not be the twig’s friend for very long.

did i take my stupid pill today?

am i totally missing something?

Freshpair (Product)

Hey Tug,

I think I get it… I hope I didn’t get lost in the fruit metaphors :)

If I understand correctly, the interior pouch is too low to really hold anything like it’s intended – since everyone’s fruit basket is different they made it adjustable.

The top band of the pouch should be higher to make sure that everything stays in place – it should hit you at the very top of the back of your fruit basket.

To raise the top band, unbutton the buttons on the front and pull the band outward, then refasten the buttons and try again – it should be higher.

It may take a few tries to get it in exactly the right place but you can make it a lot tighter/higher if needed!

I hope this solves it, let me know how it goes!

Regarding the twig changing shape, once we get this working properly I’d love to get your opinion!

The feedback so far is that it’s more comfortable since it actually prevents it from moving around too much and getting stuck in an uncomfortable position.


ok, so I wasn’t confused how to use it.

hmmmm, i’m still a bit perplexed.

take a look at the attached graphic.

(a) top opening of the pouch
(b) where my fruit basket naturally sits

measuring from the top of the pouch laying flat, it’s about 4.5″ – 5″ from (a) to (b).

if the pouch is flipped outward as if it were holding the berries, it comes down a bit further closing the distance to about 3″.

assuming that’s all correct, then it suggests that my fruit basket needs to get elevated at least 3″ from it’s normal resting place.

just didn’t seem that natural to me.

of course i understand that i can adjust the pouch to be lower, but the idea that the support is solely at the bottom/back of the fruit basket seems a bit odd to me.

i’d like to believe that i’m a fairly smart guy, so i’m a bit worried that if i’m having this much perplexity with these boxers, what about the average customer?

the other thing too, if i understand it correctly, a retailer such as freshpair can’t accept returns of underwear if tried on.

so, if a guy buys a $100 of underwear, tries it on like i have, but decides it’s just too complicated for him to want to wear, is he really left with a $100 loss?

what i do truly respect out these boxers is the innovation in construction, but the pouch thing is simply confusing.

are you worried that the average customer will be confused and possibly frustrated with the purchase?

Freshpair (Product)

I’m not sure if this is helpful, but perhaps this puts the pouch in more context: the No. 1 Exclusive that we sent you was designed as a performance garment so it was meant to be a more comfortable athletic underwear than the compression garments on the market.

Those garments give you support by pushing everything in.

The purpose of Frigo’s pouch is to put a breathable layer of mesh between your fruit basket and legs (since you’ll sweat more with skin-on-skin contact) and to prevent your fruit basket from moving around (thereby reducing discomfort and the need for adjustment).

— Follow-On Email —

Ok, I think I understand now – thanks for the diagram!

The pouch shouldn’t change where the fruit basket sits – it should still sit at B even in Frigo.

The pouch isn’t meant to flip outward or hold everything from underneath, but rather should be tightened to the point that it’s pushing the fruit basket into the same position as any other underwear from behind.

If your fruit basket is resting on top of it, it’s not tight enough and can be adjusted with the buttons/strap on the front of the garment.

I agree that the new pouch is potentially confusing since it’s completely different than anything on the market.

It’s especially difficult to explain for internet orders; we don’t have the advantage of being able to talk a customer through it in the store.

Before we launched, we made sure to partner with Frigo so that we’ll issue a customer credit if he doesn’t like the underwear.

With that said, it’s been our biggest brand launch ever and we’ve only had [a small amount of] negative feedback on Frigo orders.

Again, I hope this helps!


actually, that is very helpful context.

i can see how that differentiator could be helpful in an athletic situation.

if i may, i’ll just grab a few more moments of your time to share my thoughts, as it will also help me crystallize some things.

i just wore frigo to the gym and did notice how the pouch provided some support for the berries and separation from the legs, but the effectiveness kinda varies.

as i went through a bunch of different exercises and positions, my fruit basket didn’t always like staying in the pouch — mostly due to the direction the twig wanted to go (:

humor me for a second as i describe three scenarios:

natural fruit basket — this seems to be the most optimal scenario for frigo. the full basket may be placed into the pouch from the top (twig in downward position, berries relaxed) and with the right amount of tension on the elastic bands, the pouch will partially surround and hold the basket.

cold fruit basket – twigs and berries don’t like the cold, so they will retract into the host. when this happens, the pouch can’t really surround the basket very well because the berries are no longer relaxed and there’s no room behind them for the pouch to wrap around.

happy fruit basket – happy twig reaches for the sun and in the opposite direction of the pouch. also, the berries kinda behave like when it’s cold. in either case, the fruit basket is not happily sitting in the pouch.

again, maybe i’m still missing something — but i don’t think so — unless of course i’m wearing them incorrectly.

here’s the net-net for me

i guess i could see how frigo could be a more desirable underwear to wear to the gym.

i get the value of the support it can provide in that scenario — i don’t think it’s ground breaking, but it’s probably better than being smushed.

i just don’t see the “frigo no. 1 exclusive” really being a daily-wear underwear alternative.

maybe for subset of guys who are struggling to find super support.

but outside of that, i can’t see the average joe consumer really buying into the concept or the nuances in wearability.

technically i absolutely love and fully respect some of the construction innovations they have done with the sonic bonding, laser vent holes, and the leg grips – to name a few.

to your point about being the biggest brand launch ever

respectfully, that doesn’t mean anything more than the company is doing a good job promoting the product.

it has no bearing on true consumer adoption or the longer-term viability of the product.

the pet rock was popular back in the 70s and so was the cha chia pet — and those are ridiculous products.

but they sold millions and millions of them. good marketing.

i saw all the revolutionwear billboards, so i know they’re putting out some big bucks to raise awareness about their underwear.

if you put a good amount of money behind promoting any new unusual product, consumers will bite and buy, especially if there’s enough “buzz” about a product.


as an average joe consumer – i try to separate hype/buzz from the equation to look at the merits of the product alone, and ask myself if i buy into the product concept.

also, as a writer, i’m not going to write hype just because everyone else is, unless i really believe the hype.

anyway, that’s my 2cents.

i’m going to wear the stuff a bunch more to see if i change my mind, but for now, i see frigo a bit more of a novelty than a revolutionary new boxer-brief.

though, maybe it’s a decent gym underwear alternative.

thanks for listening.

Freshpair (Product)

Hi Tug,

Thank you for sharing – some really great points!

Regarding the gym and level of effectiveness in different positions, I completely agree.

Since as you pointed out (I really enjoyed your terminology, by the way) the fruit basket tends to move around a lot and can change size/shape, it’s a very hard problem to solve to keep it in place without smushing everything.

The idea with Frigo is that they want to make it more comfortable, more of the time and eliminate some of the need for adjustment.

The silicone-lined leg bands are a great example of this.

While there’s no way that any underwear can permanently stay in place while still providing free range of movement, the friction of those leg bands certainly reduces it.

With that said, I agree that the pouch isn’t well suited to either the happy or cold scenarios.


We’ve gotten behind the product [not just as a business], but because I think that the features you mentioned – laser-cut vents, sonic bonding, silicone leg grips – plus a few others – CoolMax waistband, ultra-light + near-seamless microfiber over the pouch, mesh vents in key zones, and sewing the body inside the waistband to reduce chafing – are revolutionary and haven’t been available together in a non-technical garment (i.e. a triathlon suit).

Closing Thoughts about FRIGO Underwear

While I may not be sold on the merits of the fruit basket holder, I will say that I’m incredibly impressed with the innovation in the rest of the boxer-brief’s construction details.

Is it revolutionary?

Well, this underwear is not going to change my life, and I won’t be throwing out all my other underwear to be replaced by FRIGO.

That said, I will give kudos and send out props to the company and designers behind the product for making a very technically advanced-construction athletic boxer brief.

To learn more about FRIGO or to make a purchase, please visit the FRIGO Collection section

Have You Tried FRIGO Yet?

If so, let me know what you think below.

If you have any questions, post them below as well.


How to wear undershirts

17 thoughts on “Is FRIGO Really Revolutionary Underwear?”

  1. All,

    Typically, I prefer to wear briefs, sometimes even lesser during the hot summer months; however, I do wear boxer briefs during cold winter months. I spotted a few pair of Frigo boxer briefs in November 2020 while shopping locally at a discounted fashion store.

    Intrigued by the claim and styling, I purchased two pair in blue at $5.99 each in the stretchy CoolMax Lycra material. Last week, I found/purchased (3) more pair in white, discounted to as little as $2.00 per pair. I am guessing they were not a big hit?

    In my first/recent experience in wearing them, I like how they cradle my tools and sort of push them forward into the thin, front, pouch material, the white is nearly transparent. I have pulled the adjustment straps tight for optimum support as my toolbox is average in size at best in the relaxed state. For me and my package, the cinched straps add dimension and character to the front pouch of this boxer brief.

    When combined with the thin material, they make a rather plain white boxer brief come alive. Furthermore, I like the silicone (gripping band) in the legs. It keeps the legs in place and prevents them from riding-up. In the process, it also helps the pouch area in adding character, definition, styling, and bulge.

    Overall, I like the boxer briefs and believe I I made a great purchase. With that being said, I would not pay some of the prices that I’ve seen on-line for these same briefs. Revolutionary or not, I enjoy them enough that I would pay $20-30.00 per pair (assuming they last with gentle washing), especially if they would re-appear in more colors and color schemes.

    In my opinion, underwear should not only be comfortable and supportive, it should be lively, sexy, and fashionable too.

  2. Dear all,
    Manny thanks for speaking of Frigo!

    The idea was to create a flow of air, in between the skin. As well as keeping things still, when running. I also discovered tha Frigo helps out a hole lot when using a susp.
    The pocket doesn’t lift anything, it’s nature that make it look like it’s lifted. When the pouch shrinks ( due to coolant air ) that lifts the penis.
    The nicest review I’ve ever had “ it’s funny, now days I never feel I have to take a shower after work, just feel fresh “
    And that’s the general idea with Frigo.
    And if you make 5 minutes to adjust, you’ll never have to do it twice!

    • heya peter, thanks for stopping by and letting us know why you created frigo, and the idea behind your design.

      good to have the actual inventor of a product share their thoughts & feedback.

      hope all is going well with your underwear line, and do keep me posted of any new underwear product launches that you may be planning.

      hit me up via my contact page (:

  3. LOVE FRIGO underwear! Bought my first pair then went and got another 2 pairs! Had no trouble whatsoever wearing them. Easy. Throw your junk over the net (not really a pouch), adjust and that’s all! Perfect for summer!!!!! Gotta look for some though cause I can’t find it at Neiman’s anymore.

  4. My wife bought me a pair of these in a saks (as opposed to,sacks!) outlet closing sale.

    After much mirth and puzzlement trying to figure out what to do with both the pouch and the fruit basket, I wore them under running tights for a 5k run. Afterward I realized I needed to tighten the straps to lift my junk up and give it support.

    The trick is the top edge of the pouch works like a hammock, curving under the join between junk and trunk. Once I’d got that set up I find them really comfortable as they stop the fruit basket from bouncing around thereby protecting the fruit from damage.

    I like them but I don’t think they are worth a hundred bucks.

    • heya gazza — thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about frigo underwear.

      glad to hear you figured out how to wear them best — and keeping your junk/fruit basket and truck happy (:

  5. I understand your point, the size and shape aren’t the same in all men’s, maybe it works with a bigger grapes but if the user go shrunk all the day or the grapes use to be permanently close to the body isn’t work to you…!

    (that’s my experience, it’s all the time go out, doesn’t work for me)

    • heya marcos! thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts (:

      i’d also add that when you’re sitting down, there’s very little chances that my grapes (or vine) would sit correctly/comfortably in a pouch like that!

  6. I love this underwear!! I purchased my first pair over the weekend – I went with the 3″ Athletic Trunk version as I am looking for an everyday solution, but based on my experience I am seriously considering replacing my sworn-by Under Armour BoxerJocks with the Frigo No. 1 Exclusive version for workout use.

    Like Tug, I was initially puzzled by the pouch and how to suit up, which is how I found this blog — thanks, Google!!

    • heya christian! good to hear from you buddy! thanks for stopping by and posting your thoughts about frigo underwear.

      glad i’m not the only one who was confused on how to use the dang pouch (:

  7. Just trying my first pair. Wife and I discussed (argued) for an hour about how the pouch works. She insisted that I go in from the bottom up. I insisted that my equipment doesn’t work that way. Being cold in the Midwest, I am finding my “fruit basket” a tad uncomfortable. However, when not using the pouch, I find Frigo very comfortable. I will have to wait and see what happens when the weather gets warmer. Right now….I need to go and make another adjustment.

  8. Recently, I’ve become entranced by men’s underwear type of blogs. It is silly but I’m better at seeking the best gifts for my man than I am for myself. Stumbling upon this blog post made my day. Although those of us with double-XX chromosomes have many undergarments that require an engineering degree to suit up, I’ve never heard of men’s undergarments being this difficult. Finally, some undergarment equality.

  9. I can’t believe I actually read the whole thing.. and understood it! You’re too funny, TUG. Freshpair’s pretty good-hearted too. Thanks for the read.

    • I got a pair of this underwear and it was hands down the best pair ive ever worn, i wear a suit most days and when i dont i wear pants that are pretty tight fitting.

      Just the fact that they dont ride up makes it worth it to me.

      Regarding the pouch i thought right from the second i got them that it was to keep your “berries” from sticking to your leg, which from my experience can be the most uncomfortable thing, that alone changed my whole look on the way underwear should be, it puts a layer of fabric between the boys and my legs, but then again maybe you actually have to have a package for these to work right. ; )

      • hey danny, good to hear from you buddy and thanks for taking the time to comment.

        not sure which frigo’s you got, but $100 for a pair of underwear that don’t ride-up and hold your package in place doesn’t seem to me like an overall great value.

        there are other much less expensive underwear that do an very good job of both of those things, such as saxx underwear & mypackage underwear.

        of course, to each his own…so if you’re happy with frigo, then that’s all that really matters (:

        thanks again for stopping by and share your thoughts!

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