Tan Undershirts That Stay Hidden Under White Shirts

The subject of invisible undershirts has been discussed here many times before.

Simply put, an undershirt that is described as invisible is one that:

  • Is made with a neutral color like light grey, heather grey, or tan (aka: nude, beige, tone, sand, natural)
  • Has a deeper v-neck design that stays hidden with the top 1-2 buttons undone on your shirt

Neutral colored undershirts reflect less light than white undershirts, so they will more often be less visible under white dress shirts, or lighter color & thinner shirts that are slightly see-through.

While my personal neutral-colored undershirt of choice is light grey or heather grey, there are a growing number of men who like wearing tan undershirts.

Whether the color is described as tan, nude, beige, tone, sand, natural, or something else, they are all basically nude-colored undershirts for men, in different shade-tones.

Since “nude” is a term more aligned with female clothing, men’s brands will normally refer to their tan undershirt offering as something a bit more masculine, or at the very least, gender neutral.


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Tan Undershirts

Just off the wire, RibbedTee has announced the release of both tan and light grey versions of the popular EVO TENCEL undershirt line ($32).

The company has also discounted the original grey color EVOs to $22.40 to clear them out, noting that the new light grey color is replacing the original darker grey.


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